Friday, June 25, 2010

A New Guy And A New Beast

A New Beast! He is very cute!

The new Beast doll showed up and Toys R Us. He
is the third release of a beast doll. The first Beast was
in 1991.

The second was in 2005. He was called Royal Style
Beast. I guess he was an upscale beast( a lot like some
of the guys I use to date :) .
I wanted to get one but for some reason
I never did. It had the same face mold
but a different paint of the features.
The eyes did have the same cartoon look to them.
The hair color was a brown/red.
The beast costume was a little different too. There was no
beast pants and the hair of the beast was straight.
I guess the beast got a relaxer.

This doll looks very differnt from the old Beast Doll.
He has painted on hair that is a red and not a blonde.

He has a more royal and distant look to his face.
He is not the smiling beast of the past.The beast
costume is different too! The older costume
had beast head and jacket tha was furry with furry
feet and tail pants. This doll only has a beast head and

He doesn't have the backward facing
arms that a lot of collectors don't seem
to like. His are is jointed. But.....
his legs don't bend...Ug!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In Mid Air!

In Mid Air

Since she is so poseable I decide to take a shot of her in mid air. He she is jumping. It is the type of shot that they get the models to do on America's Next Top Model in their photo shots. Thinking of how to do this was fun. I never really try creative picture taking. I have her posed with the aid of nylon thread. I only wished I new how to remove the shadow of the thread. I tried a black background the next time but you can still see the thread. I don't have a tripod and now I can see the benefit of having one. I was hard to hold the string and take the picture too! Please pardon is the shots are sharp enough.

Oh! Although I really like the name Seleena for her. She is telling me that she is a Deena. What do you think?

Friday, June 4, 2010

My New Doll!

My New Doll!!

I really do like most of the mod era dolls. I have a few of the AA dolls: Francie, Julia, Live action Christie, and Brad. Now I am adding what I guess you would call a repro to the list. Pop Life Christie.

So, can you call it a repro if they never did this face mold in an AA doll before? I don't know. I saw this doll in the catalog when she was first released. I knew I didn't have this face but I was not sure that I was going to by her. Sometime it is hard to get a really good look at the face from a book or the web. I have not seen her in any store. I saw a layout done in Haute Doll of her. Wow! I knew I had to have her. Luckily a doll became available on eBay. I bought her nude. I didn't need the outfit and just one chair, so nude was good for me.

Her lips are that neutral pink color of many of the AA dolls of that era. They didn't do many red lips on black dolls then. Her eye shadow is pink to but not as neutral as the dolls of the era. It is more dramatic and she has long eyelashes that are curled closer to the lid that dolls of the era. She has separated out stretched fingers a nice manicure. She has articulated wrists. Her body is taller and slim like Model Muse with pivotal body segments like Fashionista or like an Alvin Ailey Barbie without the extremely arched feet. What does this mean clothing wise.... many possibilities but I think, no gloves!

Here she is!

Deena as a new model signed to the Devereux agency, will need a portfolio Dominique (Julia), Francie (Francie) and Christie have pulled some clothes for her photo shoot.

See the shoot!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Antique Adventures! Antique Store Finds! Items from the bag

Antique Adventures!
Items from the bag!

You never know where you will find doll items. I went into an antique store just to have a look around. The owner watched me as I walked around. I stopped in front of a shelf he had with Barbies on it.
He said "they are antiques". I held back my chuckle. He had a Ken as Redd Butler, Audrey Hepburn Barbie, and a two 80's Christmas Barbies. Not exactly antiques. Collectiable yes antiques... I don't thinks so but I just said "Oooh." He said "I give you a real good price for them. " "Oh no, I was just thinking about getting some doll things for my niece to play with. I would let her play with antiques". I'm stil holding back the chuckle.

Alright, so I use my niece as an excuse when I am shopping for doll stuff. Older people who buy barbies are thought of as strange or collectors. People expect collectors to pay more for stuff. I'm a girl that likes a bargin. Oh by the niece is now 23 but no one asks how old she is.

He said "I have a bag of barbie clothes I sell to you for $5.00." Now that is interesting. "Let see the bag." I took a few items out and could see from them it was worth the five dollars. I am trying to look calm. I said " wellllll, Ok!

When I got the bag home there were some really nice items in the bag. At the bottom of the bag there were a few things with stains (that I am hoping to get out), shoes, some with matches some without and a Barbie curling iron. All in all, not a bad haul.
I will photograph the items and post them.
Here is one of the gowns. There were a few gowns in the bag.
My rebodied Nichelle on the Barbie Basics # 10 body will serve as our model.

Gown one!