Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Week Of Ups And Downs!

Thus far this week has had some ups and downs! My hubby
has been sick most of the weekend and the beginning of this
week. Thank God, he is much better now! I have also had some
dolly ups and downs too!

Up—I received this jacket in trade for a doll head from blogger
April of April's Sea of Barbie Sweetness. Thanks April!

I have wanted this jacket but not enough to buy the doll it
came on.


That is what I am calling this action figure who will be Collin’s

Cory fell! And his leg broke. I will no longer stand
dolls on the self I had him sitting on. I decided to go back to
my area Big Lots in hopes for another figure like him but it
was too late! They were out. I may have to repair him.

Up—they did have a Jean Basic there and a fashion pack there.
So I pick them up!

I like her face but she will need a new body. I have a story for
her. She will be Mr. Kingsley secretary Emily. I would like a
fashionista body. If anyone know a good match, let me know.

Dominique says this is her year and she wants most of the items
in this pack!

She is much happier when she gets her way!

Down—one of the set of chairs I ordered arrived. But one of
the chairs was broken.

I got them for less that five dollars including shipping. I
really could complain too much. I think it happen in travel.
I think I can glue it and I planned on painting it. So I hope
by then it will not show.

Up--Another set of chairs that I order arrive with no problems!

Up—I made one dress, purchase two dresses for.25 and
reconstructed one of them.

Marie got this navy blue tube dress with a jacket to interview
in! I even did some sewing on this dress. The tube was cut to
length and the rest I used for the jacket.

I will have to pull her hair back so that the streak doesn't show.

Siobhan received this dress I purchased from a thrift store for .25.
I was very long and raggedy looking. I washed it, cut it, went over
the seams and made a belt with the extra fabric.

It now looks very Siobhan and it works well with her coloring.

And Ellie got a new dress too! I am not sure about the boots.
Ellie isn't use to wearing heals!

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Roving Reporter Will Rove A Little Less

When Steven got back from St. Malcolm there was a message
for him telling him that the owner and General Manager of the
WJBS station would like to see him. He went to his office to
find out what was up!

Steven: Hello Mr. Kingsley, you sent for me?

Mr. Kingsley: Yes, I did. How was your vacation and how is
that grandmother of yours?

Steven: It was very nice Sir. It was nice to spend time with my
grandfather and her. She is doing well! I will tell her you asked
about her.

Mr. Kingsley: Have a seat. Somethings have gone on at the station
I would like to talk to you about!

Mr. Kingsley: We are expanding our programing hours next
month. We want to have a interview forum an hour long. Your
human interest segments have done real well! The public seem
to really like you and I think you would be perfect for this
interview forum!

Mr. Kingsley: It will be an hour interview with some local
and maybe some national guests. We were thinking about
someone local for the first interview. We are thinking about
Francesca DeSante for the first interview but we can talk
about that later.

Mr. Kingsley: I know you have the gallery going on so this
will be a recorded piece that will air on Sundays. You can
even interview some of the people you know in the art world.
What do you think about it?

Steven: Wow! It sounds very interesting! Thank you for
thinking of me for this Sir.

Mr. Kingsley: You'll get to pick most of your own subjects but
there will be somethings that the station would like to have
happen surrounding events. You will also get to pick your own
camera team and research help. In addition, you will also have
to sit in on the weekly station meeting.

Steven: Wow! I don't know what to say.

Mr. Kingsley: I want you to sit in on next week's station
meeting to get your feet wet! Of course, this will mean an
increase in pay to go along with the responsibilities. You will
have a meeting in Holly in HR next week too!

Steven: Thanks you very much Sir!

Mr. Kingsley: So, think about all we have talked about here
and we can meet again next week regarding any questions
you might have. Are you up for the challenge?

Steven: Yes, Sir! Thanks you, Sir!

Steven: This is an excellent opportunity
and I won't let you down.

Mr. Kingsley: I have no doubt about that! You have really
proven yourself here.

Steven: Thanks you for this opportunity. I have to record
them to send to my grandmother. She will burst with pride.

Mr. Kingsley: I'm sure she will.

Mr. Kingsley: I really feel good about that decision!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thrift Store 2012!

The President said that it time to become fiscally responsible!
So, I am back at my favorite thrift store. This is a good time for
thrift store find because people are donating for tax deductions
and to thin out things after all the new stuff they received for

I came looking for articulated bodies! That is my quest this year,
to pay as little as possible for replacement bodies and get as many
of them that I can from the secondary market. Thank you
limbe dolls! I didn't see any bodies this time.
I scored some nice things though!

I find two bags full of items that I almost didn't see. It pays to dig
down deep at the thrift store. They were $3.00.

The first contained some Bratz items.

I will use the clothing for some of my smaller dolls.I liked
the mannequin because it can be used in Laurent's.

I don't think this dress are Bratz but I can use them. They are
too large to be Bratz...maybe High School Musical. There was
a hanger too large for even Barbie, Bratz feet (which will be sold)
some shoes, books and other odds and ends.

I liked this cut top!

The second bag had mostly shoes. There was a mini Bratz
inside. She will be used as a doll for someone soon.
Then...but wait that....yes it is!

It is ...the happy family baby! Now that is a score!

And she even has a dolly! Soo cute!


I guess this is a diaper bag but I have never seen a silver one.
She must be a very stylish mother.

There were also alot of shoes! I have to look at my other shoes
to see if these are dups. All dups will be sold! That is the project
for the new year. Also there are some handbags, jacket, water
bottle, baby stuff and flippers. I will sent the flipper to
St. Malcolm.

There is tooth paste, sticker and other odds and ends

Mini Bratz doll with extra feet and brush!

As a mini, she is not bad but I don't like the full size dolls.

She comes with a mic!

Monday, January 16, 2012

St. Malcolm Will Get An Upgrade!

St. Malcolm Will Get An Upgrade!

I am working on bringing St Malcolm to life.

This is Camille, the owner of the Villa enjoying breakfast
there seaside.

To that end, I purchased one of my Holy Grail items-
The Mattel Cali Girl Hawaiian Hotel Resort.
It completes the other topical sets I have that I plan to use in
St. Malcolm. I purchased it from Bex at philosophy_shop.
who has a customized set posted on thedollpage for sale.
I do plan to customized this set (Harold will have to make
his way there) but for now I would like to show you the set.

It is not the complete original set but it does have all the key
pieces that I loved. Bex at philosophy_shop included a few
additional items for me so that I could customize this one.

As you can see from the two pictures above, it has a table and
chair set with an umbrella. Bex include the suitcases with the
swimsuits in them. There are tropical drinks too!

suit one!

...and suit two!

The two things you need in any and a phone.

The room has a door that opens! See the room number.

You can enjoy the view from the balcony.

Map of the hotel on the inside door.

Purse, cart and chair.

I got some sodas. There is a window with a view too!

Camille check each room before guest check in!

She has to call the desk. They need more towels in this room.
Thanks for looking.