Monday, March 22, 2021

Some Pants for Sean!

 Hey Gang!

It was last year about this time the my Sean (Rubeus Hagrid) got his storyline!  His unique shape     (a much rounded tummy) has some challenges

Tops were as much of an issue as bottoms for him. I show you some things had that I knew I could make work in my first post of him. But I knew back then that bottoms never fit the way they need to and road low on his hips. Luckily I did find a seller on Etsy who had pants just right pants for him and other interesting items too!

Jackie Wingfield --Dolls View Point  from Robbinsdale MN

She has pant for my Sean and other larger action figures!  Sean needed pants!  I purchased  what I think will add to his wardrobe since he came with brown pants--. black, khaki, white and lt blue denim!

The fit is really good and doesn't slide down!

Not even in the back which was a real concern because he doesn't have as...
much in the back as he has in the front! 

She offers a discount for repeat purchases so I am now eyeing two tops  and a robe!

This one!

and this one. He is mostly a casual guy!

You can't get more casual than this!
He does get out and goes place from time to time. I would be great if Sean had a Tux! His college reunion is coming up!

I think my Malik would love this outfit too! It is fitting for a King!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Frugal Dolly Finds!

 Hey Gang!

So here are my new frugal dolly finds.  The reason I post these items is so that you can add them to your collect too.  So I am hopeful you are able to find them locally too!

Here is  Lielit in the new outfit!  She is Rainbow and will be officially introduces later!
It seems similar to scrubs or an Asian outfit.
The little dog is kinda cute! It might be a vet outfit too!
Mardi Gras Necklace with Sax!
Our musician Benji is showing how it is played! The scale is a little small but you can make it work.
For St. Patty's Day I found this posts!  They can be used for more that St. Patty's day!  They can be used for Halloween, Harry Potter and outdoor dioramas!

As you can see, the scale is pretty good!
Silver beads!  I don't know what I will do with this but I know that they will come in handy!
So you saw my trash cans that I used in my diorama for Home Depot!  Well I thought this red trash can could be used as a Sharps/Bio Hazard can for my Lab diorama!
Like my other cans, it is good scale!
I found these wooden pallets and have seen pallets used a lot for dioramas!
They are a little small but still good.   I think they could be made into a sofa!
Drawers are a must in many diorama! These have a nice color pattern to them. No paint required.
I got two of each and there were other colors too! I will have to go back for more.
Everything thus far was found at Dollar Tree!  So check your local Dollar Tree for them.
The are community stores that call themselves dollar store but things are often more than $1.00!  They are still worth a look because they often have things in them that you won't find anywhere else!  
That is were I found this trash can!  
The scale is good and I haven't seen anything like this anywhere else!  It was more that $1.00 but still worth it I thought!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Doll Wants For This Year!

 Hey Gang,

Normally, I wouldn't be posting now.  I would be spending the next two weeks a the Phila. Flower Show!  Because of Covid 19, the Flower Show will be in June this year! So there will be more posts in the month of March. So here is my first post for March.

I have two dolls that I knew I wanted from Mattel's  Inspired Women Collection Ella Fitzgerald and Maya Angelou!  I featured pictures of Ella a while back.  

I finally got her on sale for $20.00!

Out of the box

I don't think this doll will become collectible (I will explain that below) so I am removing her from the box.  
She has a great face! She does look a little like Ella!
Sheer sleeves.
Pin on the dress.
Plastic pearl earrings!
The hands are different from made to move Barbie and nails are painted.
The dress is kinda sheer too!

I thought she might have been the Kim headsculpt(2014) but it says 2011! So she is the Pazette headsculpt which is one that I don't have! Since the doll didn't get it's own headsculpt, I don't think she is as rare!

 2012 Stephen Burrows Pazette

Another Pazette headsculpt  Stephen Burrows Alazne Barbie Doll

Warning Nude Doll!

She has the Madam LaVinia Cuvy body which I have always liked. ( Madam LaVinia is on my wish list too)

Front view!
The body is different than the made to move curvy body. She might not be able to bend as well but the body looks more elegant. 
Knees and elbows are a smoother design.
Hips seem wider but I'll have to check to tell.

I don't know if  will purchase another to have one in the box but for right now... no. She will be given a storyline with friends and the whole thing!

Now all I need is Maya Angelou!

I have been looking in the stores with no luck!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Video Of The Month!

 Hey Gang!

This month I am sharing with you a video from Toni Nicole of Red Carpet Dolls!  She showed us her set up for this video at our Bi-monthly Doll Collectors Meet up on Zoom! I thought this craft of hers for Black History Month was pretty cool!  Enjoy!


OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Add New Dolls For Body Swapping and Fashion pack

Hey Gang! 

I purchased more dolls to add to my collection from Wild Heart Crew dolls! Because others have reviewed them, I won't. I will link reviews if you want to look at them.I purchase these because they were both cheap enough (on sale at Walmart) that I could buy them for their clothes and their bodies.  As you may know, I am not a fan of big heads.  

They were reduced at Walmart!  Some were $11.98 and others were $8,00!  As with many dolls, their have big heads cant be tossed and  great articulated body donors and great fashions can be worked into your collection.

Kenna Roswell, I knew I wanted for the fashions but I found that her body could be used.

Wild Hearts Crew Kenna Roswell Doll 
Poka Dot Fun Asian Curvy Fashionista Barbie got her body to give her the articulation I wanted.

She is going to be our student nurse Kelsey! She works alot besides attending school.  I have to show her in some of her classes.
Full figure photo! On the WHC body, she is till curvy.

 Wild Hearts Crew Rallee Radmore Doll

Blue got her outfit.  She likes punk fashions and scooped them up right away.
Full outfit!
It will work well in her job at a tattoo parlor.

I will cell the head like I did with most of the other WHC dolls.
Wild Hearts Crew Charlie Lake Doll 
Product Titl

Charlie Lake's body was used for Plaid on Plaid Tall Fashionista Barbie who I am calling Dawn.  

Her body was cheaper and easier to find that a Tall articulated Fashionista doll.  Also,I have been told that the tall Fashionista is taller than Ken. I didn't want that for my Dawn.
Full body shot!
The girls together! They are ready to take their roles here!
Wild Hearts Crew Jacy Masters Doll
Product Title

 Jacy Masters Doll was the surprise of the group. I could easily pass up the others but she held my attention from the time I took her from the box.  She is bigger that many or the curvy Barbies and I like curvy Barbies.  

She actually has a toned waist which you don't often see on a big girl and I didn't have to find her a articulated body is a plus! Her fiery attitude appealed to me and you gotta love her hair too!

So what can I put on her?  It was a little bit of a challenge but like anything... it is just trying some things!
I am calling her Roxie

I like this on her.  She is going to manage the Roller-Bowler. She will need a boyfriend too!

OK, Thanks For Looking!