Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Day At Work!-Teenage Angst and Antics

So, it is Naji's first day at work!Check him out!

Thanks for watching!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Introducing ...Brice Lee

Introducing Brice.
This is Brice Lee. He is my new Asian male that I got as
a swap! I am lovin’ the swaps.

He is a Joe!

About Brice:
He is new to town. He just started at the museum as the
lighting specialist. He is also a military reservist. He
moved to town for the job and to not have to travel so
long to a base for his reserve weekends. He is very
organized in what he does!

He is trying out the salon Hairatage. This is where Bling
works along with her friend Michael.

She is outside sitting on her car passing the time
before her shift starts.

She sees Brice head for the salon.

She texts Michael to get the 411 on him. Michael does most
of the male haircuts. Bling know Michael will work on him.

She can always count on Michael for help. That is part
of the reason she moved her.

In a small town a girl can't afford to be slow.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Latest Doll Crush!

This is my latest Doll Crush! I say latest because when we get a new doll, some others get ignored. So here she is and here my first video! I am not going to tell you the amount of work that went into such a short clip but WOW! I need a nap!

Jin Loung
So please take a look at my video. Click below for video!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When The Music Stopped ,This Is What I Had!-Update!

OK, you know they say everything you needed to know
you learned in kindergarten. Well I think that is true!
When I was a child, there were three popular games.
One, two, three red light, hide and go seek and musical
chairs! These games really got everyone going!
So I play some musical chairs today... or should I say musical bodies!
Here are our candidates

Barbie Basics #15

And of course we add....
Fashionista Ken brunette. You guessed that.

What you didn't expect is....Finally we add Liv Jake

And we start the music. Insert your favorite song
What we end up with is

Jake's head on Barbie Basic #15, #15 head
on Fashionista Ken and Fashionista's head on Jake!

What do you think?

Update!--As requested.

I hope this pictures gives you a better look!

I asked KiKi to step in for scale! She wanted to
show off her new dress!

KiKi: Honey your head is soo big it's gotta hurt!

You head even blocks out the light. See
how dark these photos are.

Fashionista Ken and re-bodied Barbie Basic#15.
The little bit of neck on the fashionista's head
make him taller.

Original Fashionista and rebodied and re-styled
Fashionista. There is about an inch difference.
So he will be the little brother.

Barbie Basic #15 Swapped With Fashionista Ken!

OK! So I tried it. Not too bad. If the fashionista neck
was a little longer, it would have been perfect.
But hey, it will do!

Bowling anyone?

Now he need a story!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Things I Swapped For!

I recently did some swapping!
Here are picture of the first thing I received in a swap.
They are from Alrunia, one of my favorite people on
First this triple strand necklace

Dominique loves theses!

And this one too!

Some fun stuff for Aya too

She love bracelets!

Both arms for balance!

Reecie loves the drama of this jacket and stockings.

Reecie: Are you sure this thing is safe?

Ms. Leo: You are plastic right?

Reecie: I'm not doing is again!


It is tea time! I wonder who will get these!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fashionista Ken

I went to WalMart last night to get one of the
Fashionista Ken dolls to do some head swapping.
FYI, Fashionista Kens are cheaper at Walmart
than Target!

Vanessa of Van's Doll Treasures said that she didn't
think the body worked for the Barbie Basic Ken doll.
So if I was going to get one, it better be one that I
liked. I wanted the brunette Ken from last year.
I like him better than the blond. If it worked, then
I could buy a new blond just for the swap. If not,
at least I had a doll I liked.

WalMart had the new Fashionista Ken dolls in and
just the blond from the last years' Fashionista Kens.
I wasn't really happy with the clothes of last years'
Fashionista Ken doll. I was just OK with the brunette
doll's clothing of last year. I didn't like the blond dolls
outfit. Hey Mattel, lay off the pink for guys thing will ya!
I really hate this years' outfits. They really look cheesy!
Like bad 70's throwbacks! I really wanted the last years
brunette Ken. Now, I can buy a doll just for the body or
the clothes. I prefer to get both that I like but lately that
is rare. The lines were soo long in Walmart that I walked
out with nothing remembering why I don't go there too
much. OK, mumble, mumble, mumble and
gripe, gripe, gripe.

