Friday, August 26, 2016

Comparison of old and new Kid Connection Dolls

Hey Gang,

Hey, It's Muff asked some question about the new dolls.

Because I photographed them but didn't purchase them, I wasn't sure
of the answer. Now that I purchased them, I can give a review.  So here
is my  comparison of the dolls out of the box! Because their faces
are the same,  the choice is about  the dresses.  These are the Dolls
I purchased.
I think these ladies look more Hispanic than the older dolls!
The shoes! The quality is the same.
With the older dolls!
You can see that the older dolls are taller!
The girls with Barbie/Teresa clone face look either Hispanic or black. There is  more of a difference in the complexion of the dolls in the set.
Side by side! The head is bigger but the doll is taller too!

They have different arms .
Muff, It is a new body too! Not as good.  Legs don't bend click,....
 waist is smaller.
Not the same range of motion either.
Newer doll's legs are Skinner!
Neck and neck knob looks to be different too.
Not as much booty either!  Now that is sad!
But they are still under five bucks for the two dolls! So
I guess you can't complain.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Kenyatta, Bakari and Mali get clothes for school!

Hey Gang!

Brie, Stacie and Ricky!

I have tried to do a back to school post for my young dolls over the last few years.
Mostly it has been Stacie Green but she needs classmates.  So I need to have
other dolls in school with her besides Ricky and Brianna.

One of the boys in her class is Kenyatta Jackson.  Here he is in a couple of his
back to school outfits!

Kenyatta’s favorite color is green! 
 (Kenyatta is my Todd doll head on... 
 a Kenya Keyshia doll body.)  

Kenyatta’s brother and sister who are twins are Backari and Mali. 
Mali is wearing a jumper and a green top with sparkles on it and a jumper.
You can say her brother influence her choice of top!
Mali: Hi!

Mali:  I also got a denim shirt and striped skirt.

Mali: I love denim! 

Mali: I also got a denim skirt with Tutti Frutti sweater.

Bakari : Only cause you almost cried if you didn’t get the sweater! Her bother says
with a slightly discussed voice!
Mali: Sooo!
Bakari: Sooo!
Mali: Sew buttons! Ha, Ha!
Kenyatta: OK you two, stop that!
Mali: He stated it!
Kenyatta: Well, I’m ending it!
This is Bakari!
Bakari got a green shirt and cami shorts.  I think he got this because his bother
told him it was cool and made him look tuff!
Bakari: Hi!
This is his second outfit! 

Bakari:  My favorite number is fifteen!

Here they all are with their mother Zuri!
Zuri: I still have so much more to do to get you guys ready for school!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New Kid Connection Dolls

Hay Gang!

I saw the new Kid Connection dolls at Walmart!
There were quite a few!
 Blonde, brunette and redhead!
 There are African American version too!
I will have to add the AA version to my collection!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Allan Come Out To Play! And others too!

Hey Gang!

I purchased a vintage Allan doll back in 1999. He has very rarely seen
the light of day! His legs don't bend and he has that vintage body too.
I read a joke about Ken in Barbie Bazaar. (yeah, I miss Barbie Bazaar!)
Ken and Allan had disappeared for two years or more.  When asked
where he was, it read at the gym!  They were reintroduced the had
muscles and not the collegiate physique (yes, that is what is was called)
that they had then.
College guys have way more muscles now!

I have some misgiving about re-boding him.  It was going to be permanent!
Should I do that to a vintage doll? Yes! I am so much happier with him now!
He seems to have swagger!
His old body! boo hoo!  I am hope to sell it and get some money for Allan's
new wardrobe!
Yes, I plan to repaint his hair, touch up his eyes and brows.  I might add some
lip color too!
Allan: So hurry up!
I guess I can wait, I waited all this time!
So let's see who else we can update!
Why not  Repro Smashin’ Satin on a Disney body!

 It opens us up to way more outfits and...
is better looking than Liv doll body!

Yes, I'm changing all of my francies dolls who have
been on Liv bodies to Disney!

Oh, and Repro 30th Anniversary Gad-About!
 compared to the original!
It will get sold too!  If anyone is interested,
let me know!
On her new body she reminds me of
Anne Hathaway!

Sorry, I don't have this top!
OK, Last but not list is 1976 Ballerina Barbie doll!
 Her final body might a fashionista
 but I don't have one for her just yet!

OK, Thanks For Looking!