Monday, August 31, 2015

Adding New Things For Sale!

Hey Gang!  

I'm adding new things for sale on my Mister Dollface site!  I will also post on
Facebook on Barbie Dolls and Accessories for sale and Trade.

Flava/Fashionista Hybrid
 AA Steven
 Justin Beiber

 and Monster High girls!

Frankie Stein
 and Draculaura 

I will add a few more thing so please check me out on Mister Dollface if you 
are interested!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mattel Fashions!

Hey Gang!

Ms. D has been pestering me about purchasing some of the new single fashion
packs Mattel has out.  I have gotten her anything new lately so she feel she
is due! 
Ms. D:Yes, I am due! More clothes and blog time!
If you haven't seen the items here are a few.

I recently purchased two of the items above.  The live, love, laugh top and the
print skirt.  I also like the black and white stripe and polka dot dress below.

Unfortunately, the  dress was too tight for the belly button body that Ms. D
is on.  I guess it is made for the smaller new Fashionista dolls.

There wasn't enough hip room to get her in the dress.
Ms. D: Now you know it was the dress and not me.  I eat like a bird! Why I'm still
runway weight!

So: Rwanda got the dress because she is on a Disney body which is smaller in the
hips! Rwanda is the name that I have give this Fashionista(BCN36CJY45) doll.
I just finished watching again Hotel Rwanda and decided I liked the name.
Ms. D did get the CJV75 Fashionista dress!
Ms. D: It is a little short but I can make it work!
She also wanted this top too. Thank goodness she was able to fit it!

Ms. D: So many graphic tee are for teens but this one is not just for teens!
I feel like I can see a bright future when I wear this!
Next I purchased this set with a Native American print.  I purchased it with Nakoma
in mind. Granted, most Native American prints don't have a lot of pink in them but
it still is kinda cute.  The beige boot are a great plus.

Here she is in the outfit!  Nakoma didn't think the purse was really her.  I'll have to
find a purse to go along with the outfit.

Nakoma: I really like the pink vest!
This outfit because it is not for Fashionista is big enough for belly button bodies.
Nakoma will also get the print single skirt too.

I plan to change the pink piping. I might make it black or purple or turquoise.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Addition Of Hispanic Kids! Update!!!!

Hey Gang!

In keeping of the year of the children, and yes the year is almost over, I want to introduce some new Hispanic kids!

First up is Cal!

Cal is one of my OOAK Only Heart Club (OHC ) boy makeovers!  

His name is Calderon but everyone calls him Cal.  

It will be arriving in town shortly with his little sister Rita!

Rita: Hi! I’m a princess!
Cal: Si mi hermana, eres una princesa!

I got this OHC doll that I’m calling Rita inside a bag of mostly craft supplies I found at a thrift store.  I didn’t notice her until I opened the bag.  I had planned on selling her but Cal needed a sister.



Next up is Raul Santos!

I forgot to mention that Raul is an OOAK Moxie Girlz Mini doll.  He is Cameo done to look like a boy on a Mattel Stacie body.  I wanted a straight arm body for him but all I had was this one.  I have been wanted to do him for a long time but I haven't seen the Cameo doll locally.

I removed his lip color and some of his eye paint.

I had thought about making his name Antonio because his eyes reminded me of the cat in Puss In Boots 

but I went with Tiago ....Tiago Raul.  His is a second cousin to Lola  and a third
cousin of Aya and Annyah.  

He coming to live with them after his mother goes missing while his father is in jail!  He needs the benefit of a warm and loving family like the Maces.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Barbie Got A New Job!

Hey Gang!

So lately Mattel seems to have just rehashed barbie careers teachers, vets, flight
attendants, and chefs.  They should try construction worker, parking meter reader
and librarian.  I'm just saying! There hasn't beenany thing new with cool accessories
either!   The other day I saw this Barbie in Walmart!

They are calling her an eye doctor! Because there are three types of eye care
professionals, ophthalmologist, optometrist and optician, it was hard to give
her a title.   Maybe children don't know  the difference either.  So I guess eye Doctor!
Anyway here she is.

They are still overusing the Desiree head-sculpt!  She is wearing glasses too! Booo!
Mattle, we know you have different head sculpts! We seen them now!  So use them.

She comes with a lab coat and dress that is a shirt/skirt combo.  I wonder is the
back of the "skirt" has the same design?
 She has a young patient.  They have taken the shine of of the young dolls now.
They were really shiny before.
 There are 4 pair of glasses! I think they must be kids glasses.
 I guess we will have to wait to see!
 and eye chart...
a chair and  phoropter/refractor ( yes that is what that crazy thing is called)!
I can just hear the doctor say " which one looks better, the first one or the second one".
Me: can you do it again?  I couldn't tell.
I hope the chair can fit an adult doll like Ken too!
The Glasses!
I'm I'm request that My Froggy Stuff do stuff like this! 
I always love to see what she can do!

OK, Thanks For Looking!