Anyway, I took a few pictures while there to share
with you.

This is bad 70's. Do you remember those tuxedo shirts?
Oosp! Dating myself!

It doesn't look better close up. Pink top stitching
and plaid vest.

This outfit isn't much better. You can't see the
silver sneakers that comes with this jacket/top.
I thought this was interesting though. The same
doll with a slight different face. The eyes are different
on the second one. The lips are a little darker too.


second-sad eyes!
FYI- The Fashionista heads are on sale for $3.50 at Walmart.
I may get a few for background dolls.

WalMart is Finally Putting Liv Items On Sale!

Can You Believe It!
Almost two months after Target's Sale, WalMart
is finally putting Liv Playsets and clothing on sale.

Clothing- This set and others on sale for $5.00 and
coats are also on sale for $3.00

Playsets too! Playset $7.00.
Dolls are still not on sale but we can hope!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Torn Between Versions of the Same Doll!

I have three versions of
High School Musical Gabriella.

The first is HSM 1 Gabriella –first issue if the doll,

the second is HSM 3 Graduation Gabriella

and third is prom date Gabriella.

Yes they all need their fly-aways handled but
I am in a hurry.

The last two both came out the same year. The first issue
doll is beige-ish complexion as more dolls were issued,
the Gabriella dolls for some reason got darker! The
last two dolls the Grad and the Prom dolls are darkest
with Prom being darker than Grad. Now I never saw
the movies so maybe there is something in them
that explains it like she was in South America for a
while but I don’t know why she kept getting darker.
I thought about that while reading
Black Doll Collecting's blog on the Liv Alexis.

My dilemma-
I only need to keep one doll but which one.
I have narrowed it to Prom and Grad. They do look
different. I love the complexion on the Grad and the
Prom date dolls. She is a caramel color on both but
Prom is a little darker with darker lip color. I love the
hair on the Prom too. It is not an everyday hairstyle…
the up do…so she does stand out. It harder for her to be
just one of the girls with that do! The complexions make
it harder than just keeping the head too or maybe I’m
being too picky . Decisions, decisions, decisions!
What would you do?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Purchase Barbie Basic # 15!

#15 Barbie Basics!
I purchased Barbie Basics #15 with hopes of redoing
him soon. He is a very cute guy but first thing I’ll have
to do is find him a new body! I can’t stand those poser
MM bodies of the Barbie Basics dolls! Come on Mattel,
get it together! Make the Basics with articulation will ya!

I am thinking about make him Asian. I already have this
face as a blond. I saw him as an OOAK Asian doll on the
doll page. I also so him redone as a Johnny Depp lookalike
too! I really liked them both. I will be looking for the right
outfits too. When he is done I will post him. Here
are a few pictures for now!


I may purchase #16 too but I’m not sure yet.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Flea Market Finds!

Flea Market Items!
I went to a flea market this weekend and I found these
items and I also got a great recipe while there to try. You
will see my finds now and I'll tell you how the recipe came
out later.


This bike
It is all metal and a great size for my dolls on Liv bodies
or my teen dolls.

Fi at the park!
Fiona is getting in some exercise. She knows she
should eat right and exercise to stay youthful!

This doll?
I think she is Wizards of Waverly Place
Alex Russo/Selena Gomez. I thought she was a HSM
Gabriella doll when I saw her in the toy bin but she is not.
Which is good because I already have one.

Alex and Gabriella
Warning Nude Dolls!

She is the same size as female HMS dolls but the
body is a little different.

The hip joint is different

and the right hand is the same while...

the left hand is different. Finger aren't as curved!

If you are interested in a Gabriella doll, just look on
my dollpage site.

Lastly this!

I am not sure what it was supposed to be
but it looked like a great fireplace to me!

I took out the insert and will make it
a window or maybe a piece of art work.

As a fireplace!
They all
were .50¢. It was a great day for my doll budget!