Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Just Saw the New Fashionista AA Ken!

Hey Gang!

I just saw the new fashionista Ken on Instagram! I am so excited! I really what
this guy!

I hope the hair is real and not molded!  But I will take him if it is!
The real question will be can he be rebodied and on what body!  
He seem to have the un-articulated body of the new Fashionista!

 Here are the new Fashionista Kens for 2017!  The hispanic ( has a smile)

I can't wait to see what the OOAK folks do with them!

OK, Thanks for Looking!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Two Sulu

Hey Gang!

So when I was trying to correct and error in a post I lost it all together!  I was happy to find out that the pictures were still available on my album archive!  So now I am reposting it again and adding
new details that weren't there the last time.

The Post!

I have two Lt. Sulu action figures!
One is a 1999 action figure and the other is a 2009 action figure.  Both by Playmate
Hikaru Sulu is character in the Star Trek portrayed by
George Takei in the original Star Trek series and 
John Cho in the Star Trek the reboot film series.

Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek,  did not want a nationally specific 
surname, so he looked at a map and saw the Sulu Sea
"He thought, 'Ah, the waters of that sea touch all shores'.
My First Sulu

 I had him redressed in this Bruce Lee outfit so I left 
him in it.  He likes it much better!
Second Sulu
He is in the original outfit for this picture.

 There is more detail in this uniform than the older one. There is more of a pattern
to the shirt and more detail in the pants too.
The problem with both this action figures is....
The boots don't come off!!! GRR!!!
No real feet!

I was told that Hey, it is Muff know how to remove the boots on the newer
action figure. Hey, Muff if you do, please let me know!

For now this guy will have to make do with the pants he came in.  I can find
shirts for him. He work in the lab around her.  Maybe I can take his head off
and put him on another body?  Hmm, that might be interesting!

Sulu: You can what???

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Video Of the Month!

Hey Gang!

Here is my video for this month!  It is by Sallyheartsjack80!  
He is a real character!
It is a review of Fashionista #45 Boho Fringe Tall!

So here is my Boho Fringe and my review of her and Fab Fringe tall dolls.
First Boho in the dress!
Since I posted the video and others have reviewed also, this will be quick but I will
note somethings that other have not.
Now the back.
She does have a great version of the Desiree head-sculpt. Mine has a little
mole by the eye.  I don't know if other dolls do also.  Those of you with this
doll, please let me know. She is also a different complexion than Mattel normally
does. She is not the older AA/Christie complexion, nor is she the complexion
of the SIS dolls either. She has a different undertone than most of the
Mattel dolls.  More like an IT complexion.
Outfit #2!  This is the outfit that really sold me on the doll!
Sallyheartsjack80! is right! This outfit is well made and reminds me
of the Fashion Avenue line! The heft of the material is different than what
we normally see now!

 My Apollonia really wants this outfit! 
 She says it is a little short for her anyway!
 Outfit #3, not much style but great pieces! 
 The pink looks good on her!

I wanted to see if her shoes were like some shoe I have from another fashionista.

They weren't!

Next up- Fab Fringe! 

There was something about this doll I had to have! I have a ton of this head-sculptM
Mbili but I still had to have her!  I just love her hair!

Back in the day, we use to get this look with Kool-Aid!
Outfit is not bad. Like the other,  not much style but great pieces!
Yes the pattern is just on the front.  I was suprised that there wasn't velcro openings on the back of this and the tops from Boho Fringe.
Cute boots!
Yeah, the hair!
I have seen it restyled on blogs and flickr.  So it is not just a one cut look!

Warning Nude Dollies!

Here they are with out their clothes!  Long torso.

 I noticed some issues with the legs and ankle! This little dots!
 They are not on Curvy or Petite!
 Lines on the legs too!
Hopefully you can see it! You see it in person.  I don't know if my non AA dolls
had this issue!  I sold their bodies but didn't notice when I had them.

OK, Thanks For Looking!