Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Star Body vs. Model Muse Body

The Star body (SB) has the same small frame with long legs
as the Model Muse body (MMB). Neither dolls’ legs bend!
The Star body comes with painted on underwear. I find this
not unusual for a playline doll but for a fashion doll made
for collectors, I think that his is unusual.

The Star Body

Star has smaller neck knob that most Barbies!

Side by side

long legs

The Model Muse body can sit. The Star body can not. Star
doll legs fit into the torso and not along side it. A
reconstruction of the body would have to be done it
the future for these dolls to sit.

The arms of the Star doll about the same length.

The hands on the star seem a little more graceful.

The Star doll has more junk in the trunk than the model muse.

This may mean that the pants for this doll may fit the
Belly button bodies… I don’t know this for sure yet.

Finally the Star doll has larger feet (similar to the old Jakks feet) that most of the Mattel fashion dolls I have seen. So what does this mean for the Star shoes? I don’t know yet but I’ll keep you informed!

Thanks for looking! :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

AA Star Doll!

She Is A Star!
I purchased an AA Star Barbie after seeing them on Dolls
in the City’s blog
. They are 16.99 at TRU. She is a very pretty
doll! I’m not sure if this doll is considered “playline”. She
doesn’t have the larger head that most of the playline dolls
do (except the SIS). I do think she looks like Beyonce’
without the smile. She looks like what Mattel should
have done with the doll they produced of her. The doll
that they did, in my opinion, the nose was off in proportion
to the eyes and the face. On the AA Star doll the proportions
are correct. I love that they have eyelashes too. They are just
the right length. I do wish she had an articulated body but
Mattel is not taking the hint. I put her head on a Barbie
So In Style Stylin Hair Trichelle. The body matched perfectly!
I gave her a new more hip hop outfit and she would ready
to hit the dolly town but first she got to paint the wall!

I'm crazy in love with this doll!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Greater Philadephia Area Fashion Doll Club!

I'm hoping to start a fashion doll club in the Philly area in the
new year. Hopefully we can meet at least 4 to 6 times a year
to share our dolls, take some trips and do doll related things.
If you are in the Greater Philly area and would like to be in
a club too let me know by posting below.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

While Getting The Fixings For Thanksgiving

I was out getting some last minute things for
Thanksgiving dinner. My market was out of
sharp cheese. Can you believe that, they were
all out. Well, what puts the real favor in the
cheese mix of baked macaroni than sharp cheese.
So now I'm driving out of my normal area. I come
to an intersection where this guy is selling odds and
ends on the corner. I hit the brakes
when I saw something big and pink in the corner.
I looked quickly in the back of the car, the eggs are OK.
I parked the car and casually walked over. As I get closer,
I can see it is what I thought. I walked over and
tried to look cool and not excited. I looked at everything
first and then walked over to this.
2001 Grand Hotel!

Front View
I doesn't have the furniture or front doors. Still not too
bad. It doesn't have the second bed/bathroom thingie. Still
not too bad. It doesn't have the check in desk. That would be
too much to hope for. There aren't any cracks and nothing
is broken. So, I ask him how much. He say $4.00.
Now, do I need another structure? No! Do I have
space for another structure? Not really! Should
I buy it anyway? Yes! I almost tore my pocket off given
him the money. Check out the redo of the front of the Grand
Hotel in Roville. The windows are also used. In Circlez
City Women's Conference the hotel was also used.
These are both good sites if you like clothing, props, and dolls!

Inside View
It is in need of a good cleaning. I will do that next week.
This week will be too crazy.

I have seen the hotel re-done by a few people and have
seen bits and pieces of in used in dioramas. I have seen the
front of the house in Roville as a the Lilac Bakery. (see above)
So for me the question is do I keep it whole or in pieces.

I have to find out what can be taken out. I don't think
I would want a salon where it is. Should I try to chase down
the missing pieces for the hotel? I have seen item time to
time on ebay. I read a post (you most check it out) on
A Doll Affinity of a women who has been working on
her doll room for 17 years. Slowly collecting pieces.
That makes me a baby at it.

I always love this horse shoe shaped sectional about
the hotel.

I love the windows too!

It has one of the beds. The purple thing fits in the slots
and joins the parts of the house together.

Both the phones are there. This one has the stool.

