Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Hey Gang!

Dasias and I wish you Merry Christmas!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Quick Post!

Hey Gang!

I found this doll and a few others while looking for holiday stuff! 
I don't even remember purchasing him!
I do know that he is a rare find! He was still in the thrift store
plastic bag priced $2.30. He was nude but I found this outfit
to put him in!
It doesn't look like Mattel will do many more male dolls
with rooted hair. That makes him an even better find!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Vestis Virum Reddit

Hey Gang!

Vestis Virum Reddit means clothes make the man! (This was one of the first things
I learned in Latin!)  So, is that true?

When you get a new doll or dress an old doll, how much does what he is dressed in 
or what you put him in drives the character or the story?

My Harold didn't come to life until he got his Carhartt overall!
I purchased them on eBay for him!

He just got a new pair of denim overall to add to his work wardrobe. You know
a man can't work hard in the same outfit... well not work hard and smell

So while looking over his new outfit before putting in on him I wondered how much
the outfit made the doll or his story.  Where the guy in the outfit might go to
find what he wants to where.

So here is Allan!

He is a shop at Ralph Lauren kinda guy! He just got a puppy as an early
Christmas present.  He is calling him wiener

Please note that I have repainted his hair and eyes! He feels like a new man.
He is kinda classic, a little roguish and very cute! He comes from money and
likes horses too!

This is Ryan!

He is a hip-hop City Blue kinda guy. He likes graphic novels,

Ryan: She is the screen saver on my phone! She is so hot!

 He is always looking for new apps for his phone which he often misplaces!

Here is Ramone!

He is a Banana Republic kinda guy. He is an archaeology fellow...
Ramone': Taxi!

with an emphasis on native peoples.

Ramone': Darn it!

He will be shared during his fellowship between Dr. Running Bear

Ramone': Move to a new place always takes some getting use to!

and Dr. Grey at the Museum. 

He loves Indiana Jones, Afro Cuban music and salsa dancing!

Here is Melvin.

He is an Old Navy kinda guy!

He is a social animal! He likes any kind of game! Sports games to card games!
He loves line dancing and Neo Soul music! He is learning to skate and snow board!

Here is Harold in his new overalls!
Harold: Now if I could get a new shirt!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Video of the Month!

Hey Gang!

If you are like me, you can wait to see Fashionista Hip Hoodie in person! I have
been seeing him on eBay going for big money! I just heard that they are starting
to show up in Walmart!

I found this review from one of my favorite You-tubers Gypsie and Adonis from
Broken Barbie.  So here is a review of the doll!

I purchase an AA TX A&M on eBay for 30.00 over Labor day weekend!  That is
a eBay trick. You are sometimes able to get a low bid on things on holiday while
everyone is celebrating.

OK, Thanks For Looking! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My Sweet Petites!

Hey gang!

Besides my purchase of two Tall Barbies and one Curvy Barbie, I did purchase two Petite Barbies!
So her they are!
Blue Brocade!
Yes she does have a face close to the SIS Chandra but I got here anyway!
Her eyes don't look sideways.  I debating her body thou.
Crazy For Coral
She has the Skipper head but I just love the hair, the complexion and coloring
They both have the petite body but....
Coral has the flat feet!
No shoe sharing for these two for now!
I put her in Moana's outfit to see how it looks!  A little tight in the back of the top
but not too bad.  The outfit looks kinda nice on her.

Many have shown her compared to Skipper and the regular barbie.  I think a closer
comparison is the Fashion Fever body or the "troll body" as it was called.  So here
is the comparison.
The torso is about the same but the legs are longer...
but the troll has click bend knees!  For play, that is a big difference!
the breast are a tad higher and the chest is a little wider.
I might change out the head on my old Chandra that I had to paint the eyes!
She likes this old Fashion Fever skirt with the Sparkle top!
With Fashion Fever pants!  The perfect length!

In the butterfly skirt!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Giving Back For The Holidays!

Hey Gang!

I remember talking about how many of us have tons of doll brushes and what to do
with them! Well I found a lady on Facebook who redoes dolls for kids who need 
dolls for Christmas. She needs doll brushes, purses and shoes to complete these 
dolls. And guess what I have! Yep! Both! 

