Saturday, September 19, 2020

Doll For My Wish List For 2021!

 Hey Gang!

After years of searching and complaining! Mattel has finally come out with a AA/Hispanic

teen boy doll!  

Mattel Promo Photos

I saw an old photo of a prototype of an AA boy standing by a school locker in 

an old issue of Barbie Bazaar. He had a 1987 Skipper face done up like a boy. I 

couldn't see the body, so I don't know what kind of body they used for him.  I 

wondered if  they made him for an oversea market and had been searching.

I haven't been able to locate the doll or a copy of that picture since. So if you 

have the photo or a link to it, please send it to me!

Now, there was a Kevin and a Scott but not AA Skipper size male in the Barbie line. 

Poor AA Skipper never had an AA boyfriend.  

The closest Mattel came to an AA doll in that size came was High School Musical

Chad and Zeke!

Chad #2 headsculpt


So even with a bent arm, it will be nice to have this new headsculpt to my collection!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Blog Poll on Articulated Body Sharing of Dolls

Hey Gang!

A few of my dolls are sharing articulated bodies either because the type
body is limited in production or I have not been able to afford additional
bodies. I wondered how many of you are doing the same! I have created
a poll to find out how many of you are doing it too!

Blogger no longer has a poll widget so I had to go to a site that provide
polls for Blogger! This is my first time trying it and it won't show the
results on the page but I will receive emails of results. I will share the
results later on.

So Please Take The Poll!

OK, Thanks For Looking And Taking The Poll!

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Quick Post-I Just Love a good Head Swap!

Hey Gang!

Popping in to show you my latest head swap!  I think I mention that
I purchased a second Ron Weasley doll when it was on sale for $2.00!
You gotta that all the Harry Potter dolls have good articulation! I was
only hoping that their complexion would have match other dolls of
similar size!

I recently found a Disney Store High School musical #3 Troy doll!
He doesn't have the articulation of Ron and the head (you can't tell it from
this photo) sits on the body in such a way that he appears to always be 
looking down like he is shy! 
I was able to swap Troys head onto Ron Weasley's body!  This made it so 
that he is no longer looking down and has articulation. Yeah!

Jimmy: Hey Gang! I can wave!
I can now interact with way more people!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Barbie Careers Pop Star Doll

Hey Gang!

One of my latest purchases is Pop Star Doll  Barbie!
Promo Photos

I had to have her! I kinda think I am in love with this headsculpt even though she 
glances to the side and has a bent arm.  I think this one is called Neysa. I think I 
have three dolls thus far with this headsculpt.

The glitzy outfit doesn't hurt either!

She comes with a microphone and stand.

So My Photos!

Now as for a microphone and stand, I don't think the stand is well done.
They should have just made it silver to silver to match the microphone.
 The stand being sparkle purple with a clear base doesn't really work.
I just love her face and her eyes are brown.
 The purple shoes are cute too!
 Note: with minium play, the skirt will creases.

Warning Nude doll below!

The skirt does have what I guess is fake panties under it.
 The dolls bodies!
So the first thing I had to do was rebody her! I went to my body box and
found this one!
 And the body works!
 Although the bodies are different the clothes still fit.
Her hair is a purple pink!  Not as pink and Emily-Ann and not as purple as
 View from the top!
 Dressed for her interview on the Today Show Esa heads for the WJBS TV station!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Midge Life in the Dreamhouse!

Hey Gang!

Back several years ago, I purchased Barbie and Midge Dreamhouse set at T.J. Maxx.
The box was horrible! but the dolls were in good shape!

 Promo Photos courtesy of Mattel
I got them for the bodies but when got them home, the Midge doll caught my eye
I love her red hair! I must admit to being a sucker for red hair and the Midge/ Steffie 
head sculpts! So while the blonde head is up for sale with a few other life in the 
dreamhouse Barbies heads, I had to keep the Midge!
It was confusing for me around this time. I kept see different styles of Midge, 
Life in the Dreamhouse the set like what I purchased and the single!
Life in the Dreamhouse two dress set!

There was also a Glam Style Midge out too.  All of this doll had the larger head.
The hair eyes and lip color was a little different. They all looked similar to me at first but some 
time online showed me the difference!
Dreamhouse-a really red redhead
Glam Style- a strawberry blonde
From looking online, I knew that I wanted the Dreamhouse Midge but I wanted the 
Glam Style outfit! So I had the doll and was able to find parts outfit on Facebook!

