Thursday, January 29, 2015

I guest it is because I'm from Philly!

Hey Gang!

Another doll I got in 2014 is the Big and Beautiful Dasia.  I had wanted
her for a long time.  I just didn't have the money for her at the last Philadelphia
International Doll Show. One of the owners of the company was selling dolls
she had left.  I purchased her nude.  Here she is in a tube dress.

I guess it is because I'm from Philly but I think the big and beautiful Dasia looks
like Jill Scott and Phylliss Hyman

Jill Scott

Phyllis Hyman

I love her full figured body!  I have to find clothes for her.  I'll show you
what I have for her sometime soon.

I took her necklace off but she has on her earnings. Her necklace is similar.
I purchase this doll and I think she had in storage.   I am not sure if the doll
was smashed but one side of her body seem further out than the other.

Shots of the body.
Molded in panties.
One side the body is higher than the other.
Her feet don't sit firmly on the floor!  I not sure if it is made this way or if
it is because she was smashed in a box.

One of my favorite videos!

I love the images of Philly in this video!

OK! Thanks For Looking!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Philly Fashion Doll Club Meeting!

Hey Gang! 

We are preparing for our next meeting!  I am so excited! It will be on January
31st.  I hope we have good weather.  If you know any fashion doll collectors
in the Delaware Valley, please tell them about us!  I hope to have plenty
of pictures to show you of all our fun.

OK! Thanks For Looking!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

One Of My Last Purchases for 2014!

Hey Gang!

I purchase about 5 things before the end of 2014!  This is one!

He is JLS Alston. He is the highest selling doll of the group. Since I not really
familiar with the group, I don't know why that is.  I always need more ethinic men
so I purchased him.  I got him at a good price because I purchased him during the
holidays.  I learned from doll club meetings that many dolls get overlooked at those

I have Marvin and was glad to add another member of the group.  The JLS dolls were
hard to find in the U.S.  I got Marvin from Sears new. What a surprise! I saw the info
on a blog...I can't remember who but thanks for the info!  They didn't have the rest
of the group. I purchased Alston used.

He has a rub on his head which is minor.

Front of the outfit

 Back of the outfit.

For a European male I didn't think the fashions on these dolls were very
good. Maybe it is just my American viewpoint.

I would have liked more high fashion or Hip Hop fashions.  Like this...

or this!

Oh well,  I have to redress him and maybe I'll show you a fashion show.
Here are my 3 dolls together.

Marvin, Alston  and Max George from the wanted!

OK, Thanks for Looking!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Has This Ever Happened To You?

Hey Gang!

The other day my blog got over 3000 previews in one day!  From
9:00 am to about 4:00 pm.  I normally get about 250-300 previews
a day.  So this was a big jump!

It wasn't like any page got a lot of hits either!  Oh and have you noticed the page
previews never match the total of preview for the day?  Yeah, I guess there would
be pages that only get one hit but not that many. If anyone really understands
that whole thing, please explain it to me!

The last time something like this happened my blog was copied!  I hope that isn't what was happening.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Whole Hair Trip Thing!

Hey Gang!

So I am the quintessential lazy hair girl.  I have three hairstyles. The ponytail,
ponytail with a curl bang (slightly special occasions)  and for special
occasions this! Flat ironed and bumped under.

Me and Honey on New Years!  
My hair is a longer now, so I really don't feel like messing with it.
For me, short hair means you have to do something to it.
Only bald can be care free.

Anyway I saw this video and thought WOW, That was a lot of work.
Even on a small head.  It was a lot of work.

So I hope you enjoyed it!  I need a nap after watching this!

OK, Thanks for Looking and Watching!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

More Frugal Dolly Finds!

Hey Gang!

So I'm trying to catch the after Christmas sale on items that I can use for doll
and dioramas.  I got a few things and have a few more to get.  These items I
didn't have to pay for. They were going to throw these out.  Two kinds of
branches with berries. 
Small berries!
I got 4 of these

I don't like them as trees so I'm going to take the berries off and use them as
grapes and cherries. Just a little paint will do the trick!
 These are larger berries!  I got 6 of these.
 They will be apples, oranges, tomatoes... and who knows.
 Both of them together so you can see the size.
 Pine Trees! I got 5 of these.
 I'll remove the floral tape and give them a base.
Snowy branches!  I got 5 of these.
I had to wait a whole year for these.  There were two backdrops at WalMart that
they used for the small scenes!  They make great outdoor scenes for my dolls!
There were 2 of these.  They are the same and they are 15 inches high and 24
inches wide.  I asked the sales clerk last year to hold them for me this year.
I reminded her at the beginning of the Christmas season.  She gave me the date
that she would be consolidating the shelves and I could pick them up them.
I headed right over when I got the call.
 I couldn't find my cotton batting so I have to use my terry robe for these shots.
 I could raise them and make them taller by putting them on a snow hill.