The bathtub/bed should have been here. It may be
hard to find. I might have to come up with something
new for this spot.

I plan to start my house painting of my houses in the new year.
I guess I need a big can of primer in.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Edward Running Bear

This is Edward Running Bear,PHD. He came to
Johnston for several reasons. There was some
controversy over part of the land that the military
base was built on. Because of this, the base had
been closed for over 80 years. In a Supreme Court
decision, this portion of land was returned to the
Iroquois Nation and a settlement was to be paid.
One part of the settlement, a Native American
Museum was to be established. It was decided by
the Iroquois the museum would be in Johnston.
The second part of the settlement was the
establishment of a scholarship for people of
Native American decent. Chief Running Bear was
here to make sure these things happened.

Another reason for his move was that a university
was to be establish here. Johnston University a
divisionof the University of Penn. Edward was
offered a Deans position teaching American
history from a multicultural point of few without
calling it anything else but "American History".
This was consider too controversial for many
other colleges.

Finally he moved here because the Iroquois and
Native American settlement was large enough
to have horses!

Here he is with his horses!
(I found these guys for a dollar at the thrift store.
I knew I could work them into this story.)
The black one is Coal and the tan one Rain

He would have hated to have to leave his horses

Stay tuned for more!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Forces Collided For Johnston

You might remember that Johnston was deserted just two
years ago. Forces collided to jump start this town. So how did
this happen? When a Supreme Court decision came down that
part of the land the base was on belongs to the Iroquois, the
President was contacted.

Yes,...Thank you for calling me before you published your decision.

He saw this as a chance to right a wrong. He contacted the
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to get things done!

Hello General Powell.

Hello Mr. President.

General, the Supreme Court has decided in favor of the
Iroquois. This is a great opportunity to right a wrong
and to give the Iroquois back their land. We can open
the base on the rest of the land and work with the
Iroquois to build a new community based on trust
and respect. I want you, General, to put your best man
on making this happen. I want this base brought back
as a multi use technical training facility for the
military. I want some there who can build the type
of consensus that this town will need. I need
a “soldier” General!

I understand Mr. President and I will put my best man on it!

Thank you General Powell!
The President then made another call!

It is the President of the United States.

He wants to talk to you!

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff made his own call!

This is General Powell. We are reactivating Base Johnston!
It will be a multi military multi use technical training facility.
It will happen in six months.

General Lee: That soon!

Yes! I have an man from the army for this site. He will
come along later. Right now from your branch I need a stand-up
guy for this, I need a "soldier". I think we both know who we need
there! His father and I have talked about this for a long time.
It's his time. Make it happen!
General Lee: Yes Sir!
General Powell: Thank you!

Well...I'll have to tell him that looks like your fun in Paris
will be over son.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tooling Around on Saturday!

Hey gang! I was off on Friday. I spent the day with my
Honey. He wanted to take advantage of all the Vets eat
free offers. That man can eat! We ate at a few places and went
to the movies. So today, Saturday, is my day to myself. He has
to work today. American needs its' mail.

I started out at my favorite thrift store. I found this and a Barbie there.

This soda machine will make a great addition to a set I will do
in the future. Next, I went to Big Lots. I am looking for a few
AA guys but there were none to be had. I did find this guy
there. I had seen him before on smidge girls site
as Aaron.

I remember them being 9.99 then 10.99. Now they are 12.00.

I already have a few Asian guys but I guess what is one more.
He has a really great face.

It has interesting angles that
photographs well.

He has compassionate eyes. I had to take a few shots of him
out of his packaging to show you. Off to the park.

Walking the park on a fall day.

I like his hair too. He has a great haircut for sculpted hair.

Fall sunshine on his face.

I am working on his name but I think he will be Collin's

I really had to stop myself from taking more pictures.

I went to a discount store and find this doll out of her box
and on sale for $2.00. She has one of the new cheap bodies
that the legs doesn't bend. She has a good face and a
cute dress.

Preparing for next year! I found these dolls on sale for 40 cents
in Target. The crunching sound you hear is Ms. Leo eating the
candy! The sweater will work well for next year.

The sweaters were sewn on the bears but a seam ripper will
aid in the claiming of the sweater.

Francie and the new thrift store doll in the Halloween sweaters.

Pumpkin and witch.