Thursday, May 27, 2010

Green Spot On Brown Dolls

Green Spot On Brown/Black Barbie Dolls

I have had a few AA doll get green spot on them. The first time it happen it was my fault. I put medal earrings on my vintage Julia. Vintage dolls, to me, seem especially vulnerable to green spot, green ear problems. I don't know if it happens to other AA dolls other than Mattel.

I went to the web for answers. The biggest suggestion was acne cream products that contain benzoyl peroxide 10%. It bleaches the green out. This works well on Caucasian dolls. The green comes out totally or almost totally. On AA/Black dolls it bleaches out the green some what but it bleaches out the complexion out too. You are left with a faded brown area with a green tinge to it.

The green spot on the ear of my Vintage Julia was unacceptable to me so I purchased another one. I also purchased a Repo Julia. I am hoping I won't have this problem with the Repo because I do like having jewelry on her. I will not leave them in any length of time. I don't want to tempt fate. I have taken the advice of Niels Dolls Room and will store my dolls nude.

My Home Coming AA Skipper got green spot on her legs. I tried the cream to see if it would work better on the body than the face but the results were the same. I recently purchased an new skipper. I don't know what caused the green spot on the Skippers legs. I don't know if it was something I did, or how I stored here, so I will keep a good eye on her.

If any one else has had this problem and can give me some good suggestions, I would love to hear it!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

When you are not looking for it... You find it!

When you are not looking for it... You find it!

Isn't funny that when you are looking for
something you never find it. When you stop
looking it shows up! For two years I had been
looking for a park bench for my dolls. I could
find one anywhere. When I looked on eBay
they wanted more than I was will to spend
I saw website where people said they found
them in thrift store but I couldn't find one there.
Then six months ago I find a bench in the thrift
store. It wasn't exactly what I wanted
( it was a rocker) but it would do!

Then a month ago I found another bench.
It was a little closer to what I wanted.
Then the other day I run into a store to get out
of the rain, what do I find? You got it! The perfect
park bench and they had a few of them for cheap!
Now a have a few different park benches.
Now I need to use them all!

My new bench!

Skipper, Mari and head swapped Chad on Steven body
Sit on the bench after school. They really should be studying!

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Find at Ross

Visit to Ross!
I went over to Ross the other day because
I need an outfit for a meeting. I saw this on
the shelve. It was $6.99. I don't know it that
was a good price or not. I liked her wig, the
way you can make new outfits out pieces of fabric,
and that she looked the the mannequins you
see in department stores. I thought she would
be a good addition to my clothing shop when
I set it up. Her name is Lucia.

Out of the box with Desiree for scale.

She does have rather large feet.

Scale comparison

Julia always wanted to be a Blondie! FYI...this was
not an easy fit. Wig is small for most doll's heads.

Sorry, nude mannequin photos!

Fabric is draped and push into slot in
the back of the body to hold in into place.

Update on How do you store your deboxed dolls!

Niel of Niel's Doll Room responded to my request for information. Check out his post on Niel's Doll Room. Take the time to click on his links to Philly Collector-D7ana and his more link where he talks about storing doll and their hair. There is some really good info! After read his blog, I think I'm going to change the way I store my dolls.

If you have info to add to the discussion, please join in!

Monday, May 3, 2010

How Do You Store Your Deboxed Dolls?

A Question Of Storage?

No this is not what my space looks like!

I have a large, or at least large to me, collection
of dolls. Only about twenty of my dolls are in boxes.
Most of them I have out of the box for me to
play with! Yes, I love play! Others may think me
crazy but I love to dress and redress my dolls.
I love to see their little face greet me, talk to me,
suggest things to me. (Ok, a little crazy)

I can't have them all out at the same time
(Hubby won't allow) but I do like to look at them.
I believe that anything you have that you don't
see regularly, it like you don't have it at all.
Unfortunately my house is not large enough to
have a play room! A room where I could have
several dioramas set up at the same time, with
shelves to have all dolls out on display, all clothing
visible to see and a project area where I can have
everything for my doll project out waiting for me
to start the project.
(designed by Martha Stewart) I can dream!
Oh.... the reason for this post.....
How do you store your loose dolls.
How do you protect the from harm.
Do you have any tricks or tips, do you
store like size dolls together, do you
arrange them how you play with them?
Does heat or cold make you change your
arrangement? How do you keep their
hair in place?

Send me your pictures or web links and
I will post them on my blog! Let's share
some ideas and some tried and true solutions!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

More Thrift Store Finds

Look What I Found!
I found these Kelly items at one of my favorite
thrift stores. They had a bag of furniture for $3.00.
I had always wanted to do a nursery like
Van's Doll Treasures. I already had a few
Heart Family items. So maybe I will do a diorama
combining the two sets. My list of projects
is growing by the day.

Bed and a rocking horse

The rest of this set must have been for twins
because there is room for two.
This looks like a double stroller and bassinet

Changing table and two carriers.