She is now happy living in Johnston with her family! Say Hello Charlotte!
Charlotte: Hello! Nice to meet you all!

She needed a husband! So who should be the husband of Dreamhouse Midge?
Why McDreamy of course!
or Robert Mckenzie doll from Enchanted
I will be featuring him again in May!
So here is Charlotte with her husband Dr. Patrick McDreamy!
The McDreamy's
Charlotte: Say hello to the nice folks honey!
Patrick: Hello! 

Honey I have to head out the the hospital! I have a early morning staff
meeting. Charlotte: OK, see you at home.

If you are follower of my blog, you will know that I made them a couple
back in April of 2014 when I found Patrick again in a thrift store.

OK, Thanks for looking!

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Frugal Dolly Finds!

Hey Gang!

So I finally saw the Dollar Tree Barbie furniture! They have been shown of the
web for over a year!
 I got two purple sofas!
I think I will paint them.
 I got a toilet. 
All the other toilets I have are attach to a wall or something else.  I needed
something free standing to make my own bathroom setup. They had a bathtub
but it was too small and I have clawfoot tub from a Bratz set that is a better size.
 The lid even opens!
I'll have to put paper in the bottom to help it to look real.
The real find are the chairs. In doing dioramas, you always need more chairs.
Having multiple chairs of the same design are great for weddings, restaurants
or other large scenes. I really need more of them!  I only have six, which was
all they had. I don't know if you can see it in this photo, but the two sets are
slightly different shades of pink. These will get painted also.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Another AA Disney Male!

Hey Gang,

I have been wanting the Disney Genie doll for a while. As you may
know, Disney doesn't do a lot of AA male character dolls. This may be
the second male doll if you don't count Naveen as many don't.

I saw one with the Human Form(not the blue) at Target. They only
had the one, but when I came back for him, he was gone.I had been
thinking about order him online until I saw him in Five Below. You
know I had to get him!
Promo Photos
Full body photo

 The Genie/Mariner is played by Will Smith who is from Philly! In the place to be...

Will's acting career has take off and this maybe the second "childrens movie" that
he has stared in.
Is it a good likeness? Let me know in the comments!
May more like a dark Yul Brynner

I knew when I saw the doll, I only wanted him for the head.  I thought he might
make great character in Johnston! Please Disney, go back to the regular doll bodies 
without the molded on clothes!  I can at least work with the old body.
I removed the head so that the focus is on the body.

The Body!

The top is all one piece. The details are printed into the top like many of Mattel
doll clothes. Except for the top and jewelry, everything else is molded. 
Even the shoes!  
The bracelets are also molded on.

The neck knob!  The new Hasbro bodies have a neck knob that is closer to the style of Mattel.

The body is a bit larger than the other bodies produced thus far by Hasbro for Disney.
Many of the Disney dolls done for them by Hasbro have molded on clothes.  Often it
is the pants.
Hasbro for Disney Lt. Mattias, Inferno and Genie
So what do do for a body!

So to work with the Genie, he needs some work on my part.  Thanks to 
Hey, It Is Muff, I have become braver when it comes to altering dolls. 
He needs a new body and no ponytail (in my opinion).
I have read that some haven't been able to remove the ponytail but I was. 

 If you look at him straight on, you won't see the hole.
He does have a large head!

There is a hole on the top of the head but I think I can fill it in. I will even
 keep the ponytail.  Who knows how I might be able to use it in the future.

Warning Nude doll!

I thought to balance the head I need a body with the girth of the original body.
I have seen photos of the the head or a articulated Ken's body 
and it doesn't look good.  The head is too big for the Ken and  BMR1959 
and many of the the other articulated bodies!  His head is better suited for a 
Broad Ken body. 

On the new body!

He looks better proportioned on the larger body.  I placed him on Broad Ken Man Bun
body.  The complexion is not a close match but it will do!
He can still wear the top!
I added prince pants and Ken gold sandals to complete the outfit! 
In street clothes!
So I am call him Ving! Short for Irving.
 Until I fix the hole, he can wear hats!
 He looks good in a hat away!

OK, Thanks For Looking!