The Charaters:
The Laurents'

Stephan T. Laurent and Camille Laurent
Stephan is a pilot and they are the owers of the Villa in St. Malcolm
the Caribbean. To see more about the Villa go to "
Not Hardly A
Snow Day!" To see more about this couple go to "Come grow old
with me..."
Terrence , their oldest child and KiKi Laurent his wife.  To learn
more about them vist "Still In Love".

Their youngest three children and Stephan T. Laurent's
and Camille Laurent's grandchildren.

LL, Stephanie and Tre.  To see more
on the youngest visit "Snow Day".

The oldest son Steven.

Here are the two oldest Laurent children and number four.

Maya (in the middle), Brenda (on the right) and Miriam (on the right)

Maya, Brenda and Steven -as children- Then

Then- the children. Taken before Miriam was born.

And Now!

The Twins- Kiesha and Lisa Laurent!

The Greens!

Grant and his big sister Camille!
Before Camille was a Laurent, she was a Green!

Adallah is Camille's sister-in-law

The Green Girls and their Mom!

Here are the Green girls and their mother.  Khadijah (on the left), Adallah
and Fatimah (in the middle) and Jameelah (on the right)The and the Green 
girls are her nieces.

Vikki Laurent-Thompson.
Here is Stephan's younger sister Vikki Laurent-Thompson.

Etienne, Renee Dominique and Macy

Etienne's second in commands- Matt Holmes and Trina Trent.

Matt and his wife Tia.

The Rizzos'
The Rizzos' Joseph, Joey, and Angelina. There daughter Gia is away!

The Woo's

Agent Woo and his partner Dallas