Thursday, December 29, 2011

Xia'-From Punk to Parisian !

After seeing Vanessa post of a male sweater and a hat on
Fashion Dolls at Van’s Doll Treasures I tried my hand
at the hat.

I made it a little small. I will probably do it again a bit larger.
The combination of this hat and this top from the dollar store
takes Xia’ in a new direction. She has gone from Xia’
street punk/graffiti artist to Xia’ art student with Parisian style.


Monday, December 26, 2011

Dolls for Christmas!

Hi All,
I just want to share with you two dolls I received for Christmas.
Arctic Barbie and AA Birthday Wishes Barbie! I received them form
my brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law. I was very happy!

Here they are together.

The Birthday Wishes Barbie I don't remember seeing. I was
told she came out in 1997? She has a beautiful pink gown. She
has the Asha head mold.

Very sweet face!

Arctic Barbie who came out in 1981 from what I read
online. The box says her people are call the Inuits and live
in Canada and Alaska. I like the fact the that didn't call her
"Eskimo" Barbie. I had learned as a youth that the term
"Eskimo" means "eaters of raw meat". It came about by ask
the people to the south of them what do you call those people
up there. "Oh, we call them the raw meat eaters." It is like asking
neighbors what they call each other. "Oh, they are called never
mows their lawn, or puts the trash out too early, or parks in
other peoples spot. I strongly believe in defining yourself and not
letting others define you. (getting of soap box now)

I had this doll on my wish list. I really want to
debox her. You know I am not really one for keeping
a doll in the box. She really has a nice face. I have two
other Kira face mold doll but they are not as nice as she
is. Maybe I buy another to keep in the box.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas! Dominique's Digs!

Harold Hall and I are here to explain to Dominique about
the progress of her home. I like working with Harold he is
a very good general contractor. He and his building company
have their fingers in most of the construction in Johnston.

We have worked on the living room and have try to have it
almost there by Christmas. Dominique is still not pleased.
Etienne knows Harold from a mutual acquaintance. Etienne
is there to make sure Harold doesn't get to much of a beating.

Ms. D is not happy about the lack of seating. Etienne explains
that this is not Harold fault. Her bedroom is still not ready.

Harold has the patience of Job and a good disposition too!
He tell her that the bed room and kitchen will be started
next week. (that my jeans in the mirror) Etienne says, you
can hold off on the kitchen. The won't be much cooking going
on around here. His comment is meet with a nudge in the ribs.

Dominique also comment on the lack of art work and
finishing touches to the room.

Harold tell her that the the final carpentry will be done next
week along with some minor painting.

Etienne reminds Dominique that art work and decor is not
Harold's job.

Dominique asks who's job is it?

Oh, I think is time for me to go!

Have a Merry Christmas!

See you all next week!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Thanks Cat!

Hi Everyone!
Here is the lovely outfit I received from Cat at A Doll Affinity!
I am letting Ms. D model it today. She is pleased that she is
getting blog time and first crack at a new outfit.

It is a beautiful pink and silver dress. It has heels, a purse and
a necklace. Great for a special Holiday outing!

Ms. D especially loves the bling!

She feel if anyone should have these, it should be her!

Thanks Again Cat!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

This Week In Projects!

This Week!
Well, after purchasing my Stardoll-Fallen Angel known as
Xia', I realized that I didn't have any great dolly purchase left
for the rest of this year. ( yeah, I now it is the 19th of Dec.)
I can now concentrate on dolly projects, of which there
are many.

First up!

Miss Dominique is quite miffed with me.

She feels as one of the star characters of this blog, she has
not been getting her just do! She she demanded
certain things be taken care of to make her feel more
comfortable and respected in her position on my blog.

First, she needed a living space. Her character can be more
developed If she had a home and a place to entertain! She picked
out a few things she wanted and asked me to expand on them.

This sofa for one. She said she would also like chairs to go along
with it. I told her I have never done chairs but she insisted.

She wants this fireplace and window worked into the decor
of her new home.

She also wanted this as her wardrobe.

