Sunday, April 28, 2019

I Think I Have Completed My Harry Potter Doll Purchases!

Hey Gang!

I purchased two more doll from the Mattel Harry Potter dolls collection!
Draco and Hermione!
I got Draco because he has a different face! There aren't many doll that I would
want that have a frown but he is one!
Here he is with he dad and younger brother! I need names for him and his dad!

The younger brother is Ethan!
I unboxed him on the way home and mistakenly trashed the snitch! Oh well!

I finally got Hermione!  After much, much debate!  Out of all the dolls in the line
and many other Mattel dolls, this doll differs from doll to doll! I had to really think
about which doll I wanted looking at the hair! Did I want the smaller bangs
or did I want the wider bangs. Will the wider bangs be more of a hassle overtime?
Will they stick out and be something have to manage over time!
Do I want to see her eyebrows or not?
 The no eyebrows showing looks older to me.
The eyebrows showing look younger! I looked them all over and came up with the
best of each and then narrowed it down!
 Two different color wands!
 Two differ kinds of wide bandgs!
 The bangs on this one is really wide with hair holding it down.
Final two!
Big bang?
Smaller bang that the hair holds it in place!
My final choice! Now for her name and story!
I have Ron and Harry, McGonagall, and Dumbledore. I am not sure about Jenny!
Her face looks like it should be on a full sized Barbie

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Monday, April 22, 2019

The Crossroads!

Hey Gang!

The park is the middle of town!  You have to cross though it to get from one side of town to the other. The schools, the hospital, the business district, the airport and the train station are one side and residential living is on the other side.
 Coleman and Jayson are on their way to school!

Jayson:  Don’t you feel hot with those long sleeves on!

Coleman: Don’t you feel hot with all that hair?

Jayson: What EVER!

Zeke: Hey Jayson, what's up!  Did you finish the math homework?  What did you
get for number 5?
Jayson: I couldn’t figure that one out?
Zeke: If we get there early we should work on it some more!

Tami: My mom says she is loving it in Luxemburg.  She is sending something from
there in the mail.
Aya: Don’t you miss her?  I can think what would happen if my mom was gone so long!

Mateo: Hey Annyah!
Annyah: Hey Mateo!

Towanda: I think your sister has an admirer!

Mateo: My mom is bringing the snacks today! She bringing flan!
Aya,Tami, Towanda: Hey Valerie! That is a nice outfit!
Valerie: Hi everyone!  Thanks Tami! My mom and me made this shirt!

Jose: Man, these 15 hour shifts are killing me!  I so glad I am off today!

Nykyrian: It is a great day! It really feels like spring is here. I will be glad to
get back to the early shift!
 Delores: Hey Baby!  I was hoping to run into you before you went to the gym! Hi Nyk!
 Nykyrian: Hi Delores, I see you guys later.
I have to bring the snack for Mateo's school.  I need some money.  What do you
have on you?

 Jose: Here, just take all of this!  I see you at home!
The Foster's!
 Can you take your bother the rest of the way to school!
 OK! Come on you!
You have a lot of responsibility being the oldest!
 OK boys, see you later!

Blaise, Zhang and Alix have arrived in town!

 Blaise: This is a nice place!
 Zhang:Yeah it is!
Alix: Are you sure it is OK for us to come with you?  
Zhang: Did you tell your family we are coming too?

  It’s fine! They love me!  If you’re my friends, you’re their friends too!

 Zhang: I feel like a third wheel though!

 You didn't have to come you know!
 I love you bro but mom would be cool with Alix here on her own with you!
Zhang: Lead the way!
Warden: If we are going to start a club, we will need a clubhouse!
 Malvin: Yeah but I will need a shop too Grand!
  Warden: So we have your shop next to the club!
 Malvin: That will work!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Monday, April 15, 2019

A Few Outside Things! For My Birthday PT. #3!

Hey Gang!

Since they were on sale, I purchase a few outside things for my birthday!

First is the My Life fountain!

I had my eyes on this thing for a while! Ever since I saw the one that Vanessa of
Van's Dolls Treasures posted I knew I wanted a fountain.  I still miss her and see her posts!

Here are the items that are in the box!
Ten pieces! The fountain really works.  It has a spot on the bottom for batteries 
to pump the water! And a button to start the fountain. I won't be using that! A 
little too messy.  I will use some kinda plastic to make my water!
The flowers are heading 
straight for St. Malcolm . They get used there!
Love birds?I think I'll paint the 
birds  and the shrubs to make them look more realistic. 
 I can see how everything goes together but the drinks?
They can always be used somewhere! 
The coloring could be more staggered the shrubs!

Next up is Lil Woodzeez Garden set!

What is inside the box!

Unless it becomes a toy  for one of the kids around here, the rabbit will go!
I will add this to my Barbie Millicent Roberts Green Thumb outfit once I find
where I put it!
Here is the garden set! Veggies in the garden plot.  I might need two of these.
Gardening will work well at the longhouse.  They can grow their own food!
 Watering can!
 Basket with tools!
 I thing this will be good for everyone here!
Elan and Naira can show what they learned in school around the longhouse.
 Elan: We can make this home for us!

Elan: I going to ride you around in the wheelbarrow! Lift your feet up!
Naira: It is this type of thing that got you in trouble with the Dean!
Elan: It is also why you thought I was soo cute too!
Naira: Cute but trouble!

OK, Thanks For Looking!