Friday, December 28, 2012

At The Woodsy Lodge!

Tammi Lyn hasn't seen much of her mother since they arrived at the Woodsy Lodge!  It is a very nice place and she has been enjoying her time there.  She is waiting in the main hall called the " Den" and is hoping to catch  up with her mother so that they can spend some time together.  She order a cocoa and the waitress as just returned with it. 
Waitress: Here you are!

I will return with your thermos for the slopes!
Tammi: Thank You!

Tammi: Wow!  This is really good! 
Tammi enjoys the hustle and bustle of the people coming and going.
She spots her mom. 
Tammi: Hey mom, over here!  Come and sit with me!
Her mother comes over and notices that Tammi has taken off the new boots she purchased for her.
Cindy:  Why aren't you wearing the boots?
Tammi: I am still getting use to wearing heel.  I took them off to give my feet a break.  I do like them.
Cindy: They are what all the girls your age are wearing!
Tammi:  I was hoping that we could do something together today.  Maybe we could go skating.
Cindy: I'm sorry I've been so busy honey.  I have been meeting Paulo's friends and some of his clients.  I'm having dinner with him and some of his clients tonight but I think we can go skating.
Cindy: That is a nice sweater!
Tammi: Daddy sent it to me.  Tammi notice a look on her mother's face and then it pasted
Cindy: This vacation is like a dream!  All of Paulo's friends and clients seem to like me and we have become close.
Tammi is not sure what to say. She is not sure of what she thinks of  him.   She says something safe.
Tammi: He seems to like nice places.
Cindy: I am so happy!  I have some exciting news to tell you!  You will never guess!
Cindy: Here comes Paulo, I'll let him tell it!  Tammi says hello as he walks their way.
Cindy: Paulo, Honey, I was just about to tell her the news!
Paulo: Oh that they open all the slopes.
Cindy: No silly, about the trip! Paulo is taking us to Estermaran!  You will need a pass port!
Tammi: is a little nervous.  She has never been out of the country.
Tammi: Wow!  That is news.  So when is the trip and are we staying long?  School starts back in 2 weeks?
Cindy: We will be gone for six months. Paulo's job takes him to the most interesting places. It will be like an eduction!
Cindy: Paulo will show us the world and you will be a better young lady because of it!  Not just some country bumkin.  Tammi smiled her nervous smile.  She didn't know what to think.
Tammi: Am I a bumkin?
Cindy: Not yet but you know what I mean!
Paulo couldn't believe what he just heard.  I didn't think we would bring the kid along with us!  This is not my idea of fun.
I know that this is a great opportunity but I do want to graduate on time.
Cindy: Don't worry about that!  We will all have a wonderful adventure!  You will see.
The women are still chatting when the waitress returns with the thermos.  Paulo thinks to himself.  She's got a nice body.
Waitress: Here is your thermos.
The waitress doesn't like the way that Paulo is looking at her. She thinks to herself ... Creep!
Waitress:  Miss, your cocoa.  Tammi takes the cocoa and leaves to see where this county is.
Cindy: I am so excited for us to be going with you! We are going to have a wonderful time and I will help you with your business clients!
Paulo: Yeah, well here is the thing, I don't think we were bringing your kid along with us!
Cindy: I'm her mother.  What did you think was going to happen.  I would just leave her with someone?
Paulo:Well Yeah!  Paul thinks to himself that she is a lot of fun in bed but she isn't that much fun!  He thinks it might be time to pull the cord before someone starts to call him dad.
Look, it seems this motherhood thing is kinda got you booked up.  Maybe now is not the time for us.  You think about it and let me know.
Cindy is worried!  She doesn't want to lose Paulo.  She thinks she see a future with him.  It will only be a few months.  Maybe she could leave her with someone.
Cindy smiles and calls Tammi's dad.
Cindy: I can still get him to do what I want him too!

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Mr. Rusty!

