Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Chelsea Boy- No Name!

Hey Gang!

I added a new doll even though his does have molded hair!

I purchased him because I saw him at Target.  I really thought he might only 
be available online.

He looked paler online. He is about the same complexion as Chelsea.  I have
noticed he has the same QC issues as most of the other new dolls. I think, after
looking at this guy, that the issues are there because the manufacturing style or
process has changed.  

While inspecting the clothes of this doll (note the hole)

I noticed that the head has a big seam.   The head is made differently now.  

This might be because of the molded hair.  It appears to be two parts  merged 
together now causing a seam.
The seams are more obvious (to me) on the body 

and the feet too!

I guess as long as the seams aren't coming apart, I am OK with it! 
His molded on briefs are more for a boy than the Darrin doll.

 Comparing with Darrin

His shirt/shorts are one piece. So there will be no mixing and matching.

His sneakers are slightly different and have Chelsea printed on the bottom.

It appears that he doesn't have a name....only a number DYT90. If anyone knows 
of an online name, please let me know. 

I am playing around with him and other dolls to figure out chemistry. Do you see it! 
Do they look like friends or neighbors?

Guys in the front!
 I know the answer!
 I have a frog in my pocket!
 Let me see!
 The teacher is looking!
 Are you new?
 My name is......
In the next row is the 
Barrette Girls!
Three time four minus two is ten!
I knew that too! 
Heading home from school!
My brother can do tricks with the ball!
 Show em!

I was planning on customizing a brunette boy doll. I still may.  

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Old Barbie/Ken Bodies and Heads!

Hey Gang!

None of the playline  male dolls from 2017( see below) or 2016  are as nice as the 
older versions of Ken.  Many of the dolls from the 70's on had "real" hair and almost
all had click knees.  I was coming to expect click knee from Mattel.  That is what 
made them better that the knock off/cheap dolls! 

Ken dolls from 2017

Chelsea boy 2017

Ken from 2016

I would have expected "real" hair and articulation on the  Batman, Superman and
Star Trek dolls!  But Nope! 



 Star Trek

Well thank goodness Uhura got real hair!  More on her later!  Were Hunger Games 
and Divergent the last of the "real" hair and articulated doll we can expect for Mattel? 
OK, here is where everyone gasps!

I have been stocking up on articulated bodies for a while! Their price is slowly 
rising! So with none of the Ken dolls this year and last year have articulation
(or click knees) or "real" hair, are older dolls with those features more valuable? 
Have you too noticed issues with the new bodies that should not have passed 
Quality Control?  Hmmmm!  You tell me what you think in the comments and the

OK, Thanks For Looking!