Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Disney Dolls!

Hey Gang!

The other day a person contacted me who I had sold doll bodies to on the Dollpage
Show and Sell. Sadly the page is no longer there, but she had my email.  She wanted
a doll bodies to match Disney Snow White.  I think she thought that all Disney Snow
White dolls were the same complexion.

Disney is not a manufacturer of their dolls, it contracts the manufacturing out. This 
provides for wide variety of head sculptures, body types and complexions for Disney 
dolls. They can have different face screening, head sculptures, body types and poses. 
So Snow White and most other Disney doll's complexions differ depending on when 
they were made and who was the manufacturer. Disney often does theme dolls to 
(what I think) freshen demand. There will be ballet dolls, Sparkle theme dolls 
(I hate having sparkles everywhere) and others. All this gives you tons of heads
and bodies.

This was made more important to me when our doll
club had a remake challenge for Snow White.
My Snow

Juanita's Snow
I love her! (I recently found her head in a thrift store)

They are not the same doll. (We should have specified which doll we were going
to use.) So we didn't use the same doll and they are not the same complexion.

So lets look at Snow!

All three of these dolls have different complexions, different face screening and they
are all made by Mattel.

I got these dolls at a thrift store. I had to purchase these dolls to get other dolls
I really wanted.  It seems the two most common dolls to find in my local thrift
store is Snow White and Ariel!
The doll below with the red bow is also a Snow White.
I didn't realize that was who she was at first. She is also a different complexion.
Here are two Mulan dolls. One by Disney Store and one Mattel.
Note the different complexions and head size.

Some productions of Disney dolls are only sold in certain countries! Every now and 
then I will see a Disney doll on the web that I have never seen before because it id
from another country.

So why so many dolls and manufacturers?

Disney The Great Merchandiser!

Disney did not just make their money on cartoons, movie and theme parks. Hand in 
hand with all of those was the merchandising of Disney characters! Disney seems to 
be the best at it... since way back!  They know how to drive up demand for their brand!

For example, my older sisters were crazy about the Micky Mouse Show! (big age gap)
They can still sing the theme song!  And when she and her husband took their kids to 
Disney World, she wasn't coming back without mouse ears! 

A few years ago, Disney had the Disney Experience in a local hall of a department store!
I took my niece and nephew.  It was a show with characters and singing like you would 
see in Disneyland.  You could really see how well they promoted there parks and there 
was plenty of Disney stuff to by.  Me being Auntie Mame and not having any children....

Yes this is how I am with my nieces and nephews!
Oh, you want a six foot giraffe, OK!

I had to buy them something!


One of Disney's big hits was Frozen!

The major studios realize that not only can the sale of movie-related products generate 
substantial revenue, but these products can be used to effectively promote films. 
Typically, 40 percent of movie merchandise is sold before a film is released!
Can you say Cha Ching! 

For its 1996 live action film 101 Dalmatians, Disney made deals with more than 130 
companies including cross-promotional deals with McDonald's, Dr. Pepper, Frito-Lay 
and Alpo. Warner Bros. entered into more than 200 deals for Space Jam. And that was
in 1996!

The numbers on merchandising aren't in for the new Star War but I bet it is a bunch too!

Any way, as long as Disney can make that kind of money from merchandising, they will 
keep giving us plenty of dolls and bodies!

Bodies will be my next post!  So stay tuned!  Please check out my other Disney dolls,
Disney Male and Disney doll tags!

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Disney Males and Video of the Month

Hey Gang!

Mattel doesn't do many male face sculptures all at once. As a matter of fact,
there are currently more male face sculptures in all Mattel's lines now than
ever. Right now in their Barbie playline ( not including Gamer) there is one
Ken face sculpture (some with different hair), two AA face sculptures
(one an old and one new), and one the have not given a background.

In contrast because of movie merchandising, Disney has always had more
and different head sculptures released at the same time. There is normally
a male character for each female lead character.

In the beginning of my doll collecting, the of the first males
I purchased was not Mattel Ken but a Disney male by Mattel.

Yes this guy Kocoum.  On a new body and named Bison Most of the first Disney
male doll available in toy store were made by Mattel for Disney back then.  He is still 
my favorite but he does have some competition! 

And in the beginning, I was skeptical of Disney dolls especially the one not made
by Mattel!  I didn't really like them. I thought their heads were too big and their eyes 
were too cartoonish!  Yep, Disney had balloon head dolls before Mattel did them.
Disney Bell

 Mattel Fashion Fever

I didn't think Kocoum was made that way!  His head is not so large and maybe because
he was a serious character, he doesn't look so cartoonish! Mattel with Disney has done one
of the few Native American male doll or indigenous male dolls....
I have slowly been worn down! I guess it started with Li Shang and Naveen.  There
are just so few male fashion dolls and fewer ethic male dolls that I add Disney males
to expand my collection.  I hate having single female dolls around.  They seem lonely. 

Li Shang
Disney store and Mattel side by side.
Disney and Mattel.
I even purchased a new Li Shang with molded hair.  I will make him a brother.

After purchasing the Mattel version of these male dolls, I started looking at 
the Disney store versions and purchased them too!  Mattel only came out with one Asian!
Thank goodness there have been AA Ken/Stevens and others.

I have added Lucas to my collection!  Yes, that is the name that I have given him.

He is Disney Prince Philip!
I might change his body but not right now!

I might want to do what pseudanoymous did from Flickr did body wise but I really 
have plans to do what he did to Flynn Rider hair.  For now I only have the doll!

I also purchase a Frozen Kristoff.

The doll they sold in the stores had the molded on clothes but the eye looked
forward. The Disney store doll had clothes you could take off but it was side 
glancing.  As you might know, side glancing is not my favorite!  I got both at
thrift stores thinking the heads would be interchangeable but they were not the
same complexion nor do that have the same neck knob.

I have come across many Captain Phoebus doll!  

They make great body donors for darker complexion 70's, 80's and 90's. 
 I has used him for Kocoum.  He is a good match but I like the liker AA 
body for him even better.
I decided to give him a repaint and make him a Native American.  His facial
features work to me. The hair and the eye color were wrong though.
He was asked by Running Bear to preform the Cleansing Ceremony for  the longhouse.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Hey Gang!

In memory of the lovely woman that was my mother!
I miss her every day.

Have a Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Disney Month!

Hey Gang! Update!

I wanted to make my next 30 days a review of my Disney dolls and
some thoughts on Disney.

First, I will share with you my latest purchase, Beauty and the Beast
Bell Emma Watson doll I purchased at Walmart for 8.88! I have heard
from some that they are more but I was glad to get mine for that price

Pictures courtesy of Disney
Promo in box photos

Not a bad likeness and much better and cheaper than Disney Store doll! I linked
a comparison photo for your review!

Doll in outfit!
I believe the Disney Store doll is articulated at $35.
As you might have guessed, I got her home and rebodied her! But I will show
you her old body too.

I found a MTM purple top at Jomar's for 8.00 and had it waiting for a head. I thought
is was not a bad complexion match but that is just my opinion.

 As you can see her feet are bigger than MTM doll and most Barbie dolls.
 Here they are showing their feet.
 I put here in her original outfit so you can see the MTM in the outfit.  I does close
so well in the back.
 The shoes are swimming on her feet.
The original body is like a cross between a Star doll body and the short Fashion
Fever body with a petite Barbie waist.
I think Emma Watson looks like Twiggy! Especially since she has grown up!
So I put her in something 60's inspired.
I think I'll call her Celine
 Here she is with my other Bell dolls!
I just wanted to add a few photos from Facebook!

OK, Thanks For Looking!