This post is to remember and honor a beloved cat that is no longer with us!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Some how Baby Matty and Mr.Rusty the cat were left unattended!
 Mr. Rusty:  I know what plants to eat and which to not eat! Those are plants not to eat!
 Mr. Rusty: Now where did that kid get to?
 Mr. Rusty: There she is! That little rascal!
Mr. Rusty: Now what is she doing?
Mr. Rusty: This one is going to be a real handful!  Where are the humans!
Baby Matty:  Mmmm!
Baby Matty:  Oooh
Baby Matty:  He He!
 He He He!

This is why I never had kittens!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tammi Lyn- A Christmas Card For Daddy!

Some might think that send someone a picture of yourself might be a little self centered, but in this case, it is not!  Tammi Lyn is sending her father a picture of her taken at the Magnolia Tea.  This tea was founded by the female members of his family and the last grand hostess, the women in charge of this event, was his mother and her grandmother.  She watched in the distance as a young girl and this is the first time she was old enough to go.  Tammi's mother doesn't like this types of events or living in the South!  She didn't want Tammi to attend.  Tammi didn't mention to her mother when the event was and that she wanted to go.  She saved her money and attended it quietly...or so she thought.

Tammi is send this picture to her dad because she knows how much it would mean to him too!

Dearest Daddy!

Have a Merry, Merry Christmas!  I wish I could spend it with you.  Mother and her new friend are taking me with them skiing so I will not be able to see you for the holiday. 

I have enclosed the Tea Photo taken of me at the Magnolia Tea!  Can you believe it, I am finally old enough to go to the tea!  I used the money you sent me for my birthday and my babysitting money to buy my dress and pay for the picture and ticket.  I even had my tea flowers preserved. 

I sat with Miss, Willie Mae and Miss Sara.  They were friends of Big Mama for all of her life.  They told me great stories about her at the tea!  They said having me there was like having her there!  I really miss her so!

I was so proud and happy to be there.  Please don't tell mother that I went. You know how she feel about those things. 

I hope you are able to come down to see me when I get back from Christmas break. I really want to talk to you.  See you soon.

Love Always,
Your daughter Tammi Lyn

Here is the picture she sent.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Hight School Musical House/School!

I know I told you with the purchase of my last large house that I didn't need another but I got one any way!  I just couldn't leave it at the thrift store. 

 Not for this price!
 It has some nice features even if I take it apart to use.  I have see this entry in many dioramas.  I have even seen it repainted. 
 I would like to use it as a office building but it might even work well as a school.  Who know what I can do with this.  I will have to remove the stickers!  You guys who have done this, please give suggestions.  I don't want this project to sit for long.
This is a very large sticker.... it looks like it will be some work!

I guess this side was the gym?  The brown and beige floors make not painting them easy and the gold accents are nice too. It has a formal feel.
So the read curtains will go...they might make a cute outfit for one of my dolls.  I have been inspired about recycling items after some things I have seen on flickr!

From what I have seen the doors might be a challenge.  I think that they will be brown! That color might take better than other colors.
I am not sure what this is or if it even belongs to this set.  I will play around with it. 
These I believe belong to a table to the set but the top was not at the thrift store with the house.  Since they are not gold, I will use them somewhere else.
Gold detail I like and red detail that must go!  I have a sheet behind the house just in case you were wondering.  It makes the details of the house stand out.
The doors go here! This could be a really nice entry way!
Because I purchased this house I felt OK about selling my Happy Family Smart House to a fellow blogger!  You know who you are.  I don't plan to do that much painting to this house. Like I said,  I will paint over some of the red but that is about all with the painting and I will remove the sticker too.  I will be looking for formal scrapbook paper to add to the house. Because of its' color it will combine will with my Moxie Jammaz House facade and Cali Girl Hawaiian Hotel Resort

For that reason I am giving it the

#10 spot

on my best doll related purchases for 2012!

I know the design of this is very similar to the Grand Hotel and it too will go up for sale!  I don't want to have to paint over the pink. The VVictorian house is still up in the air!  This is a more manageable project and may be where I need to start.

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