Thursday, December 31, 2015

An Unusually Warm Day For Fall---Part Four!

Hey Gang!

We will join everyone back in the kitchen at story time.
Apenimon: Avery, your grandma will be coming to pick you up!
Avery: OK!
Nakoma finishes the story.
Loraine: I was just admiring the lovely island you made!  
This is really wonderful!
Apenimon: Thanks you! I got orders for a few after some of the 
people in town once they saw it.
 Loraine: I've got questions about the pie cabinet too. I really like the way you
used the same wood for both pieces. The old fashion  feel of both of them makes
the kitchen feel warm.
Apenimon:  It was my favorite pieces to make. I saw one in a catalog and wanted
to make one.

 I really love sitting in the big chair too.  It is made really well and feels like a
big hug!
 It makes story tell as much fun for the teller as it is for the listener.
That's a warm compliment!  The door bell rings.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Monday, December 28, 2015

An Unusually Warm Day For Fall---Part Three!

Hey Gang,

Lets join Apenimon in the studio!  

So Apenion went to his studio in the barn.  He is working on a sofa for the 
gathering room. 
 There is going to be two and this one is the first.  Daisy and Inola will be tanning 
and weave the fabric for them.  
 I need to cut some more off this leg.
 It should be about level now and I can....
 He had finish with the frame when Running Bear stops by.
Running Bear: I thought you might be out here!
Apenion: I am finished the frame on this sofa and now I will start on studio stalls.

They right the frame of the sofa.
Running Bear: That's good because we have two inside contracts for stalls and 
two outside contracts.

Apenion: I know who the inside contracts are. Who are the outside contracts? 
Running Bear: One is a Mr. Batiste, I don't know him and the other is Blaine Tsai.  
Apenion:  It will be great having so many artists to bounce ideas off of. 
Apenion: I'll need to keep on schedule then.  I'll need to work things out on my 
calendar. I still have the last sofa to do, a chest and some odd pieces. He looks 
at his calendar.

 Apenion: The other sofa frame will be like this one but larger. It will take a little
more time.
 Apenion: I have reinforces the frame in here so that more people can sit on it.

Just then Daisy arrives.
Daisy: I see you are finished one of the sofas!
Apenion: Yes! I will start on your studio stall first!

Daisy: Inola and I can work out of the same stall for a while.  It will be nice to
have a space to work in and not have everything all over the bedroom.
The other day I had to move everything to a sheet on the floor to take a nap.
She laughs. I see you have on the black lamp shirt.  It looks good on you.
Running Bear: Thanks, it feels really good on!
 Apenion:  I will have the stall finished by next weekend but the electrical will
still have to be ran.

Daisy: I can work during the day and use daylight until that is done but it will
be nice to just have a space.
Here they are trying out the sofa frame
Daisy: It will be nice once we get finished with it!  I see you had Avery helping
you today.  He is such a sweet boy.
 Apenion: Is he and Two Feathers still playing with the ball.
Daisy: No, Nakoma is starting story time. They went into the kitchen for cookies
and milk first.
Apenion: I’ll have to take him home after that.  I got a text from his mom asking
about what time he might be back.  His grandma is coming to get him.
Daisy: Are you heading back in?
Apenion: Yes, in a few minutes.
Daisy: OK I’ll see you inside.

 We will join everyone back in the kitchen at story time!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Monday, December 21, 2015

An Unusually Warm Day For Fall--Part Two!

Hey Gang!

Apenimon and the boys returned to the longhouse.   Apenimon goes to his
studio in the barn.  They boys play outside for a while then they go inside
for story time.

Nakoma is a teacher at school and at home.  She is doing story time today!
Nakoma: OK Gang, it is story time!  Gather round!

They all gather in front of the "Big Chair".
Is everyone ready for story time?

The children all say yes!
Two Feather sits by Avery!  America sits with Fawn on her lap and
Kaya and Dancing Brook sit together.
Kaya: I love story time!
Dancing Brook: Me too!
Avery: You're so luck to have so many people to talk to and children to play with.
I don't have story time at home.

Two Feather: You are welcome to join us for story time anytime!
Kaya: I hope it is the a story about a girl!
Fawn: Braid....he he... hair.
Kaya: Are you messing with my hair?
Dancing Brook: I think she likes you braids!
America: Stop that.  No messing with other peoples hair!
Avery: What's going on?
Two Feather: Fawn like messing with everyone's hair!  Maybe she 
will be a hairdresser when she grows up!
Nakoma: OK, let's get back to our story. 
It is they story of Kaya!

Dancing Brook: WOW, the girl in the story is named Kaya too!
Kaya: I'm names after the girl in this story!
Loraine come in from the market!
Nakoma: I took your baking out of the oven when the timer went off.
It sure looks good.  They wanted to eat the baking.  I convinced them to 
have cookies.  I'm so glad you got milk.  I used it all up for milk and 
cookies time!
Loraine: It does look good but it is for tomorrow!
Nakoma finishes the story.
I think we should go see what is going on in the studio next!

OK Thanks For Looking!