Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Fresh Squad Platinum Collection dolls with dreads, afro and curly fade hair styles!

 Hey Gang!

I ordered my Fresh Squad Platinum Collection! I got an email that that just shipped! WOO HOO!

The Fresh Squad Platinum Collection dolls have dreads, afro and curly fade hair styles.


I can't wait until they arrive.  I will post pictures when they are here.

OK, Thanks for Looking!

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Titan Hero Series Legend of the Ten Rings action figures- Wenwu and Shang-Chi!

 Hey Gang!

Back in Nov. of 2011 I found these action figures at Target and thought I would come back and get them.  When I went back they were gone. Well I found them again at Forman Mills! Forman Mills is a discount store and they have a few in my area!

So if you know me, you know that I have not seen the movie these action figures are from but I will try to see it soon. Because of this, I don't know much about the characters Wenwu and Shang-Chi. I thought that their faces were interesting and would make a great add!
Their costumes are molded on their bodies. They are two different complexions.

Warning Nude Dolls!

Let's see this action figures compared to Ken. They are shorter than Ken.
Lets see what they would look like on articulated bodies.
All they need now is clothes!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Sunday, November 20, 2022

A Husband for Mia and A New Sister For GT!

 Hey Gang!

GT and Mia will get new family members!  Mia needs a husband and GT need a sister that looks for like him.  They will need to  have more blog time going forward. 

For Mia's husband, I am using the head from the Duck Hunter. 

The body of the Duck Hunter just wasn't versatile enough to blog with.  His feet are boots and although articulated, his articulation is a bit stiff.  So I painted his hair, removed is scar and placed him on an AA Prince Dominic body.      

Here is Phoenix with Mia!

GT's sister prior to now was Kayla but I thought I need to change that.  Kayla is crossed out here and this picture will be updated. I will still use her but I am not sure now. 

After seeing pictures of Wreck Ralph 2 Princesses set I thought Moana might work.  This dolls is 6 inches and are just a little bit bigger than a Chelsea doll. Moana from the line might work as GT's sister.  I found one that was in the price range I was looking to pay.

Many of the other doll in this set had a smirky smile but this one didn't look smirky to me. She can fit some of the Chelsea doll clothes and shoes.

So here is the family now.  Mia, GT, Phoenix and Birdie.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Monday, November 14, 2022

Quick Post!

 Hey Gang,

I wanted to show you what I got at Target that I plan to use for my dolls!

Jackets and 

You can open it with a blow dryer. It has a great hanger too. The skis can be used as decoration!
I need to get some of the glue residue off the jacket.  I used a pencil to help open the sleeves.
I would put plastic over the hands so that they don't snag the jacket when putting it on.
Christmas Tree
This years Snow Flake is much better than the one from a few years back!
Old snow flake sweaters!
I remove the emborder on flake for Trisha.

Animal stuffed pillows ornaments! I purchased pillows a few years back but I didn't get all the ones that I wanted and they were sold out when I can back.  I got these this year.

These Christmas ornament ball may not be 1/6 but I think I can use them!
Animals! I can never have enough deer.
My purchase from Walmart is a Santa Jacket.
On Shane!
From Dollar Tree is a African American Skating Santa.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Friday, November 11, 2022

Let's Talk About Bruno!

 Hey Gang!

I know that say "we don't talk about Bruno". I say"Let's Talk About Bruno!" I found him at Walmart for $12.98!  I have some photos from the web and my photos here to show you.

Promo Photos! 

My out of box photos!

He comes with a hooded poncho and bodysuit shirt and pants. The poncho has a printed on design. He has curly hair and is a coco brown complexion.

His curly hair was to smashed up in the back like many other dolls that I purchased with curly hair.
I am trying to decide if he looks more like Prince or Katt Williams? What do you think?
He has large feet in blue sandals.
The Sandals

He has a large head.  In fact the he heads of the Encanto dolls are larger that most of the Disney dolls done in the past.  Here he is next to Fresh Squad Anthony.  He is shorter and most of his height is his head.
He stands about 11 inches.
One of my male dolls on a larger scale is this My Scene Bryant. So we will use him for scale.
His head is bigger and Bryant's head is larger than Ken.
I thought Bryant had some mitts on him but Bruno's hands are larger with longer fingers.
His feet are larger. So no wearing Ken doll shoes.
I don't have to do a warning because Bruno is wearing underwear!
In compared to Ken and other dolls, Bruno doesn't have the fit body of most male dolls.
He doesn't have much butt and he has a bit of a pudge but after purchasing Broad Ken and Hagrid dolls, I am OK with his pudge.  
I put him in some male doll clothes that I had.  I had to fold under the hem of the pants 
and find a top for his long arms.

Let's check out the video of the song! We don't talk about Bruno!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Sunday, November 6, 2022

River Righting!

 Hey Gang!

So Laurel takes her brother to her apartment to trying somethings for him.

Laurel: You comin' out? It shouldn't take that long to change!

River: I kinda like this! It what I would normally wear.

River: But who did you really buy these for?

Laurel: What do you mean?

River: You just have men's wear hanging around here? Is this your boy's stuff?

Laurel: No, Ms. Leo gave these to me for you. 

River: Thank you Ms. Leo! 

Awhh, You're welcome! Mwah!

OK, Thanks For Looking!