Friday, October 25, 2019

Pick Up Dolls I Missed Out On!

Hey Gang

There are a few dolls I missed out on. Some never showed up in my area.
And others I just didn't get when they were in the local stores.  I have add these
new dolls to my dolly universe.

First up is WWE Naomi!

 Mattel promo photo!

I found her at a store called Forman Mills.  They are a discount clothing store.
They also carry some household items and other things like toys. I was there looking
for some things to wear on vacation and I saw her there. I had been looking
for her when she came out but never found her in my area. She comes with
the two outfits you see above.  It is rare to get two outfits with a doll so this

was nice.

Her body is different from Barbie.  She is muscular and that I guess is a good thing
for a fighter!
The signature outfit!
 The dress!

Warning! There will be pictures of nude dolls!

Body comparison!

 Hand comparison!
 The foot comparison!

Her feet are larger than Barbie so she can't wear Barbie shoes. I have found other
shoes that I had that she can wear.  I did find these gold shoes with bows that she
can fit. Depending on the outfit she can wear some Barbie clothes.

Many people on the web have rebodied her but for now I will keep her on this body.
The doll looks more like Jennifer Hudson to me!

Next Up is Fashionista # 106 Rainbow Floral!

Mattel promo photo.
I got her a Target for $3.00.I have been admiring her for a while. Here lip paint
need help. Not sure if she was an error or a return that someone messed with but
I had to correct her lip paint.

 The flowered dress is nothing special and neither are the shoes.  She will get a
new made to move body when I get a chance.  At $3.00 for the doll, I can afford
to get her a new body when I find one.
The shoes!
I think she looks like a dark Gabriel Union.

Next Up is Marvel Rising Patriot!

I purchased Marvel Rising Patriot  action figure at Forman Mills also! He was $7.99!
I think he was more because he is articulated.

Promo Pictures first!  You know I removed him from the box before I left the store!😃

 I think he looks like Micheal B. Jordan. 
 What do you think?
He comes with a great costume that is removable!

He is shorter thanks Ken dolls, even the Slim Kens.
 He has blue hands that makes it hard for making him look normal!
They pull of and can be replaced.
 He is broader than Ken dolls especially the slim dolls.
 He has larger feet than Ken.
New hands and a new outfit and he is one of the teens around here!
Marvel Rising Patriot
He has the new hands.
 MH Clawd hands with the long nails cut off!
 He has a lopsided smile that is endearing! 
 Heading to school!
 Meeting up with some others as crossing the park!
Micheal and Vanessa!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Fixes I Will Have To Do!

Hey Gang!

The humid weather effect the paint on one of my repaints and another doll's
hair paint will also need repair!

 Zhang and Ryan!
 These rubs/scratches on my doll who is probably less than a year old!
 I love my Ryan repaint and I was sad to find him this way!  I can repaint the eye!
This may be harder that find a other head and repainting the hair, eyebrows and beard.
So I started withn Zhang! I thought he was an easier fix! I used a q-tip to rub
black paint into the area and blend it in and I darkened the whole close cut area.
After that I sealed!

 Zhang turned out well!
Next up is Ryan!  I had to look through my head and body box.  I found another
Ryan head that I repainted like the other!

The old head!

The new repainted head!

While I had the paint out! I want to make a redheaded Chelsea boy! So I took a
brunette and painted him!
 Mattel doesn't do many redheads!
 He is Ryan's baby brother Roy!
I found him that the head and body box and repainted him too! 
I don't know what I will do with him but here he is!
 He need a little more cleanup. He can be a new character!
 I got an Inferno doll in my travels for $5.00!
I didn't like the painted on pants so I move him to an old Fashionista Ken articulated body!
He will get more play time on this body and  plan to name him Carlos!
I will work out the rest of his story.  It was easy to get the head on this body
and he needs a little more work to get the head on a little lower!

OK, Thanks For Looking!