Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Brenda Laurent and I
Wish You A Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Barbie House!

I found this Barbie house at my favorite thrift store.

The were asking $3.00 and of course I couldn't pass
that up. I don't know which one it is or if any of the
pieces are missing. Maybe you could help me!

Here are some more pictures!

The middle section spins around. Here is the fireplace.

Spin it again and it sleeps three. The top blue bed folds
down too!

Spin one more time and you have the kitchen!

I folds up and has some nice windows all around.

I have seen may people re-purpose the windows

of Barbie house. I will have to figure out if I should

keep it whole or use the pieces! Paint it or let it stay

as is.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dominque's Holiday Sweater!

The Cutes Little Thing!

I purchase a few more sweater online for my doll. I really
didn't have a lot sweater for my dolls. I have made up for
that now. This sweater along with two more were
advertised for Skipper and friends but I was hoping it
would fit other dolls. When received them I could see
why they were advertised that way. The cuffs were
small. Only a small doll hand could fit through... so
with my trusty seamrippper I open it up so that
Dominique could wear it. This is her Holiday style....dressy
top, cute jeans and a great pair of heels! You can's see them
but she has on really nice shoes! Dominique loves the sweater
but she is still a little mad with me. I was to work on her living
arrangements before the Holidays. I have not set up
her home. So many little time!
What can I tell you?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas From Ms Leo and Courtney

Courtney and I Wish You Merry Christmas!

Here is wishing you Happy Holidays! May this
season bring you the Joy and Peace you so
richly deserve! I hope that the new year will
be the best for you too!

Thanks for viewing!
Ms. Leo

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

He Is Here! Dolls Of The World Japan Ken! Udpated!

The New Asian Ken!


I saw him in the store and had to get him!

I do think he is Hot!!! He has a wide flat face with high
cheek bone! The kind of look that makes Ming Sai and
Chow Yun-Fat so attractive! Yes, Ms Leo is EEOC when it
comes to men!

The bad news--
His legs do not bend! He is permanently posed
in this position. He can sit and his arms move but I would
have hoped for a Harley body with articulation!

The costume! I would have expected better from
Pink Label but it is what the preview pictures showed!

I would have thought that the apron would have been
a separate piece. :(
Do I like him? Oh yes!!!

I have to purchase him something great to wear online!

The Update!

OK, I was really bummed about the body this
Ken came with!!!! Since I posted this, I've learned that
he can be rebodied to a Harley Davidson body! That
got me thinking! Unfortunately I don't have a Harley
body just sitting around but I did have a Flava Liam
wave II on a doll I didn't need. So here is what I did!

I took the head of the Japan Ken doll and put it on the Liam
body. What I difference!

The neck is a little shorter than the Harley neck
but it makes him look a litter more buff!

He is a little cold and would like some clothes!

I let his hair down and washed it. Now doesn't he look hot!

I read somewhere that men look sexy in jeans, a tee shirt
and cowboy boots. So that is my "go to" outfit for my guys!

Don't you want to run your fingers through his hair?

Kinda Daniel Dae Kim Hawaii 50ish !

Friday, December 17, 2010

Tour of the Pacific Rim!!

First Stop on the Tour!

I'm done college, at least for now. I will walk in
May but now I have more time to post doll stuff! Yeah!!

This is my first post of what will be a monthly post
of Asian dolls and action figures. I have done some posts
on the Asian dolls in my collection before but
I want this one to be different. I will try to show them in what
I think is traditional costumes that I have found and this post
will also be a precursor to a photo stores with Asian dolls.
If I am getting it wrong in custom, costume of any other aspect,
Please inform me.

I call this doll Kieu. I purchased her from eBay and I don't
know what doll she really is. I think she might have been
Japanese because her original body had bent arms with
palms facing the body. That body is now in the body box!
(I will talk about the body box in a later post) and she
is on a body that I found in the box.

I purchased a lot of different style Asian gowns. This is one
of them. She looks sweet in this picture.

Full gown.

Every now and then there are earthquakes in the
Pacific Rim. Thank goodness it was short!

More Christmas Sweater!

What A Score!

I got these Christmas Sweaters at Target!
They look like Benetton sweater! Aya loves colors, so she took
the one with the star. Glad loves green, so she took the one
with the green accents. Glad is not her name, I'm still working
on that.

I got a few extra and will sell on The Doll Page with my other
things! Or post a message and maybe we can trade.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Not Hardly A Snow Day!

