Monday, December 30, 2019

On The Project Table!

Hey Gang!

I have a few project that need my attention. Some of them are in the planning
stage and some are at the completion stage.  This is going to be an ongoing post.
I welcome suggestion from my blog followers. I don't know it all. So your help
is useful.

First up on my table is Team Skipper boy doll.  They have gone on sale in Target
and are now $7.49. At that price I could try a OOAK project.
 The rest of the set that cam with him will be sold off.
I will keep the clothes. But what I want to do is to take some of the almond out of
his eyes.  I can't give him a beard or mustache because he is a child but I might give
him glasses.
First thing I did was to put him on a Stacie body.
I changed his hair color and I working on making his hair into a Afro.  I also changed
his eye color and eyebrows. I will also add pupils.

Next is my dreadlock Blaine doll.  I like the way he looked with my first attempt
of rooting. It has been a few years now so I feel I can do better now.
Especially after this guy!
Find the color I wanted was the hard part.. I am tying two colors to see if I like this.

The smaller dreads will give me more style options  I do plan to cut it.  I don't
want his hair too long.

There is still a lot in the back to do.

Last my Project Table right now is Prince of Egypt Moses doll.
On his original body he had limited posability.  I wanted to put him on a
body with more options. He is now on an AA prince doll I found in a thrift store.
He sports a mustache too!
He is a bit of a "Muff" project. My exposure to the blog "Hey, It's Muff" has
given me courage and inspiration to take on projects for my dolls. He didn't
have a Ken head knob so I have to make one for him,

OK, Thanks For Looking.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Barbie 1999 - Collector Edition - 40th Anniversary Barbie African-American

Hey Gang!

My Christmas gift for this year is...
Barbie 1999 - Collector Edition - 40th Anniversary Barbie African-American!
My brother-in-law gave me this doll this year.

She dons a black flock bodice shimmering with silvery glitter nostalgically
reminiscent of her original 1959 striped pattern bathing suit.

A small of the original doll is also in the box!

On the back 

It is really kinda nice getting a collector Barbie for Christmas.  Especially since the
quality of the older dolls are so much better than new dolls.

With this addition I need a place to display my doll that are MIB.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Hey Gang! 

Wishing all of you Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Needed to show her while she is still here!

OK, Thanks for Looking!

Monday, December 23, 2019

New Purchase From Facebook!

Hey Gang!

I was able to purchase all these hats for $3.00! Woo Hoo! I got 13 hats. You can
only see 12 in the photo.

I first noticed the helmet from Pocahontas John Smith. For some crazy reason, I sold
the helmet that came with my doll! What was I thinking!  A few years later, I realized
that I needed  the costume  complete and need a helmet. The helmet sells for more
than I was willing to pay on Ebay and I was kinda bummed. When I saw the
helmet come up on Facebook, I was stoked!  When they arrived, I saw just
how nice all these hats were!

Let's take a look at them on dolls!
John Smith in the helmet!

Nola in the red cowboy hat another new sweater.
Bob in straw hat.  Sadly he looks like the guy from "Get Out".
Julie sad that she must try on this hat!
OK, and this one too!
Jamie in another hat!
And these!

Coal Hillbourne in this brown hat!
Vanessa is a lover of bucket hats!  She wanted to try on this hats.

 This one is a rain hat!

  OK, Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Nola's New Sweater!

Hey Gang!

I found this at at Aldi's Market.

It isn't meant to be a dress but it works on Nola!

It doesn't really look like a Christmas sweater.  The animal looks like a Llama
which isn't very Christmasy. The neck looks to long to be a lamb. Sadly I can't
find her white shoes.
There was another one but it looked masculine.

OK,Thanks For Looking!

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Byers" Choice LTD. The Caroler Chronicle Has Arrived!

Hey Gang!

I just got my new Caroler Chronicle catalog in the mail.

I first saw these items in a Hallmark store near me that closed four years
ago! I had seen many of the items on blogs but didn't know that they were
sold locally.  I also didn't know that their museum and factory was
close by!

They are located in Chalfont, PA, which is about 45 minutes from
Northwest Phila.

You can tour the museum and there are windows
where you can view the factory. There is a gift-shop where you can
purchase the items sold in the catalog without paying the shipping.
There is even a restaurant where you can have lunch!  I am hoping
the Philly Dolly Meetup Group can go there after Thanksgiving!

Because the caroler used by Byer's Ltd. are 12 inches, their items are
perfect scale for barbie!
I like this table.
The snowman would be nice for your Holiday dioramas too!
What I really want is this caribou! I think it is very cute.
The Holiday stand are nice but I know I could make one.

I have this Lamp and it is made well!
This year the door, which you may have seen in others diorama is made in green.
It was done in red before.

You may have notice these in may dioramas on line.  They really photo well.

 I have purchase I few items you might have seen in so of my dioramas.
 You might remember this from a few Christmas ago! 

 I haven't use the lamp yet!
I removed the ribbons and wreathes for this and it cam be used for all types of

and you can't forget the deer!

I got this one at a discount because of the broken antlers which I was able to repair.

OK, Thanks For Looking!