So I'm going to send them to her in hopes that they will bring joy to some
child and will be out of my house as a bonus!  I thought I would share this with
you in case you have brushes and purses you would like to send too!

My interview with her:

Ms. Leo: So I was told you are looking for doll brushes and purses for a project for
children. I wanted to post about it on my blog. I think my reads and friends would
send you brushes and purses too. If you don't mind, I would like to tell them about
what you are doing!

Sandy Goad: Absolutely. I don't mind paying a small shipping fee, but try to 
be cautious of not defeating the purpose of keeping cost low. 
( at this point she sends me pictures.)

Ms. Leo: How long have you been doing this and do you mind if I use your 

Sandy Goad: Yes you are welcome to use pictures. This is my 4th year of 
giving dolls. What I do doesn't have a name. I am not a company or 
corporation. I just felt led to do something for children that may never 
have received their own gift. Here are pictures of a few I have done. 
Sometimes clothing is made by my sister.

Sandy Goad: Thanks so much for thinking of this gifting project.

Ms. Leo: I was told that they are for kids for Christmas?

Sandy Goad: Actually, not all. The bulk (40) will be going to kids here in WV
this year that lost everything to June 23 flooding. I get a few request from other
groups for donations. A church in Pittsburgh asked for ethnic dolls to give for
Christmas and I have 10 to take when I go visit family there.

It started out as Christmas giving and now if I hear of a need throughout the year,
I try to help but Christmas giving is still my main focus. I have about eight ladies
that gather dolls for me from thrift stores, yard sales and giveaways. I never pay
more than 1.00 for a doll unless it has clothes and is in good condition.
I used to style the doll's hair but have noticed they love combing and fixing the
doll's hair themselves. So I get it clean and detangled. I occasionally fix a style
but not often.

Ms. Leo: That is good to hear....that someone is doing good works with dolls!

Sandy Goad: I enjoy it. It is relaxing and I can get lost in it. Then seeing the kids
light up...priceless? I try to keep them simple and safe and lots of stretchy clothing
for easy on off of clothing.

Ms. Leo: Do you know how many dolls you have done thus far?

Sandy Goad: First year 20, next year 40, next year 60 and thus year 50.
Approx. 170 +/- total.

So that was my quick interview with her!  I am gathering up things to send!  
Brushes, Sparkle shoes, purses and odds and ends.

So anyone interested in sending something to Sandy please contact me thru my 
blog email or leave me a comment on how to contact you! I am sure she and the 
children would love anything you can send!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

More Frugal Finds!

Hey Gang,

So here are some other things that I have found while out and about!  Some work well
for dioramas and others are just a little off.  It really helps if you can bring one of your
dolly friends with you for scale!

So here are my finds from Target!  

This cute little bear for the near by woods of my dolly town! You can ditch the
More woodland creatures!  I think I have one of these already.  I will have to look
in my woodland creature box!
I did purchase some deer last year but I think I might need a few more.
Cute spots too!
I think they might work well as art pieces! 
On a shelf or desk!
The other side!
Wall hangings for the lodge.

More art.  This will work well for the lodge too!
and # 2
There are two together it this set.
Now who can't use a map!

I am picturing these painted white or gray!
Very classic!
Items for the woods!
Paint over the Merry Christmas and it can be used for dolls!
I found these two!  The small one could be a toy and the 
big one could be decoration for a kids room!

Now for the Dollar Store.

OK, if you have a park or a woods like I do or you just need some greens!  These at the
dollar store work well!
 They are a little shinier than I like and not as full as I would like but for $1.00
you can't beat them! As an outside tree or a dolly Christmas tree!
 Just remove the glitter and add them to your band!
Meanwhile back at Walmart!
They have added a few more things! Need a rocking horse or a child's chair?
 Remove the extra doodads and there you go!
 Cute little bird house!

Now some of these items I've shown you will still be there after Christmas and some won't!
You will need to go to your local store and see how much they have.  I say "buy now only
what you think won't be there after the holidays!"   Get as many sales as you can!

OK, Thanks for Looking!