Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Few Boys Need To Go!

Hey Gang!

I have a few guys that are on the list of items to go. I buy some dolls and action figures for the clothes. I don't need the doll or action figure so they can leave my collection. I have a few nude guys on the list to go! There is a Will Turner, he is the one without the ponytail.
High School Musical (HSM) Chad. I need his sweats
Patrick Duffy from Enchanted. I need his coat and suit.
Diamond Prince who I got for his clothes too!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Paper Ally Re-Ment Pieces!

My new pieces from Paper Ally have arrived! All I can say is WOW! smidge girl from Smidge House turned me on to this site!-- Thanks smidge girl!---It was a great find. Paper Ally is a great seller. In my mind there are a few things that set a seller apart from a great seller. First is the items. Paper Ally has great items! Next is the shipping. Shipping includes the shipping cost, how fast it comes and the way in which it is shipped. Paper Ally fall into the great seller on all of these area! Then there is the cost of the item. The Paper Ally cost was great on the items that were being sold. Finally, is the quality of the item especially compared to the picture shown. Paper Ally items were quality! If anything the picture didn't do them justice! This was one of those purchase that I was very pleased with!

OK! Here is what I got! French Breads Delight and Elegant Muffins and Scones!

How they arrived! Very Nice! I open it before I thought of taking the picture! I was too excited!

Packaged so nothing would break! Nice!
At first I thought they were the same thing but they were not!

The boxes they came in!

The insert!
Each piece came individually wrapped like candy!

A cutting board, egg wash, flour with scooper, four types of bread! As a person who bakes, these pieces look good!

The insert!

A stand, plates and pastries!

The Set Up!

Steven thinks everything looks tasty! I will need to do a diorama to highlight these pieces!

Monday, January 25, 2010

New man in my life! Updated!

Hey Gang!

Don't tell my husband but there is a new man in my life!
I purchased a Rocawear Darren this weekend. I wasn't going to the toy
store, it kinda just happen.  While I was there...guess who I saw.

I didn't realize I was running to the register until I saw people staring at me!
I am really not a MIB kinda girl. He was out of the box by the time I got to
my car.

My review

I could never get a really good look at him online! I couldn't tell what 
he really looked like!  The pictures on the back of the other Rocawear doll 
boxes did him a little better justice.  I think you do have to see him in 
person!  I have always thought that face paint on a doll is  what gives 
them their character and this is true for Darren. His head mold says 2009 
which is new. Although, he does have the Jamal/Steven face.  It is not 
quite as large as some of the balloon head males dolls but not as small 
as the original Jamal.  The face paint makes his features more 
pronounced! His lips and nose look broader than Jamal.  It gives 
him his own look even with the Jamal face!  His hair is painted on 
in a close-cut style which is often referred to as a "Philly".  It is 
different for the "Philly Fade" seen here on the Splash and Color 
Steven. (FYI-Philly leads the trends on AA men's hair fashion.) His 
eyes are hazel. His body is the same as the jointed AA Prince Aidan doll. 
He has a slightly redder hue.

AA Aidan, Darren and Steven

2009 was a good year for the Mattel Barbie line and AA dolls. The Basic, 
AA Basic and the SIS lines are moving well!  

OK, untied sneakers have played out!
Great outfit! 

He is Louis Laurent! His family calls him LL.
2009 was a good year for the Mattel Barbie line and AA dolls.
The Basic, AA Basic and the SIS lines are moving well!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cleaning out and clearing out--First on the list of things to go..... Bratz!

In cleaning out and clearing out I will look at the things I know that must go first!
#1 Bratz

I have been given a few Bratz dolls by well meaning friends and some came as part of an auction for other things that I wanted. Bratz are not my cup of tea. Many people like them but they are just not me. So the Bratz dolls are a no brainer and are number one on my list of things to go. I have four females dolls and one male doll, a car and some clothes that I will need to find a new home for. Anyone looking for Bratz contact me. I do trades!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Grant Fuhr

A while back I purchased a Grant Fuhr action figure. I admit I am not a sports fan and that I did not know who he was when I purchased him. He looked like a good ethnic face so he went into the cart. When I got him home I was busy search or a new body for him, so I didn't look him up then. It was only when I was considering to selling his clothes did I look him up.
I was surprised at who Grant Fuhr was. His is credited as the first black/biracial Hockey player to make the Hall of Fame in Hockey. He is considered to be one of the greatest goaltenders to ever play the game. He definitely should be in my collection. Thanks to Black History at blogspot for the link. Who says you can't learn something new playing with dolls!

I put his head on a Integrity Toys Alejandro In Style body. The original body was too big for the head. It also couldn't wear Ken or action figure clothes. I have added a little more gray to his hair to make him look balanced.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Brothers! The Boys from Brazil

Brothers! The Boys from Brazil

One of the easiest ways to have a doll family is to use the
same head molds. Here we have two brothers. Both are the
HSM Chad heads but for the taller one I have put the
Chad head on a Steven Palm Beach body. The Steven doll
has the right complexion.

Now he is the older brother. Style the hair just a little
different and I haven't given them names yet. I already
have a doll named Chad. I will let you know when I
name them.

I thought that Brazilian Barbie should be their sister
because she has the same unruly hair.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Who luv ya baby! Bald and Beautiful!

Hair they are!

Bald men and bald doll aren't given their props! I wanted to feature my bald dolls in this posting. I had some figures and dolls that had painted on hair on a bald head but I didn't think that counted. A bald head can be very sexy! Think Telly Savalas in Kojak or Isaac Hayes at the Gramies for Shaft or Avery Brooks as the Hawk in Spencer for Hire or Yul Brynner in the King and I. So.....Take off your hats and don't hide your baldness. Bald dolls/action figures of the world unite!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A New Year Sweeps Clean!

I want to make space for new dolls and doll items in my collection but first I need to get rid of some old things. I do a lot of head swapping, some of the swaps go well and others ....not so much. There were a few issues when I first started doing it that I have over come now. I am left with a bag of heads and bodies that I really don't want. To this I must add a few extra dolls that I wanted at the time I purchased them but don't feel I need them now. Finally, does anyone need all the hair brushes that come with dolls. I know I don't! I don't want to see them in a landfill either. What's a girl to do!

So I looking to do some sales! I have sold on eBay before and it has some pluses and some minuses. I am interested in finding out about new ways to sell my extra items. I have found that for items that are not expensive, it is easier to sell them at a yard sale than at auction. So if anyone out there has a suggestion, I'm all ears!

Monday, January 4, 2010

My Favorite Female Action figures

Introducing Trina Trent.....

This is one of my favorite female action figures. Well... the truth is that I only have two. So here is the first. I call her Trina Trent. She is from MC toys Power Team Elite. She came as part of a pair (male and female) dressed in camis and boots but I have redressed her. She is one of the few females in the action figure line. I think there were four more but I only like her. I purchase her about three years ago from Big Lots. Here hips, waist and bust are fuller than Barbie so she can't wear Barbie clothes. Her feet are flat and very small so she is a hard shoe fit. She has a very beautiful face with a black mole by her right eye. She can stand by herself and is very easily posed! She seem like a strong women. Both feminine and masculine at the same time!

Little feet!!!

On one leg!