Friday, April 24, 2015

I'm On Facebook!

Hey Gang!

I never thought I would but I am on Facebook! So why wouldn't I want
to be on Facebook?I'm a cynic. I don't have a cell phone and I didn't
Facebook. I guess I don't think anyone needs to know what I had for
lunch and no one needs to reach me anytime of the day!  Oh, also I'm
not technically savvy too.  The fact that I have a blog is good.

So why did I join?  Big and Beautiful Doll Dasia.  It is nice to see
what everyone elsewho has the doll is up to!  Many of our favorite
bloggers are on the page!   I just ordered some shoes after one of
the member's of the page Black-doll enthusiast  asked about shoes
would fit!  Vanessa and others are posting clothes and fashion shows
of  Dasia and Deena!

I am still finding my way around the site. I don't know who all
to friend. So don't be insulted if I am not returning something (people who
facebook all the time know to do) to you!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Monday, April 20, 2015

New Dolls, Redbodies And Some Comparisons

Hey Gang!

Here are some new dolls, rebodies and some comparisons.  So I saw this doll on
Vanessa's  blog.  I thought she was soo cute!  Vanessa is right!  I haven't seen a
dark complexion Chelsea. When I saw her in person I saw that the body was
painted.  Bummer!

Image by Mattel

She was rebodied on a SIS Courtney body.
Her names is Tempestt with two t's so we call her TT!

This is her mom Linnit!
Linnit:  Hi!
She is a Fashionista Barbie!  

Image by Mattel

She is a Fashionista Barbie doll.  I showed you her clothes on Marti.

Marti: Hi.

I had to rebody her because I could  work with the bent arm thing!

 S.I.S. Baby Phat Chandra Rocawear Barbie
Image by Mattel

Image by Mattel
I could never understand why they use bent armed bodies.

The original body is a little smaller than the SIS doll body.
She has a great face with two tone hair that can only be seen from the back!
She is much better on this body.
They look great together!
TT:  Mommy I love your hair.
This is Linnit's brother Tyrone!
He spoils TT and she knows it!
Tyrone:  I don't spoil I?
Linnit: Yes you do!
They are close as bother and sister too!
Having an uncle helps because her father is not around!
Family Photo!
Finally is another rebody.  There has been a lot of talk about the new Fashionista
doll with the pale Desiree face but there has been few Desiree dolls with a dark face!
A while back I purchased a Barbie I Can Be A Cheerleader Doll Set because there
was a dark Desiree face. Barbie I Can Be A Cheerleader Doll Set
                                                                     Image by Mattel
The dolls are called Nikkie and Grace.  I think Nikkie is the dark one.
She is on a Barbie So In Style S.I.S. Rocawear Kara Doll body!
Head swap!
The only other doll that comes close is this one!  The head isn't blown up like
many of the other balloon head dolls. One of my first post was headsculpts together.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Boys New Toy!

Hey Gang!

I have been very good this year in my doll spending!  I have spent under
25.00 this year.  This includes replacement bodies.  I have a lot of dolls and
doll related items that I have not shown on this blog or really played with.
What that taught me is that I really need to use what I have and not buy so much.  
So that is what I am doing.  This is a last year's purchase too.

Now I know that I said that I didn't need another auto but Etienne and the boys
said that they need a jeep!  When I saw one for under 20.00, I jumped on it!

So here is the jeep!

Side view!
It is made by M&C Toys/Power Team.
It can hold four doll/action figures!
They wanted to take it out for a spin!  Etienne sits in the back while Matt lets
Winter, one of the men he supervises drive.
Etienne: You have all the paper work on this jeep processed?
Winter: Yes Sir!
Trina: Hey, wait for me!  I can believe you were going to do this on a day when I wasn't there!
Matt: The post is called The Boys New Toy!
Trina: That is just a figure of speech!
Trina: Winter, you and I are cool and all but everyone knows I am the best driver!
Matt: You don't get to harass the men in my unit!  Harass your own unit!
Trina: I'm driving and if you don't like it you can walk!
Matt: I can't believe I use to like you! Don't you have a police car or something?
Winter: Has it always been like this?
Etienne: Unfortunately, lately.... yeah!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Another Grail Doll!

Hey Gang!

I can cross another doll off the list! One of the last purchases of 2014.
Close up!


This photo is courtesy of the seller!  I love all the stuff she comes with.  The 
wigs, clothing, and microphone.  The box was pretty beat up but and the seller
offered  reduce the shipping by sending the doll and items alone.  I decided  to 
take the doll box and all.  I'm glad I am going to get a chance to use it!

I like her without the wigs for now!  I love her painted on waves! I'm
calling her Nina.

 She has a wonderful slim figure. Long legs and long arms.  She came with this
beautiful necklace.  Surprisingly, her ears are not pierced.  One would think
that a doll this glamorous would have pierced ears.

 She is seeing Tariq Beckford. He is the Manager of the local bank.
He is more interested in her than she is in him. He want to see them to see
each other exclusively.

Tariq: I think we are very good together!
  Nina: We only being seeing each other a few months.
Tariq: I think I can be very persuasive.
Nina: Oh, really.
Tariq: We make a nice couple.

She one of the daughters of Lena! They don't have the best mother-daugher 

OK, Thanks  For Looking!