Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Head Swap of the Week!

Here is my Head Swap dolls of the week!

Barbie Basics #10 body and Asha head. I was
inspired by Niel's Doll Room. He suggested
on a Model Muse body. Sadly, there are more
Asha heads out there than there are Shani.

Asha on MM body

I will play with #10 face more on this body.

Cheeta Girl outfit just for now.

I borrowed the pose!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jullia in #10 Barbie Basics Black Dress

Julia is my Favorite doll! Wear she is in the #10

Barbie Basics black dress. She arrives at the movie premeir.

The paparazzi swarm her.

Always cool under pressurer she
tell the paparazzi that she
will let them have their
pictures but things must
stay orderly!
They comply.

"Over here" they yell!

One last photo then she enters.

Pose for the camera.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Whoa It Is Joey!

Joey Russo

Philly Collector posted her Blossom doll and asked
me to post my Joey Russo from the TV show Blossom.
So here he is. What I like about him is his face. It captures
the cuteness of the actor(Joey Lawrence) who
played the part of Joey Russo. He really has a sweet face.

Face Closeup

He is in his original outfit of white tee, plaid shirt
around his waist, (Yes, we use to do that back then
as fashion. Now it only done to hide and expanding
rear that it really doesn't hide!) acid washed jean
with rips at the knee (Yes, we did that too!) and a
leather bikers jacket. He sports a sliver ring on his
left hand.

As you know I love comparison so I am comparing him
to Todd and HSM Ryan for scale. (In 2010 I will try to
keep full dolly nudity(FDN) to a minimum.) As you can
see they are about the same size and can wear each others
clothes and shoes. Joey does have a swivel neck which is a plus.

Foot compared to the foot of HSM doll. Note:
There are more HSM male clothes available to
be purchased than any other doll this size.

Can wear same shoes!

Monday, March 15, 2010

My purchase from the Flower Show

I picked up a few miniatures to add to my dioramas from
the Phila. International Flower Show. There were a lot of
great thing to buy but I controlled myself. I still don't
know how I'm going to use them but here they are!

Tea Sets! Trina had to step in
and show her new jacket
I got from Monkey Depot.

Copper pails/vase--They look antique so
maybe for an older couple.
Sorry PC-Joey post on Wed.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My New Purchase!

New Purchase!

This my new purchase--- The My Scene---Guava Gulch Tiki Lounge
What a Guava Gulch is?... I don't know.
I saw it it the stores when it first came out(2003-2004).
That was before I started viewing and doing dioramas.
I thought it was cute but didn't purchase it. Thank goodness for ebay!

Philly Collector has got me now reading the boxes now.
The box says " The reggae's pumpin" and the girls are jumpin;
at the hottest local spot in Jamaica. I'm not so sure what kind
of message that they are trying to send to young girls with that!
It also says "as seen in the My Scene movie: Jammin in Jamaica.
Has anyone seen the movie? I hope they are jumping rope!
Anyway..... here it is out of the box.

Love these chairs! I will have to make some cushions for
them. They may not stay with the set.Table and umbrella...
very cute.

Palm leaves, torches and tiki pots/stands... also cute.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Miniatures from the Flower Show

Just popped in to show A few miniatures for sale from the Phila. Flower Show!