Friday, July 23, 2021

Who Wore it Better?

 Hey Gang!

Here is a dress that I made for KiKi. Malik likes African inspired style outfits. He borrowed this dress/shirt to wear!



Who do you think wore it better?

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Friday, July 9, 2021

We Interrupt This Project Month For A special Thank You!

Hey Gang! 

I am interrupting this Project Month For A special Thank You! 

Thank you Omar! 

I met Omar on facebook and he is one of the people who joins a group of 
us for the Doll Collector’s Meet Up we have been doing. 

We need to have another one! Maybe we should try for August. 

He was thinning his collection.He sent me this box full of  
wonderful items. Some were on my wish list and many were 
hybrids. You know I love my hybrids! Almost all were 
dress with great outfits and shoes! Woo Hoo! 
It is so nice to have friends who love doll too!

So here is what I got!

It was a wonderful box full of action figures and dolls that came with great 
clothes and shoes.
Check out the fellas and girl

GI Jane!
And Action figure large feet high heel shoes!  I have been searching the net for shoe 
like this not knowing what might fit some of my girls with large feet.

Old school GI Joe

On my wish list for a while!  Road Block GI Joe
Power Team!
The kids!

Lori dolls!

The Hybrids!

Also on my wish list is some Hello Kitty

Kevin Basketball Jacket 

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Monday, July 5, 2021

Projects For The Month Of July!

 Hey Gang!

I want to do more dioramas/stories.  What I realized is that I need more props, backdrops and items that give detail to dioramas because I have tons of stories The first thing I do when looking at a story is look at the background the clothes and the little details in the post! I feel these things give the dioramas/stories texture and interest! I sometimes find things that I didn’t know were available 1/6 scale! Then I am on the hunt for those items.

 One of  my plain shots!  Hiroshi Takada

I often take a plain picture while planning out my diorama to see what it looks like and what I need to add to give it that texture that I want and love. I have been blogging long enough to up my game on dioramas and other things doll related. I am taking this time to also organize my 1/6 items. I can’t tell you how many times I want to do a post and can’t find the items I want to use.  So I will organize and remember to put things back after I am done too! * I am still waiting for my AA Signature Looks male to arrive.*

One of my favorite male characters is Hiroshi Takada.  His character and storyline is well developed in my mind! If he is to be ready for my next series of post for Chinese New Year, he is going to need a dojo!

So here is a simple post of a story as I take some test shot of the layout of the dojo. Hiroshi is joined by a few others of my favorite characters Thomas J. and Chet Chang.

DoJo Test Shots


Hiroshi gives martial arts instruction at his dojo!  He has be working with Chet as one of his private students.

 Chet: Good morning Sensei!

Hiroshi: Good morning Chet!

Chet: I have been practicing my forms.

Hiroshi: You are been working hard and it shows. 

You still need to do some running to build up your wind! You need to spar with a partner. 

Chet: I have been doing sparring with you!

Hiroshi: No, I have been instructing and correcting your form!  I will be better                                   able to do this if I can observe you with a opponent.

Thomas J. Woo

Chet, meet Thomas J.  He is also a student of mine.  

I think having you two spar together will be good for both of you!


I am trying to decide if I will want the walls black and a light floor. I have seen wooden floors but not sure if that is what I want. I want to add some art work, posters and a trophy case to the scene.  I like the idea that My Froggy Stuff had of the free standing punching bag. I have my shampoo bottle ready. I am also thinking about a mirrored wall. I want to be able to have more than one thing going on in the dojo at the same time. So one of the walls will fold out for more space.

White Karate outfits from Ebay- Markc 1118

Beige, blue and red  Asian top -Capting Li Shang Disney

Blue pants- thrift store find.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Friday, July 2, 2021

Video of the Month!

 Hey Gang!   

I saw this video and knew I wanted to make something like this!  I hope to post mine before the month is over. Video by Lena Wiese


Thanks For Looking!

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Mattel BMR Dolls

Hey Gang!

I added the Mattel BMR 1959 dolls to my collection finally! I thought I would purchase                    them because I need body donors but one guys and the girl did catch my eye! 

First up...let's call him green hair! There doesn't appear to be a name for the individual dolls,                so I  giving them my own names. I got two of this guy as body donors. 

I have seen him styled  on FB and IG and people seem to love his face and fashions but not me!

Fashionista Ken #114 and #10 Classic Cool received the bodies

Mattel Promo Photo!

The outfit from the front!

From the back!

He has the Blaine headsculpt which I love but his face paint is a little to feminine for me.
I am not a fan of the white necklace either but I might work with a paint job!

I like the jacket! It is a keeper! The other items maybe can be combined with other doll 
clothes for an OK outfit!
I am not sure how I feel about the shoes!  I have seen them painted and they do look 
nice but am still not sure about them.

Next up is the real hair man bun"! I got three of these!  I was only planning on two 
but when he got here, he changed my mind. I liked his face. The body works well for the 
pale Ken doll that  don't -have articulation. 

Twilight Jasper and Asian Ken with the purple hair received the bodies.
The outfit on this guy is pretty nice. I would not put a heavy sweat-hoodie with shorts 
and sandals but hey, that is just me!
I am a fan of the crossbody bag and I do like the sandal!
Next up is the  AA Curvy girl! Now whoever styled this girl should have gotten a "F" in 
fashion school! The flowered hoodie dress with the ruffle is just NO! No,no,no,no ,no!  
It wouldn't even work for grandma!

The glasses are a Why??? Thank goodness she has a great face!
The plastic raincoat didn't work for Francie and it still doesn't work here!

I am liking the high ponytail! Besides her face and body, the pony is the only other high point!

I just had to sigh when I saw the shoes.  Were there a ton of gold boot left over from 
something else?

So here she is redressed in what I think is a more fun ourfit!
Hi, I'm Rajiyah but my friends call me Raggie!
Not sure if this guy will be a DIY or a manikin. 

OK, Thanks For Looking!