Saturday, August 6, 2022

Introducing Weezy!

 Hey Gang! 

I purchased the  Walmart Encanto Set and am play with the dolls in the set!

Weezy "Luisa" is the local Forrest Ranger around this here parts! 

If you are looking for clothes for your Luisa doll she can fit Teddy Bear clothes. Her jacket here is a Teddy Bear jacket. Her shorts, hat and boots belong to a male action figure. Some of the 80's Kens close might be large enough to fit her.  You will have to try them to see. Check your local Dollar Tree for their Teddy Bear clothes for Luisa!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Karma's World Winston Doll!

 Hey Gang!

As with most Mattel dolls, the girls are very cute.  But the most "to have dolls in the line" are the boys! The Karma's World Winston doll line is no different!  The Karma's World Dolls is another line from a Netflix animation series by Mattel.  The dolls have finally come to the market place.  There are a few doll to the line. Three main characters are:


Who is a cutie but I will pas on her for now! There are a few versions of her.

Switch Stein 

who is kinda calling to me!  She might be my next purchase. 

But  who I purchase today is Winston!  

You got to get the fellas because they don't seem to last long. This might be the only time he will be released! So get him you must!

He has a great face with Will Smith kinda ears!
I like the hair too!
His clothes are well made but I have heard different about the other dolls in the line.
Pant and sneaker a cool too!

When I looked at the dolls in the store, the body on the girls short and kinda thick in the middle. The  Winston  looked like he might be the size of Creatable World doll body and give him articulation.

Warning Nude Doll

The neck knob my be different but the head will work on the creatable world body.

Surprisingly, the creatable world body is taller!  It is also a little thinner in the waist.
Putting Winston on a creatable world body will give him more clothing options!
The feet on the old Winston body is larger, so on the new body more shoes options too!
Here he is in his original outfit.  It works on the creatable world body.  So changing him is a win win!
I might try to shrink his head to see what will happen.  It best to do it now while the doll is cheap if I need to replace him.

I am also thing about Lady K!  She is a cutie too!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Friday, July 15, 2022

Presents For Me With My Gift Card!

 Hey Gang!

I purchased a few things for me! It was time and these things were items I wanted to purchase for a while. I earned a gift card and used it for these dolls!

Ken fashionistas doll #184, 

Hispanic males are always a good add to my collection.

 orange cuffed pants, white deck shoes.
He has brunette cropped hair, floral Hawaiian shirt.

Out of the box the clothes are well made.  The back of the shirt is printed too.
He is as handsome in person as his promo photos.
The pants are a little high water but they still work.
The sneaker are the basic Ken sneakers.
He has the basic five points of articulation. 

Warning nude dolls!

I looked at a few bodies but the Cheerleader body was the best fit.

Next up is Big Dreams Big City Brooklyn!

She has a wonderful outfit that includes a silver-checkered top and denim skirt!
When I saw her in the store I thought she was very cute and I thought she used the 
Fashionista "Kim" headsculpt but I was wrong about that! She is a new headsculpt.
Her hair and baby hair edges offer a great look! 
There are four or five version of Brooklyn. Some have the top knot and some have her 
hair down. It had me wondering if the hair was braided different for the up and down doos.


OK, back to this doll! She has a very cute purse!
I was OK with everything except these jelly boots!  Mattel, who wears jelly boots?
Turns out it is a thing too! Jelly shoes/sandals and boots are in for 2022! 
Bright color jellies are a way to add color! The suggestion is to wear them with socks!
I guess that means sandals and socks are OK now too!
I want to get the Lyla doll in this line too!

I think she needs boots the color of the purse to  make it work.
The boots up close.
In promo photos the top know is done better than it is in person! They should have used a black band.
I took her hair down and it is pretty full and the baby hair is cute!
Full in the back too.
Brooklyn on a petite body! I think  it works for her!

MGA's Dream Ella-Yasmin doll!

"I am a doctor Yasmin fashion doll". This is how the package read.

She is Barbie size...well at least in height.

Close-up! She has a sweet intelligent face!

The doll includes scrubs uniform and stethoscope.

Out of the box....

She has the five points of articulation at the arms and legs.
They move up and down and to the sides.
Here head moves side to side but not up and down. 
I like her hair. It is long and crimped 
and pulled back from her face. 
More pictures of her hair to come.
There is a lot of detail in her top.  It is form fitted.

She has white pants and sneakers.

The quality is great on the pants and they are similar to the Fresh Doll pants.
Her hair is very long!  You can see the crimps in the photos.
From the back. Her hair is past her hips.

So lets compare her body to a few other dolls! Here head is not as large as some and not 
as small as others.
Tiana, Yasim and Olympic 2020 Skateboarder-my Amber Rose
You can see here that Yasim's head is larger.

Now looking at the bodies (  is on a MTM Curvy body) the body is thicker than 
some doll but not as much as others too! 

She is thicker than my Chang'e
Wild Heart body 
Her waist is as small but not her hips or breast.

Thighs and but are smaller than Wild Heart body
I thought when I saw her in the store that her body would be close to either Fresh dolls
or Pretty Girls but it is different.  Her waist is smaller than fresh dolls with a more
defined waist.  
Her torso is not as long as the pretty girls. Her hips are some what
smaller than both.
With any doll body Feet and shoes for them can make a difference. 
So lets look closer at the feet.
Her feet are closed to Chang'e feet.  Debbie of Black Doll Collecting told me 
Yasmin can fit first wave Monster High doll shoes.

Yasmin has more of and arch to her feet than Wild Hearts Crew dolls
Fresh doll, Yasmin and Pretty Girls feet.
Fresh doll body and Yasmin body! They are somewhat close.
The neck knobs are different.
On Fresh Doll body in her original body she looks pretty good!
It won't close in the back though.

OK, Thanks For Looking!