Monday, August 27, 2018

Babysitter babies!

Hey Gang!

I found what seems to be the Holy Grail of the Babysitter Inc dolls! The Asian baby!
The baby!  I got it at Target!
I actually came for something else but when I spotted got added to the cart!

As you can see the box is pretty beat up.  I looks like someone tried to open it.
Since I go to Target about twice a week, I knew that it wasn't there the last
time I was there. So the box was beat up even though it was a new item.
I guess with the Holiday coming, more stuff is showing up in stores.
I don't know if I posted the other babies I got from Walmart back in December!
I got the two AA (or maybe Hispanic) babies.
Note the loose bottle. The box on this guy back then looked beat up too and the loose
bottle made me think that someone had tried to open it too!  Everything was there though!

When I open the package I did notice something about the dolls lips!

I don't know if you can tell from the photos but the paint is a little lopsided.
The lip paint and skin tone on the AA dolls is a little closer to the complexion of the
doll. If there is a problem with them (I can see one) you don't notice it.

The diapers for the babies are pretty nice.

I think I would have preferred just a clear or a bottle that liked like it had milk in it!
If they were clear, you could give them a paint job.
Pink, Aqua and Purple

I am guessing the pink can be some kind of punch.  Poor baby who would be drink that.
I can't even imagine what kind of drink would be aqua.  The purple could be grape.

The towel (I am guessing that is what it is because of the size) isn't the quality of
some of the older baby items that Mattel has done in the past.

Babysitters Inc towel and Happy Family towel. 

Maybe I can put some lace at the edges of the small towel to pretty it up!

BTW, The Happy Family baby gear and doll stuff, to me, was some
of the best things that Mattel has done! People are still in search of them
and their prices have only gone up!

These aren't my only babies.  If you get a chance, please checkout one of my older
post on my baby collection.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

More From China!

Hey Gang

So my dolls and I are still exploring China...that is purchases from China!
It was call the Girl 16 Moveable Body for Barbie.  You can never tell from
a picture what you will get.  Some time you take a chance.

Warning Nude Doll Photos Ahead!

From website

And yes I got this one for free and just paid the shipping! (about $5.00 for
this and another item) I have to say, I was surprised!

So this one took a little longer to arrive than the last items I ordered. It was about a week
late. I had almost forgot about it when she showed up in the mail.
The back

Knees and hands

 The waist

My Photos

In the package! So here is how it came. It was in a gray plastic package which didn't
have bubbles either.  So I am happy it arrive save and sound!
 The body reminds me of a IT doll body!
 Darla Daley
The neck knob
 For some reason, I was expect the body to be more like a Liv body but is not!
 Liv body is about 10 inches. This body is shorter!  It about 9 1/4 inches and it is
lighter than the palest Liv body. Wait a minute...9 1/4 inches!!!
 Can the Asian Babysitter doll use this body?
 Well, the body is a little paler that Asian Babysitter.
This body is more mature than the Skipper body.  I think she would get noticed
in gym class with that body.
 She would really have great pose options though. Would she need new clothes and shoes?
 Nope! She can wear her original outfit including the shoes!
So now Hanna can move!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Girl Fashionista Girls

Hey Gang!

I purchased these two a while back but haven't shown them on my blog.  So here
we go!  I know many others have posted her so bear with me and my reviews.

First up is Cheerful Check.  

Picture from Mattel 
When I first saw her, I loved her hair and the fact that she at least had straight arms.  
I knew I wanted to add her to my collection. 

I thought the shirt dress was darling and it was something that I would wear if it came 
in my size.  She is a petite doll with high heel feet. She wears red shoes. 

I thought she would make a nice teen.  Her make-up is kinda of natural and she 
would easily fit as a teen.  

Most of my Fashionista doll I have rebodied. The fact 
that Fashionista dolls don't come with at least click knees is surprising... but oh well!
 I have thought about putting her on a Fashion Fever troll body which is about the
same size. 

Warning Nude Doll Ahead!

She would still be able to wear her dress but the knee on this body bend. It would allow her to sit at the school desk. What do you think?
 The bodies nude for a comparison.  The body on rthe right has bend/click knees.
 Both have high heel feet
 WOW, I'm still short but can bend my knees.  I am not quite poseable yet but soon!
OK, I'm heading out! See you later!

Next up is Tebby Bear Flair.

I have heard some question as to whether she is Asia or not.  Have you heard that
too? Do you think she is?

She does have a pale skin tone,  brown eyes and black hair like of many of the Lea dolls.

Here teddy bear top is super cute!

Her gold skirt is made better than a lot of metallic/leather-look clothing. I am still
afraid it will start to peel after a few years like many other clothing like this.

She also comes with high-heel boots

I have place on on a purple top made to move body.
 In a pose!

So how come Mattel has only done one made to move doll with the pale skin tone?
The purple to is selling for crazy prices if you are looking to purchase on.

OK, Thanks For Looking!