Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Even More Clones!

Hey Gang!

I found these lovely clones in the area!  They stopped me in my tracks!
They are two BarbieTereasa faced Clones in the same box!
One is lighter and the other is darker.
They were only $4.00 dollars!
I'll have to go back and get them because I didn't have any money with me!
I hope they are still there!  I take more photos when I get them. I really want to
see their bodies.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Apollonia and The Dig!

Hey Gang!

We haven"t seen Apollonia in a long time!  She has been far away on a dig finding
 artifacts to bring back to the museum.  She was with a team and most of the
things they found will go to the National Museum here but a few things
will travel with her before they return to the National Museum.
They uncovered some really cool thing and they should bring a lot of people to
the museum. They will also send thing from their museum out on loan
National Museum.

Apollonia loves sleeping in a tent.  I reminds her of when she was small.
She got a good rest and woke up early. There is a lot to do.
 She starts a fire for warmth, breakfast and as always...coffee!
 She stretches and notices whirling sand in the distant.
Apollonia:  I am not a fan of sandstorms but I can deal with it!
The sun is high and warm.  She has breakfast and even has an energy bar
as a snack.

It does really look like it is going to be a great day!

The plane is to arrive today that will take her back to the States!  She scans the horizon
but no plane as of yet.
Hmm...maybe this way.
I don't see anything, so I guess I'll get some stuff done.

I have the crate and the tools to send things home.
This will be a special exhibit!  The town will love it. It should also bring
out-of-towners to the museum also.
 I love it when the school children come to see our new exhibits.
I really love this onyx and gold cat! It is priceless!

I should take some pictures to send to Megan so she can prepare.  It will be a lot
of work. She will be excited.
She thinks about what Megan is doing right now.  Megan keeps everything running
smoothly while Apollonia is away. They are a good team!

There is nothing like morning light for photos. Apollonia get out her trusty camera.
It has seen many mile but works like a charm.
Megan is going to flip when she sees these!
I'll have to make sure I have all my permits to bring everything back and into the U.S. 
I really hate being delayed in customs!

Checking our route, we are in for good weather all the way back and I got an
email that my permits are waiting for me at the airport! Fantastic! 

OK! Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Lost My Mom!

Hey Gang,
My life has changed!  I have lost my mom and my greatest supporter for what
every I did!  My mom passed on March 2nd.  I can't even begin to tell you how
wonderful she was.  She was kind to all and very active in her church and community.  She worked at an area school. Children in the area would always stop her and say hello. My mom is what bounded us all together.  Our lives will be very different.

Monday, March 2, 2015

At The Flower Show! I'll Be Back Next Week!

Hey Gang!

I'm at the Philly Flower. Actually I have been there since Wednesday. I hope to take some pictures I can show.
 I'll be back posting next week.