 I feel cold just looking at them.  Oh, that's right it is cold out.  Never mind!
 With the trees!
Pulled back so you can see the scene.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Catwalk Creation House of Fashion!

Hey Gang!

I want to tell you about a purchases that I made in 2014 but did not
post them.  I will still tell about new stuff but I need to finish the old. 

When I saw this item in the store I went right by it the first time reaching for
something else. It was laying flat so you really didn't notice it.  As I pulled it
out to get what I thought I wanted, I took a look at it. Hmmm, I haven't seen
this before.  It is a store!  What is the scale? Yes, Ms. Leo opened it in the store.
I don't have time to get something home and bring it back.  I need to know now
It was a pretty good size.  Okay, what do they want for it... $15.00.
Not to bad! I knew that I need to start Laurent's and didn't know how
I was going to do it.  This kinda fit the bill! 

It is a Crayola Catwalk Creations.  This was never in the doll section or I would
have notice it sooner.  It shows the front of a store.

It shows the inside of a store.

Inside the box!

What did it come with are you asking?   Well here it is!
The set comes with 2 mannequins, 1 clothes rack with 5 hangers, 15 mini
clothes pegs, a fashion boutique complete with 1 summer and 1 winter
backdrop, 2 signs, 12 fabrics, 4 ribbons, 2 stick on gem sheets, 2 rolls of
double-sided tape(you cant bet that) and a sketch book full of templates
and printed mannequins to draw your designs on.  WOW! Where have they
been hiding you!  I have a Liv doll window like MSJ"s Doll Pit (mine is
out of the box so not good for pictures) but it is not like this! So I purchased it!

I had looked at a couple of other peoples store to get a feel for what I
wanted to do. If you are not familiar with Shillman's of Flickr you are in
for a treat! He has created his own department store universe on flickr.
I have also love these photos done by Ro of Roville for years too!  I do miss
her older posts and Pink Day!  I wish we could still see those photo stories.
We can't forget this post from City Circlez either!  So can I get to the
level of these, I don't think so but  you must have a dream!

When I set it up, I saw it was a tad smaller that what I wanted. My many view of
My Froggy Stuff videos has taught me just what to do! Add cardboard!

I took a cardboard tray for sodas and covered it with brick from My Froggy Stuff
blog!  I have printed myself several copies so that I could have if for future projects.

The soda box gave me just the right height so that I could have Aya and other dolls
look in the store.

Aya's boots make her kinda tall.  Raising the store worked well.  I have had these
benches for a while.  I hadn't use them for a while so it was time to get them out.
I have one up for sale on the dollpage too!  The trash can is from the Dollar Store.

I used scrap book paper for the floors in the storewindow.  With the printable
rug that I gave out at out first doll clulb meeting.  I have had a store idea in my mind
for some time and have been collecting items for it for a couple of years.  Having
the store will give me a chance, I hope, to use them! Here is a peek from the top!

I have collected enough mannequins to witch out mannequins this post.  I liked
the color better of this for pictures of

I had this brick contact paper I used for the sidewalk.  I really wish I had
purchased more because I can't find it anymore.

When I looked up the item on the web, I found that they made a few items
like this!  Here are some images off the web.  I hope to do some more store posts

Thanks For Looking!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 The Year of Children!

Hey Gang!

As I stated in the title of the post, this is the year of children.  So I want to start
off with two of my favorite children...Robin and Lark!  Their mother (Dela)
likes to dress them alike but their father (Barry) likes them to be similar with
their own identity. He purchased these tops for them on his trip to Japan.

 Their mother....

has some questions about keeping them together or separating them.  She
saw this on line.

What do you think?

FYI:  One difference with Keyshia doll shoes than Stacie is that there is a right and a left.
Their mother purchases most of their clothes.  You can tell which parent purchased what.
I sailor went to sea, sea, sea. To see what he could see, see, see.
 Hang out outfits.
 Sister, Sister!
and more denim
 We love to cheer!
 All set! You bet!
 We love playing together!
Why can't we  be the same number on the team?

We like red, yellow, orange and pink!

They are going to be in one of Dela's friend weddings.
 Should they be flower girls or junior brides maids?

Phew! We can't try on another thing!

OK, Thanks For Looking!