Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Nursery School Play Set

 Hey Gang!

Matty is one of my favorite little characters!

She is part of the Reading Family including Carmine(the dad), Brie, Rihanna(  her sister and grandmother Carmen. So where did I find Matty? Here is the answer!

Back in 2012, I purchased this set from Aldi's Market!

The set includes a Barbie doll, 2 toddler dolls(same face), a  jungle gym, school-themed furniture and tons of accessories

Matty was one of the toddler dolls that came with the set. Matty is on the rocking 
horse. There is a table and push toy.

There was also a blonde version of the doll in the set. Here she is with the slide and jungle gym.

The Barbie doll below came with the set. 

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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Addams Family Wednesday Clone Morticia!

 Hey /Gang!

I've been into clone dolls lately!  I purchased this clone doll Morticia. The box leads you to believe that it is from the Netflix TV series Wednesday Addams.  They must have paid a lot to be able to use those images. It also makes you think it might be the Wednesday doll but it is not. It is a Morticia (the mother) doll.

Front of the box!


What the top of the box says!

Mattel did a version of the parents 

Promo Photos!

Morticia used the Mackie head sculpt.

Clone Doll!

I took her out of the box so that I could get a better photo.
The dress is really nice for a cheap dress. It is a full-length dress. I  love the sequin 
inserts on the side.  I will go over and cut some of the stray threads.
It velcros in the back
Her face paint isn't too bad.  The lip could use a little cleaning up.
The hair isn't quality hair but it is thick in most places but there are a few thin spots.

The arms are articulated but the legs are not.

Warning Nude Doll!

I purchased this Little Linda set from Roses a while back.  I paid as much for this 
Little Linda as I paid for Morticia. I purchased Linda for the clothes and the body,
so I might as well use the body now.


So I put her on Linda's body and Linda's head on a Dollar Tree doll Iwill donate.


I think she will be fun to play with.  I have a few ideas in mind I might try!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, July 18, 2024

Summer Time! The Summer Doll Process!

 Hey Gang!

Summer or Summer Gordon is a doll that first appeared in 2004 (2004-2015). This doll used a new face sculpt and was said to be Blaine's ( the replacement for Ken at the time) little sister. Summer was described strawberry blonde hair and green/brown eyes. She was originally from Australia like Blaine but that aspect of her character has disappeared.

The Cali Girl Summer has auburn hair and a deeper complexion.

Summer has changed head sculpts also.
2011 Fashionista Summer.

2012 Fashionista Summer
2007 Top Model Summer
2006 Glam Beach Summer with Drew's head sculpt

Summer has been a frequent character in the web series Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse. Sadly she was replaced by Raquelle.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Little Cuties! Update!

 Hey Gang!

I was able to purchase these cutes! 

They are Dreamtopia Sprite AA Boy doll and Color Reveal AA Boy doll.

The Dreamptopia Sprite doll has the basic Chelsea boy body.  The Color Reveal boy
 has a different body. The body is of a different material and is harder. The clothes are 
painted on and it has a different neck knob.
The Color Reveal even has a different head. This would make it hard to put him on 
a basic Chelsea boy body. I heated a screwdriver and opened up his head.
 I would like to rebody them onto a Zoe Scooter Ride Doll body.
So, here they are! I am thinking about removing the crown from the Dreamtopia Sprite boy

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Babe the Cow!

 Hey Gang!

I have been looking for a 1/6 scale cow for a long time! I purchased this cow on eBay.  It said it was 1/6 scale but I think it is a little larger than that.

This is Babe! It is a  Vintage 1977 Kenner MILKY The Marvelous Miking Cow from General Mills

 Post Picture!

Box Photo.
Mine didn't come with the box and the accessories.  I don't know why this is a toy.  I might have to look that up. Babe is a Holstein cow. This a great cow for milking! I think Babe could use a bath! She has a few yellow spots.
As you can tell from the box, she has udders that work. I don't think I will try them out.
Babe is being dropped off!
Elan shows Babe around and makes her welcome!

OK, Thanks for Looking!

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Defa Lucy Male Kevin!

 Hey Gang!

I have two Defa Lucy male dolls and am now adding a third to my collection! Defa Lucy calls him Kevin. I am naming him Trent.

Here he is. 

The box outer box is missing. He comes in the enter box that says " Warm Winter" 

with snowflakes on a blue background.

He comes in three different outfits. I'm calling the one at the top #1.

This doll was found this doll on one of the Asian selling sites. He has a great 

outfit and is worth the purchase for the outfit alone. 

Closeup of his face.

His face to me is a combination of a version of Ken and the Jakks Cody Simpson doll.


Cody Simpson

 A coat of blue three-quarters lengthen with blue jeans
 and a white turtle neck. 

He wears white sneakers with orange laces. 

My Photos will look different from this point! I am trying out my new lightbox!

I am using a white background. It comes in white, black, blue and red.
Turn to the right.
Turn center.
Sleeveless sweater.


His sneakers have right and left feet and aren't a knockoff of Ken dolls.
All clothes are well made.

Warning! Nude doll!

His body
He has the same body as my other Defa Lucy male doll.