Monday, June 29, 2015

Avery Wants To Be.....An Entrepreneur!

Hey Gang,

I'm continuing the year of the children with Avery! You met
him as one of my only heart doll maker-overs.

Avery wants to be a high powered businessman when he grows up.

Avery: My idols are Daymond John, I always watch Shark Tank,...

And Russell Simmons!
I want to work for myself!

He is starting young, right now as a matter of fact. He my not be old enough for
a real job but he could make doing errands and other things. He deliver groceries from the market!
Oh, here is the house! I'll knock.
 Oh, I see the doorbell!
 Purchaser:  Who is it?

Hi, It's Avery.   I'm the delivery person from the market! I have your groceries.

He can stuff circulars in mailboxes!
I have menus for the local pizza shop.  I will put one in every mailbox too.

 He can walk dogs and pet sit. Here he is walking Near Wolf in the park.
Avery:  Here we are Near Wolf.  There is water over there!  The dog thinks he
sees something in the bushes.

Your such a good dog!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More Stuff For Nola (Dasia)!

Hey Gang!

I found more teddy-bear stuff for my Nola!  I found this Ken shirt and put it
with these shorts!

The back fit nice too!
I picked up these shorts too!  They are paired with
this poka dot top by 
Teddy-bear leather and satin!
Leather look jack and black satin pants!
Because teddy-bear arms are short, the sleeves are short on teddy-bear item but
the do work well on her!
I added the shirt underneath for a different look.
Great Shawl! I have now learned to purchase the bear, remove the close 
and re-donate the bear at the register.  I don't need to take the bear home.
This is the dress that go with the Ugg Style boots by Playmate!  
The dress looks more like PJ's than a dress.
I found this top for a baby doll a longtime ago in the dollar store.  It looks like
a dashiki.
Another teddy top!
I will have to find pants or a skirt for these tops.  I guess it time for me to sew something!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Dressed To Beat The Band!

Hey Gang!

I found a set of blue headbands at Deals!  I thought that they would make
a great outfit for Nola!

She is dressed to beat the band!

I also played around with some backgrounds.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fashionista Desiree Headsculpt!

Hey Gang!

I found the new Fashionista Barbie with the Desiree headsculpt. I purchased
her for the novelty of the doll.

She has great face paint and freckles!

Now for the photo shoot!

The comparison! BTW, she is on a Mother Gothel body.

 The fashions!

OK! Thanks For Looking!