Frugal Dolly Finds!

Diorama Items!
Well, we are coming into the fall Holidays! That's 
right Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. As great
as all the holidays are for us people, they are an even
better time for dolls! So keep your eyes open for good
thing that can become great doll things! So here are
some pictures of some things I found last year!

Many Christmas ornaments are great doll items!
These sweaters are Christmas ornaments. They
are up for sale or trade too.  See my sale and
trade items.

The sled is an ornament too!

These Home Depot aprons are gift card holders.

Also look for things like this trinket holder that
could be used as a shelf.

Don’t forget that those Xmas cards make great artwork
and window scenery for your doll rooms.  Check those
calendars too before you throw them away.  They could
be your new background for you next post.

Making Of The Tube Dress.
One of my cheap doll finds and easy doll outfits is
the tube dress. Here are some pictures of the dress
and my tutorial.

Long dress!

Short dress!
To see the how to's, click below.

So this is what I found in the Dollar Tree!
A grass print tablecloth! I cut off the XO border
and now I have cheap large scale grass field that I
can use for dioramas!

I have been using it for my dios. I think this item
might be seasonal and not there for long!
Grass floor on these two dioramas is this grass table cloth.
Dollar Tree sofas and chairs are great for your dioramas!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Please keep watching for update!