Friday, March 30, 2012

What Is Your Favorite Non-Articulated Body? Up-Date

Updated Post!

Hey Gang!
I'm still figuring out the new blogger setup so give a girl some time.

I was going through my box of doll bodies and note all different types
of Barbie bodies and note what clothing works good on which body.
As I seen to move my collection more toward articulated bodies,
there were other body types that were my favorite.

Here is a Silkstone body.

Renee has her head now. I never like this body! Too heavy!
I was glad to know that I could put the head on another body.

These are the 1991, Belly button and the 1966 bodies.
The 1966 has the biggest chest (ribcage).

I'm torn between the 1991 body with the narrow hips and smaller
hips and the belly button body.  More clothing fits the 1991 but
the belly button seems sexier!  That sexy quality is why I like the
Here are four types of what I think of as 
exaggerated  bodies.
From left to right.
Model Muse, second wave Fashion Fever, Star and Flava bodies.

I also found this site compaing bodies if you would like to
take a look.

Here are two repo bodies.
The one on the right is the 1966 repo body.
The one on the left is the 1993 repo body.
Here is the Jazzie and Fashionista body comparison from a previous post!

These are repo Francie body.

Do you have a favorite body that is not Fashionista or Pivotal or articulated body?

Please take my pole.
P.S. I'm posting with the new blogger layout.  It feels slow and
I can't find the spell check! Help!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Technically.... A Head Swap Figure!

Technically... A Head Swap Figure!
I purchased this head on Ebay. It didn't come with a body
but it must have had one! Because of this, I am technically
calling this a head swap!

Here is how it arrived!

It is supposed to be Micheal Jordan. It really doesn't look
like him to me but it's Okay. The only spare body with
a neck that would accomadate this head was GI Joe. So
that is what I put him on for now.

Here he is on that body for now!

He doesn't have a name or story.
Action Figure:Who am I?

He kinda washed up on the beach!
Action Figure:How did I get here?

He is still trying to figure things out.
Action Figure: Where was I going? I really gotta
stop drinking!

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Navajo Barbie!

Hey Gang!

I happened to find another doll I have been wanting on that
same thrift store outing during the Flower Show. She must
have been owned by the same girl as the Mulan because she
was dressed in an outfit made of the same material. She
still has her earrings! She is Navajo Barbie! I knew who
she was when I saw her face! I had her on my list of dolls
to get but not enough to pay eBay prices for. I purchased
a Princess of the Incas Barbie to make do a while ago
but they are not the same.

Here is a picture of what she she looks like new!

This is a Mattel promo picture. It is better than I can take.

She wears a floral brown prairie skirt with a soft black velour
top/ blouse. A silver plastic belt with turquoise colored
accents cinches her top at her waist. Over her shoulders
is a woven shawl made in shades of brown, orange and
light green. Several pieces of faux turquoise jewelry
complete her ensemble. I would have loved to have her
original outfit. I found another picture of her on flickr
if you want to see it.

Here is my girl!

Close up
I have dressed her in this Fashion Avenue outfit that I find
fitting for her. I love her face because she has that same
calm look of Sade. She is the Goddess face mold. Her hair
was in good condition. You know, I will have to invest in
some small black rubber bands. She wears a clear one
from packaging for now.

Full view!
Navajo and Inca side by side.
Rae and Sky!

Isn't she sweet!

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How Hiroshi Takada Starts His Day!

How Hiroshi Takada Starts His Day!
Hiroshi Takada likes to start his day off right! First, he
practices Tai Chi which is very good for his body!

Then he practices writing! This is good for his mind! He
has been doing this for years.

He keeps in writing supplies in the cabinet behind the screen.

Then he prays and meditates in silence. Last is breakfast.

All these things help him to have a productive day!

It is his morning ritual!

Only one thing or should I say one someone can break his

Hiroshi: Mariko! There is fruit in the kitchen!

His daughter Mari. She is a teenager!

Pray for Hiroshi. He will need it!

GI Joe Foreign Soldiers Collection
WWII Japanese Army Air Force Officer

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Can Be ...Barbie Fashion Pack!

The other day Vanessa of Fashion Dolls At Van's Dolls
Treasures posted about new barbie fashion packs. It just so
happens that I had picked up the astronaut pack on my week

Since Dominique wants more blog time this year, I asked her
to be the model. She wasn't so happy about it but her she is!

I told her that Tyra Banks say that a model can model
anything! She said: Tyra, Tyra, would think
that women invented modeling! Well she didn't!

I paid $7.49 for it. I'm not sure if that is good or bad but
I have only seen them in the TRU in Center City Phila.

Ms. D: I feel like a goldfish in this thing!

And the glass is soo cloudy. Can you see how pretty
I am in this?

The helmet is mad for a doll with short hair which is
another reason I asked Ms. D to wear it is long hair can't
fit well inside the helmet.

Ms. D wanted you to know it has 3/4 length sleeves. Not
too good for outer space!

I put these gloves with it!

Ms. D: Really Ms. Leo...cocktail gloves?
Ms. Leo: They match the boots and they are all I could
find right now. You know models are supposed to complain

Here is what the back of the package looks like.

I think the suit will go in the Franklin Institute Academy

of Science Museum. ;)

Thanks for looking!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Mulan Head Swap!

New Girl On The Beach!

Liv bodies really look good on Asian dolls! It seems surprising
that they didn't make an Asian Liv doll. I found this doll
at the same thrift store from my previous post. Under normal
circumstances I would have past her by. I have two Mulan
dolls but none with this face. Off brand dolls look good on Liv
bodies too. Like this was the body they had been waiting for.
So I purchase her for $3.00.

Here is what she looked like when she was new! My purchase
didn't come with this dress which I like.

Here she is saying goodbye to her old body!
Notice she has pointed toes for ballet! It make it hard to
sit in a restaurant or on walk on the beach with those feet.

Those feet were killing me! I was so busty too!

Her head was swapped a new body!

She thanks Hayden for her donation!

She is enjoying a well deserved vacation in St. Malcolm
after her time at the thrift store.

She is much more confident on her new body! She allows
me to do a photo shoot of her! What is that off in the
distance... fun and post time on the horizon!

Her hair is a little wild! She might need to visit the salon
while she is here.

She has a kinda Moko charm now!

I just need a drink and a good book!

Maybe she is a cover girl... or

swimsuit model...

party girl...

or just a beach bum!

I do love the water!

I need a name!

Thanks for looking!