Monday, July 27, 2015

Barbie Fashionista 2015 # CJV75

Hey Gang!

Some of the 2015 Barbie Fashionista are hard to find!  I have found two but
others I have only seen the production picture of.  I have the one in the second
picture  first row and the one in the second row 4th picture. I would love to have
the ones in the bottom row first picture and last picture.  Well any way....

The other day I found CJV75
I am showing her here still in the box.  Those of you who know me know 
I had a hard time keeping her in the box long enough to get these shots. 
 I normally debox the doll while in the store!

Out of the box!
 I love those eyes!
I was not a fan of the SIS Grace but I really like this doll!
 Full view

 I would have put those shoes with that dress but the shoes are OK.
 I like the front detail of the dress...
 I am not a fan of that arm! Come on Mattel get back to articulation!  The purse
is just OK.
 The back isn't a totally different fabric thank goodness but not the border print of the
front of the dress.
 She has one of the best face paints recently to me.  Only this Trichelle is as

 The hair color looks good from the top and front but it is not the best done to me!

 The color is a little chunky....

 especially in the back!

 and under the top layer.
 Not as blended as this Barbie

OK, Thanks for Looking!