Saturday, October 27, 2012

I'm Back!

Hey Gang, I’m back! I have gotten a good rest and I am ready to do a post or two. So while I was away, I read a few blogs but didn’t comment. I guess I can do that now. Not doing it then helped keep it stress free for me. I did a little shopping and just play with my dolls. It helped me worked out some stories and characters and I started organizing… again!

So while out and about I came across this doll! I will post picture of the other dolls that where there but for now here is Kenya!

I pick this one because of the suit and her complexion!  You have to go for a suit when you see one.  The box says Kenya Riviera.  There a few others model there.  I may go back if they go down in price.  This one was 20.00.

Close-up on the face.

I took some pictures out of the box so you could see her without the glare from the flash.  The paint job on the face is OK.  It is much better than clone dolls.
She has a really nice suite and top.  It is better quality than most clone items found out there.  I reminds me of the Janay and Jordon fashion when they first came out.  Her had band is not circular and it is tied together in behind her head.  It is long enough and wide enough to be warn as a shawl. 

She has articulated arms, hand and knees.  This would make her a great donor body but the neck knob is hard plastic and doesn’t have the flexibility of Barbie or Liv Dolls.  The neck knob snapped when I tried to remove the head.

Oh, and cute shoes!  The ribbons from the box can be used too!

Ok, so here she is side by side with Princess of South Africa on A basic MM body.  You will note that her had is much larger than Barbie.  It is about My Scene size.

Her necklace is pretty nice.  Her earrings and purchase are more like that of clone dolls.
Warning Nude Dolls Below!

Here she is compared to other darker complexion dolls.

Ghana Barbie, Kenyan Barbie, Kenya doll, Princess of South Africa.
She is more busty than most barbies.  Here is the back of the box.
You never know what the male doll will be like until you see him in person.  The Flava male doll's heads were a different size than the girl dolls. Even if TJ 's head is large, I still might be able to use him!  He wasn't at the store when I was there.  He might show up at Christmas.

Thanks For Looking!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

At Least Someone Can Relax!

Hi All!

I know I have posted in a while. This is a crazy time for me and I have more than one person plucking the last nerve! That has kept me from my dolly fun and posting. If you notice I put dolly fun first. I think I am going to put more energy in to the fun and not feel so bad about not always posting. Last year my goal was to post every three days for about a hundred posts a year. I didn’t do too bad last year but that is hard to keep up with all the other things I do. So I will cut back for now. I will try to streamline things to make it easier for me to post and review my blog and make changes. That will allow me more time to read your keep em coming!

I made some time to play with Kieu. I love her on her new body.  It was relaxing spending time with her! I tried outfits on her, worked out some of her story and the story for other dolls too. I find that their fashions and where they live helps to drive the character. I will post of my progress! But for now, at least Kieu is relaxing.

Hi Guys! It me Kieu!

I finally got time to myself

to relax and drink some coco!

I thought I would pamper myself and relax.

I got some of my favorite products out.

I work pretty hard so it really nice to have some down time.

My husband has the kids and they went to the park.  The house is quiet!

I might do some shopping on the computer.

 I might even take a nap!
Tomorrow will be another busy day!

So I'm going to enjoy the day!

See you later!

Thanks For Looking!