Not Hardly A Snow Day!

It is not a snow day in St. Malcolm! It is a balmy 87 degrees
and the water is warm too! Camille takes her morning
constitutional on the beach. She has always been health
conscious. You have to be to look
this good at her age!

She is a lucky woman. She has had a career, a loving husband
and family, great friends, and the opportunity to buy her
childhood home! When she was a child, her father was
the groundskeeper for this villa. Now they own it!

After her walk, she has breakfast. This is the last month before
the height of the tourist season in St Malcolm. Her family will
come and go from now until Little Christmas. After that, her
friends will come to visit. Camille loves to entertain and is
the perfect hostess! But who would not come to a beautiful
island like this! Cindy has returned to work the
tourist season at the Villa.

Cindy: Good morning Mrs. Laurent, What would you like for
Camille: What do you have today?
Cindy: There oatmeal and cereal, pastries, fruit,
eggs, ham, bacon, fish, toast, ….What ever you want!

Camille: I think I have coffee, toast, a fried egg
and one of your wonderful breakfast smoothies!

Cindy: Coming right up!

Camille received a laptop from her grandkids so that she can
stay in touch. She is now using it for business too. Besides
the villa, she has been asked to co-write a book by a friend.

Camille: Cindy that smells great! I am so glad you could
return again this year!
Cindy: I love it here! You’re a great boss!
Camille to her self-
Oh look! It is an email from Stephanie.

The email reads:
Hi Grand,
We have a snow day today and school is closed!

LL, Tre’ and I played in the snow.

See you soon,
Love and Kisses!

There is a photo attachment. Camille is getting really good
with the computer. She love surprising her familly with what
she can now do!

Camille to herself-
Oh my! They look like they are having fun! I have to send
her some pictures too!

Hi Stephanie,
Guess who I met walking the beach!
Love and Kisses,

President Obama made a Stop in St. Malcolm to speak with
the Prime Minster. Camille met him walking on the beach!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

There Is A New Naveen In Town!

The Old Naveen!

I notice that my post on Prince Naveen had gotten some action
lately but I didn't think much of it. Then the other day
while surfing the net, I noticed that there was a Prince
Naveen for sale that wasn't part of a set.
When I got my Naveen, he was part
of a set. When I clicked to enlarge the picture,
he looked different than mine. At first I wasn't sure
he was different. On closer inspection. He has a new face
(I first noticed more space at the bottom of the eyes,
then they eye color was darker too!)
and a slightly different outfit too.
Old one!

Here is the old one! I am not even going to get into the
hoopla about his race that was the buss on the net.
He came as part of a set! Neither he or the Princess had
bendable legs! Bad Mattel! Bad, Bad! But... I thought the
face was cute!

New one!

OK! The Whole Disney Thing!
Disney sometimes has Mattel produce their movie
related dolls and sometimes not! Sometimes
Disney switches up the the producer after a few years.
The best Disney doll are done by Mattel! (my opinion!)
New Naveen looks more cartoony!

Notice that his princely attire is a little different.
New Naveen has light green caps on the sleeve and a cape!
He has brown belt and pants and the Mattel Naveen has
green belt and pants. The applets are different too. Note
the difference in the body too! Mattel side facing cupped hands
to the side facing straight hands of the new doll.
One of the listings says the new doll is poseable.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow Day!

Playing in the Snow!

The Laurent children have the best of both worlds! Today
school was closed, so Tre', LL and Stephanie play in the fresh
snow. As much as they love the snow, they love it even more
because they know in three weeks they will be spending Little
Christmas with their grandparents in warm sunny
Saint Malcolm Island in the Caribbean.
It is a family tradition! Little Christmas is always spend at
the family's island home!

Stephanie: I love the snow! The snow man could use
some work!

Stephanie: He could be fluffier!
LL: Maybe some branches?
Stephanie: Tre', get some more snow!

Tre': Are you the snow boss now?
Stephanie: Tre', get the snow!

LL: What are you up to?
Tre': Getting the snow!

LL: Not Good!

LL: She gona kill you!

Tre': Only if she catches me!


Stephanie: UGH! Tre'! That's it for you!!

Tre': Get off me!!
Stephanie: No!!
Tre': Help me bro!

LL: If I help you, next week you two will ganging up on me!
I'm staying out of it.
Tre': Tell mom Stephie is sitting on me!

LL: Nope! I am out of the whole thing!!

This post was sent to their grandmother Camille.
She got a really good laugh out of it!