Thursday, February 18, 2016

Head Swaps For 2015!

Hey Gang!

So here are some of the last of my rebodied dolls for 2015.  I am trying to rebody
all the dolls I use regularly. It makes it easier for blogging, photos and dios. I got a
bunch of bodies from the thrift store in September and had to hind them when I got
home.  I took me quite a while to remember I had them and to remember where I
hid them.

Last year I rebodied my Mattel Prince Naveen doll, known in my dollie world as
Rahim Reeves, onto a body that had three click knees.  That was good but it wasn’t the best.
He is now rebodied on to a Happy Family father doll.  He can now bend at the
knee and bend at the elbow and twist at the waist. His job will be as a
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. He is wearing the Donald Trump suit.
I also have a Hannah Montana Lola doll.  Lola, known in my dollie world as
Phoebe, is on a Hannah Montana Stylin ‘ Fashion doll body.
The new body has arms that bend at the elbow and three click knees. She is
one of my college girls.  She loves color and she is a bit of a free spirit too!
My Princess Kida doll, known in my dollie world as Vikki, has been or her
original body since I got her.  I have been able to cover up the medallion
with a top but that is not what I really wanted.  I love her long white/gray
hair.  Long gray hair is unusual.  Many people with gray hair cut it but she
will keep her's long!

I have painted her eyes and now rebodied her onto a Fashionista Artsy body.
Full body shot!
I will feature her later as one of my Gray Foxes but not now!
I have had a Taylor Swift doll for a long time but haven’t decided if I wanted 
to sell her or not.  I don’t really think she looks like the artist. I liked her face
but didn’t like the body.  She had one of the Hannah Montana style bodies with
non bendable arms that sung. Nothing is worst than hearing one of those singing
dolls go off at 3:00 am!  Anyway, She will now be known in my dollie world
as Marilyn.
The eyelashes make her look Marilyn Monroe-ish.  She is on a Disney store
Rapunzel body.  She will be one of my college girls.
Another doll that I have had for reboding for a while is New York Minute
Ashley doll. She this doll has a different face that the older Mary Kate and
Ashley dolls.  I will have to post on that so you can see.
She is also on a Rapunzel body. Her name  is Alli and will be a high
school girl.
My extra Disney store Tiana bodies when to my Francie.
She has been on a Liv doll body. It wasn't a good match but was articulated
This new body is much better!
and Teen Skipper Nikki dolls.
Disney Store Classic Tiana 2014
I have tried to remove the necklace. It smeared.  I will try it again. 
It should come off.
The complexion is a good match.
 Lastly, My extra Fashionista Artsty body went to older model Pocahontas doll.
She received her new body and a hair cut.  Her name is Anita

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Meetings- Kelly's take charge!

Hey Gang,

So we last left off with Phyliss Kelly jumping in! She is now meeting with Etienne
to get a handle on the base.  The base is still under construction so they are meeting
in one of the odd rooms.

Etienne:  I just want to say how happy I am to have you here!  This is my first time
having an admin.  I don't really know what all you will or can do.

Phyliss: Really!  What did you do before?

Etienne: You might know our unit was in action in the Middle East for a while,
we then went from Texas to Europe for six months.  I didn't need a real admin before.
I have just risen to my new rank as General.  Prior to that... well...between Trina and
I we handled everything. Well...mostly Trina. She did her work and some of mine!
Hmm, I should do something as a thank you.
Phyliss: I will take care of that for you sir!  She was nice enough to give me a list 
of what you were working on and what still needs to be done.  Oh, there is some 
info on what has been done for the unit in the past. As you know I worked with 
General Lee and his admin Flora.  I even covered for her when she was on vacation. 
I think I have a handle on what is needed but I can always contact Flora
if I get stuck.
Oh, and I'll need your wife's info too!  
 Is she excited about her role as the base commander's wife?
Etienne: I have thought about that!  I haven't mentioned it to her!  I know that
the commander's wives did parties and stuff.

Phyliss: Sir, they do more that just that!

Etienne: Really?
Phyliss: Oh yes sir!  Maybe I can have a talk with her and feel her out about
how active she will be.
Etienne: OK, I know she wants to come by tomorrow to meet you. She asked
if you might be free for lunch?
Phyliss: Tell her that would be wonderful!

So it looks like there will be an Air Force reserve unit, a medical unit, a air traffic 
control unit, a flight and porter units.  What units will there be on the Army side? 

Etienne: What Army side?

Phyliss: Sir, didn't they send you the specs on this base sir?  She pulls out
the manual she was sent.
Etienne: No! I still waiting for somethings to catch up with me from Europe.
Phyliss: We are the main armed forces branch but there will be a presence 
from all the branches here. The will be a large, thou not as large as us, Army 
presents here too.  They aren't schedule to come for a while.  It will be important 
for us to...establish the best..uh...most strategic presents here sir.  I get on the 
phone and make sure all intell is here for your review sir!
Etienne: I might have needed an admin sooner!
So I know I need to fix Phyliss's hair.  I will get to that this year too!

OK, Thanks For Looking!