Saturday, November 30, 2013

I Know It Is Late But Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Gang!

It is about time for a new post.  I have been busy with work and the 
Thanksgiving so my post is late but here it goes!
If you read this post anywhere other than
It is a fake!!! Run!!

Hey Guys, it is Tom Turkey here!

I made it through Thanksgiving...

But I'm still nervous!

I only got to make it  to New Years!

 There is not much call for turkey after that!

So I'm staying low and moving around and keeping my eyes peeled!
I think I hear something coming.  I'd better hide!

 It was Bison and Buttercup out for a ride.
Bison: This is a great fall day!

 We'll stop here for a few minuets.
 You can eat some of that grass over there.
 You are such a pretty girl!
He rubs her behind the ears.
Buttercup: I am such a pretty girl aren't I!
Bison: I just love it out here this time of year and this time of day!
 The light casts wonderful shadows on everything.
 It feels so warm on your skin too!
 What is that over there!
 I think I see something.
 Is that a turkey?

 It is time for us to start back home girl!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Monday, November 18, 2013


Hey Gang!

In 2009 when they announced that Sugar's Daddy Ken would be released, I
was excited!   He had a great face and interesting clothes.

Official Mattel Photo

I was really looking forward to another older male doll.  I didn't really want
Silkstone  body (which I was told the body would be) but I would have
accepted it.
Official Mattel Photo

I was really surprised at the backlash the doll and its name got.  I guess I
should have known after the whole Pregnant Happy Family Midge and
Tattoo Barbie thing.  When I saw the doll I thought it might be a nod
to Gianni Versace too.  Come on that print jacket said Versace to me.

But like many of the Mattel dolls that were deemed too controversial,
the doll disappeared.  I don't think it even made it into production.
So when Cyano Dolls & Rerooting  blogger offered to do a few
 re-roots for me.  I knew one of the things I wanted.  I wanted a replica of
the Sugar's Daddy doll.   I didn't have the Silkstone Ken head sculpt
so I had to go with what I had which was the 1st Fashionista Ken head.

Official Mattel Photo

Unfortunately I didn't have the fashionista body too.   I purchased
the head on the dollpage.  I will have to be on the lookout for an articulated
male body at the thrift store.  The Sugar Daddy outfit, though very nice, is
a little to formal for here in Johnston.  So I found an outfit a little more useful
for here.  I might make one when a get some down time.

So...Here is Maxwell and his dog Q-Tip out for a walk.


Maxwell is the younger brother of Mitchell.  I am trying out backgrounds
and lighting.  I show you some of the other pictures I took.
If you read this post anywhere other than

It is a fake!!! Run!!

Head Shots!


OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Forces Collided For Johnston--Continued!

Hey Gang!
I'm picking up where I left off on The Forces Collided For Johnston

Thanks to D7ana of Philly Collector for reminding us all that November 
is Native American Heritage Month.  So it is time to follow up on
Chief Running Bear.

When Edward Running Bear got off the phone he was a bit stunned!
Edward:  WOW!
Apenimon: Was that the President?
Edward: Yes it was!  The issue is finally settled!
Apenimon: What did the President say?

He said it was an embarrassment that the issue was drug out so many decades!
That we were to take immediate possession of the land and that others who
were cheated out of their land would be made whole too! He has a plan and
he will be sending people to work with us on it.

The chief was till looking at the phone is disbelief.
Apenimon: So what does this mean for you and our people?

Edward:  It means you get to build a longhouse,... it means
my horses will have space to roam, means our people will have a community, it means
I'm moving and I have to tell my wife we are moving.

Edward:  I know your coming to build the longhouse will be a big time commitment 
for you.  What will your wife say?

Apenimon:  She is from Pennsylvania.  She still has her bother and  second or 
third cousins there.  She will say we are coming too and will want to move 
her business there.  

So Rae won't be the problem.  What will your wife Loraine and family say?

Edward:  I guess I better make that call!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Apollonia Grey!

Hey Gang!

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, my Pocahontas doll,
Apollonia Nese Grey is trying on her new outfits!

Thanks to D7ana of Philly Collector for reminding us all that 
November is Native American Heritage Month.

Here she is now wearing a Fashion Avenue outfit that I purchased
especially for her.  The boots are not the original boots.  I like the
black better and I plan to make the leg cuff into a hat.
 I wanted to purchase this outfit for her because of the print.  She really likes
it too!
You may note that she has articulated arms and hands.  She is now
using the older Disney Store doll Pocahontas body.
 The complexion for the doll isn't a bad match considering that they
are from different manufacturers.  It was nice to keep the arm tattoo also.
 As you might guess, her head will be on sale on the dollpage.  So if you want
it now, let me know.
 I have an additional Pocahontas head, a color Splash head that I am saving
to use now and then.  I will use it for when I think she need to be more
made up.
She has a new ceremonial dress.  She knows that there are a few events
coming up like the wedding of her good friend  Nakoma that she will get
to wear it.  Because of the length of the dress, she has decided to wear
flat shoes with the dress.  She is a busy girl that likes flats!
She will need earrings to go along with the dress.
If you read this post anywhere other than
It is a fake!!! Run!!

About Ms. Grey

Apollonia is the Head Curator for the Franklin Academy of Science
Museum in Johnston.  She spends a lot of time away obtaining art 
and artifacts for the museum and the Reservation. Thank goodness
Midge is there to keep things running smoothly.

About Pocahontas!

She is a Mattel Pocahontas doll from the Disney movie of the same name.
The actual Pocahontas has quite an interesting story.

Out of all the Disney dolls that Mattel made, Pocahontas is the pretties
by far to me!  The Disney Store Pocahontas dolls pale in comparison.
I have included a link to a picture of the dolls on flickr.   You will
notice that Disney did a few head-sculpts of Pocahontas with slight
differences. There were many different outfits and accessories too.
From the move there were four dolls produced: Pocahontas, John Smith
Nakoma and Kocoum.  I am lucky enough to have all four.

Apollonia is joined by Loraine Running Bear, the wife of the Chief and
one of her best friends.

 Loraine is head of the Artist Guild of Native Americans She is an
excellent potter and weaver.  Her jewelry is by her friend Rae.
She and her husband introduced Nakoma to her fiance Shane. She has
made this jug for them as a present.
Nakoma has ordered her dress in white. She asked Loraine and Apollinia
to be with her at the wedding.  The Chief will perform the ceremony.
All the ladies have ordered ceremonial dresses from Daisy.

She is the best and does everything by hand.  She wants to join the guild
and move to Johnston.

 She is in love and very happy!
The lovely dresses seen her are suede and are made by a wonderful
esty shop owner by the name of :


I have never been impressed more by something I purchased for my dolls!
Thanks Irene!

OK, Thanks For Looking!