It is very nice and has just been sitting around not being used.
I Thought that the scale was too large but she said it just needed
mirrors. She would also like a Queen size bed with a duvet cover,
a matching dresser and a settee. She informed me she is keeping
the Stardoll dress. Her projects may take more than a week!

Next, I also rebodied my last dolls for 2011!
No new ones until 2012.

I gave Edwige (Alvin Ailey) and Live Action Christie new
Chandra bodies. They can now be add to the cast of
characters. I haven't decided if they are sisters but
Edwige will Chanda's sister. I not sure if Chandra's name
will remain.

The complexion works pretty well for both. The body on the
Live Action Christie is a little fragile so I just replaced it before
any thing happen to it.

I did pick up these to dresses at the Dollar Store. The Black and
white one will be Edwige's work uniform. the orange dress
needs a little help.

Then there is a little painting and repair.

I plan to paint and repair a few things I purchased so that they
can get some use.

This chandelier

You remember this dresser. Well, I have started on it.

I have removed the heart shape draw pulls and I have no idea
what I will replace them with. I not sure what color this will be
in the end either.

Next is this chair!

Diorama set up!
I plan to work on my benches like this one for the home of
Iroquois and Native American Settlement.
I will also begin my work on the Laurent Department store.

I will need to list several things for sale on my blog
and thedollpage.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Star Doll-Fallen Angel--Xia'

So, here she is! My Star Doll.Her name is Xia'.

Her Photo Video


Monday, December 12, 2011

Stardoll Fallen Angel!

Well, I just purchase my Stardoll, Fallen Angel after see all
the post that Tracy did on her blog. She has so really nice photos.
It what put me over the edge with this doll is a photo of her that I
saw on another blogger's post. Helen's Doll Saga (blog) posted a
picture of her doll that she add her personal touch to.

I also check out her web page there is a great
video of some of her other dolls. I like how the links form her
banner take you to other site locations. I wonder if that can be done
with blogspot.

I hope you enjoy it! :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Reboding Dolls!

I was looking over my dolls and looking over the websites of
my favorite blogger. It looks like we've spent a pretty
penny on reboding dolls. To date I have rebodied 20 dolls
onto articulated bodies. I have many more that may
receive one in the new year. I have found one or
two bodies in the thrift store but most I purchase
on average between 7-9 dollars and a few as much
as 18 dollars. That's about $200 on new
bodies( it could be more).

What would you estimate is the the number of dolls
you rebodied this year? Should we be doing something
about that? Do we need a letter writing campaign?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Faces Of Lea!--Edited Post OOPS! I forgot one!

Oops! I forgot a Doll! So I'm editing my post and placing her
picture at the top!

This is Akira!

She and her husband Hiroshi Takada own the local Asian
restaurant The Pacific Rim. Their daughter Mari attends the
high school.

Original post.
I think that Lea is one of the most beautiful Asian
doll faces that Mattel has done. There have been other
doll's whose faces were made Asian but Lea and Kira
the two Asian face molds.

I have a few dolls with the Lea face mold in my collection.
Bling was not the first. My first was this doll!

I call her Thuy (twee) and she is Jin's "Bling" older sister.

She is more traditional than Bling and more serious than her
sister. She has a more demure look to her than Bling.

As the big sister, see must look out for Bling which is not an
easy job.

You met their cousin Ing. She is half Vietnamese and French.

She and her cousins are close.

She finds the differences between Thuy and Bling amusing.
Ing is not as traditional as Thuy but not as Americanized
as Bling.

You met Tia Holmes.

She is newly married to Matt Holmes who is a Captain
in the Air Force stationed here in Johnston.

She is a Flight Attendant and travels from Europe to the US
regularly. That is how she met Matt while on a layover in
an airport.

This is Tia's sister Sonya. She move here from the
Philippines to be with her sister. She worked in an
insurance company there and hopes to work for one

Thuy and Bling!

Ing, Thuy and Bling.

Sonya and Tia!

Sonya and Tia are different too. Tia has see the world.
Sonya has been a local girl.