Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The International Black Doll Show In Philly

Well, I went to the Phila. Black Doll show. You know the one.
You may have read about on D7ana's site--
Philly Collector of Playscale Dolls and Action FiguresWell I purchased a few things I wanted to show you.
D7ana had mentioned that Ms. Hayes would be there, so I
did go looking to see what she might have.

So here she is and here are two pictures of some of her stuff.
I'm sure if I'd given her time, she would have smiled but she
is a very nice women!

This is after my purchase of dolls so they are not on the table
but someone's doll is (smile).

I got there early, just before they opened but not early
enough! I saw a woman there who spent a pretty penny on
Barbie items. Mind you, 90% of the dolls there were
handmade dolls and not fashion dolls. I meet to very nice
vendors that I hope to keep in contact with.

My first purchase! AA Aviator Barbie

I loved her hair cut and her orange scarf. The fact that she
has an articulation body doesn't hurt!

This is one of my favorite faces and I think I have the most
of this head mold in my collection.

My second purchase!Diva Collection

I only have one other Mackie face in my collection, so she
was a must. I feel Ms Hayes' prices were good and I love
what I purchased.

This lady was the first out of the box!

I will do a more elaborate shoot of them both later.
I purchase some clothing too! When purchasing clothing this
days, it is always a crap shot. So many doll bodies and so
many manufacturers. I was lucky! Or should I say
Camille was lucky! She is a happy family Grandma an is
larger that almost all Barbies except for Rosie O'Donnell
who I have not posted...hmmm....any way she got some
cut things in time for the vacation season in St. Malcolm.

A great business look! I don't take enough pictures of
Camille. She is very photogenic.

No Island women would be caught without a nautical print
dress. It is the go to look here!

Camille's granddaughter, Brenda, jumped in for a photo in this
dress! Very lovely...breezy.

All it needed was a purse!

For the cool nights and the end of the season this dress will
do the trick for a night out!

For just strolling the beach at night, this sweater will work!

OK, so that is it! Oh, except for.....

Monday, May 30, 2011

In Honor of the New 4th Pirates of the Caribbean Movie…

In honor of the new fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie-
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, I am posting my
Jack Sparrow action figure. He is one of the few action figures
that I have not removed from the box…yet.

He is by the Zizzle Company.

So that you know, his body is the same as the Will Turner
action figure I previously posted.

He comes wearing a cloth coat, hat, grey vest, cream shirt
without a collar, two belts, tan knickers, brown boots
( that are not removable), compass, a sword and a pistol.
He also wears a bandanna on his head.

I still have a Will Turner available for sale on my
dollpage site.

I haven’t seen the movie yet but hope to do so soon!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Introducing Harold Hill!

When playing with dolls, some of my favorite supporting
charters are off brand dolls. The companies that make them
don't seem to go for the standard look you see in popular dolls
and action figures. Some how, the look that they have seems
to give them even more character!

So, here is Harold Hill. That is the name I have given him.
He is a thrift store fine. He is made by a company called Link
and his head says 2002.

He is the brother of Harry Hill, of “Harry’s Costume Shop ".
Harold is his younger brother. He is very handy
and is a contractor. His motto is that “Your job will be done
on time and on budget!” For him, no job is too big or too small.
He will only hirer trustworthy helpers and is stickler about
keeping you home clean while he works. All of these reasons
have made him successful and sought-after contractor.

He has a trusting face!

With a get it done attitude! Look for him in the doll pages.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Rebirth of Johnston!

A Brief Johnston History

A few years ago Johnston was deserted. It was literally a ghost town. The military base had been closed for several decades and because of that, business had left. The base closed over a dispute about the land. The person who sold the land didn’t really own it. It was taken too much time and money to fight or settle the case and the government pulled out and moved the base west. The rightful owners died, the train stopped running there and the town crumbled.
All of this was about to change! Forces collided to bring Johnston back to life!

In The Valley Of The Midnight Tree.

In The Valley Of The Midnight Tree.

In the valley of the midnight tree…
it is as dark as it came be.

The crows sit in the tree…

and chatter aimlessly.

In the valley of the midnight tree…

you’ll never know what will come to be…

or who you might just see.

All are praying to flee.

Hey, I'm just messing around with some things I have and the camera!

Monday, May 16, 2011

My Next Project!

The Laurent Family Home
Test Shots!

My next project is the Laurent family home. It will be the
scene of many other posts, so I need to get it right. Since
KiKi and her husband Terrence are from tropical climates,
KiK from Rouba and Terrence from St, Malcolm, their home
needs to have a tropical feel.

I am still working on the Ancestor's room also but now I am
taking some test shot of the family room. It is the hub
of the Laurent family home and it is a high traffic area. It
has to be big enough for many of the family members to
be in it at one time. The Laurents have grown children living
with them. This is a part of both their cultures to do so.
So there are many adults
living in the house.

KiKi loves earth tones and that is reflected in many areas of
the house. When the family room is finished I will introduce
other members of the family that haven't made the blog yet.
I am post these shot for feed back. I want to know what
you think? How large should the room be? What do you
think of the colors? Does it need something else in it?

I got this shelve and the rust vase at my favorite thrift store
for 4.oo total. I knew they would go well with the look.

Unforturnately I tried to put furniture polish on it to close to
the time I was taking pictures. once it dries it should all be an
even tone. Next time I will use a pait brush to do it. It will go
on more even that way. Right now there ar light and dark

A little seating area.

African elephant.

Morroccan sofa.

Roubian chests and honey wine pot.

Gardening hat. Nothing here is permanent. The pillows will
be sewn when I am sure they are staying.

Full view


Right side.

African zebra.

I purchase this zebra for the Laurent home but my husband
thinks that it should be for him. The zebra commentates
Dancing with the Stars and American Idol (I don't know
about that man sometimes!)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Latest Find!

A Thirft Store Quicky!
Well I went to my favorite thrift store to drop of some things.
I had not planned on making any purchases because I only
had a dollar on me. Can you say broke! This thrift store will
make you spend your last dollar… and I did. I couldn’t resist
these cuties for fifty cents. That’s right, it is not a typo,
I spent .50¢

Twins --- Boy and girl. I don’t know who they are by.
You can’t leave them in the store on mother’s day
weekend can you?

Look at their little faces! They look like a handful
don't they! Two times the trouble.

What! You don't want to take a nap!

It is a good thing that their feet don't reach the floor
or there would be some running involved.
and was about to leave when I saw this too!
Harumika Style Your Imagination…New/unopened for .50¢

I will take pictures when I open it!

There goes my last dollar!