Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Philly Doll Club Meeting Part 1!

Hey Gang!

We had our doll club meeting and boy was it fun!  We had a new person!
We were hoping for two but maybe next time! I took so many pictures that
this post will have to be two parts!

So who was there?  Well me of course (that is why I'm blogging about this),
Dana -D7ana from A Philly Collector of Playscale Dolls and Action Figures,
Kev and Miya from Dollapalooza , and Juanita who you might know as mustiwait

If you read this post anywhere other
It is a fake!!! Run!!
OK, now for the pictures!

One of the first things I was when I got there was Juanita's challenge doll!
This her Snow White maker over doll!  These Photos are Juanita's and
are with her permission.
 Here is her before picture of her doll!  Isn't that the cutes thing!

The next thing I saw was Kev coming down the street with his My Froggy Stuff
treehouse! I took lots of pictures because it was so detailed!  I told him he should
send MFS some photos!  It was about 3 feet tall!  It needed its' own table! OK,
here come the photos!
That cute action figure in the red is my hubby!  He drove me to the meeting and kinda
hug around until we were done!
 Each section had it own details.  You can tell he put a lot of time into it!
 Hand painted wood grain.

 Ahh, birdies!
 There were many little homes for the forest animals!

 Second floor balcony!
 Side door!

second floor room!
 Dollie in a chair!
 Second floor room!

Other thing that Miya and Kev had to show us!

 New Captain Action figure below!

Individual photos of dolls that caught my eye!

Rebodies Star Doll!

Please come back to see more from our meeting!


OK, Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bigger Is Not Always Better!

Hey Gang!

I visit a few thrift stores.  The big stores, the chain thrift stores like Goodwill, research
the items that they sell.  So you might get a deal but it is not often the "find" that
I sometimes look for!  So lately I have been going to the small stores, the
neighborhood stores, in search of thing that don't turn up for me at least in the
large store.  Like any thrift store shopper, I am careful.  I don't want to bring home
anything other that what I purchased!

You might remember that I found a Happy family and and chairs a while ago. 

I got them at the local store. I went there again today.  This is
what I found..
Now I go nuts for boxes of stuff, so I grab this right away!

 At $3.00 you would never guess what was in the box... to start off there were theses!
What a score!

That is right... the 1973 orange sofa set!  This would have been gone at the
larger stores!
 It has the chair too!
 It even has these two chairs and
a coat rack!  For that price I can buy 3 more matching dinner orange
chairs to go with it! There is way more in this 3.00 box... but that is for next time.

Now I will show you a few new purchases!

If you read this post anywhere
It is a fake!!! Run!!

After seeing these lovely dolls on Black Doll Collecting and Van's 
Doll Treasures, I had to get them!  American Girl Minis! I got  some on sale.

 All three out of the box!  I really love these dolls!
Kaya's face is different and her outfit will make her fit in with my Native American
 The back!
 My other Native American girls in special outfits.
 Ivy looks so confident! 
 I will try her outfit on the others!  It is so nice.
 I really like that the boots Velcro in the back. 
 Cecile's hair and face are soo cute!  I will keep the dress for a special occasion.
The back.  I think I have shoes that I was planned of giving away that might fit
these girls.

Lastly, I found this clone doll too!

 She was at one of those a dollar and over stores.  She was a $1.59.
 Out of the box the, I like the face.  The hair is a little thin.  She might be
my first candidate for a re-root!
OK, the dress is a little sorry and the body is great but I have plenty of old
BB bodies lying around for her!
 The face is a different clone face than I've seen and I like that!
 I think she is this doll but black!
 I like the face!

OK, Thanks For Looking!