Friday, January 24, 2014

Back To St. Malcolm!

Hey Gang,

If the weather there is as bad as it is here, you like me need a little get away.
So, let's go to St. Malcolm for a few.  It is a balmy 88 degrees, you will
hear the sound of the ocean and steel drums.

Jasper Nealson is  a daredevil, animal activist, animal rescuer and new writer.
He is trying to to capture on film some of his underwater adventures
to turn into segment that he can shopper round as a TV pilot on animal adventure.

Jasper: This is fascinating!
He is diving off the coast of the island of Meana near St. Malcolm when he get a
radio call.
( in a nasal tone)
Myrtle: Jasper this is Myrtle can you hear me? over

Jasper didn't know that Myrtle had attached the radio to his equipment.
Jasper:  Unfortunately I can Myrtle!  You connected a radio to the
equipment?   I am trying to capture the beauty of this coral reef.
Can't I get a little peace?

Myrtle:  No,... and you didn't say over!  We have to be able to reach you in
an emergency!  I just got a call from rescue about an injured penguin
on the island of St. Malcolm! Over.
If you read this post anywhere other than

It is a fake!!! Run!!

Jasper: I didn't hear you correctly... it must be this dang equipment!

What...You don't get penguin out here... they must be mistaken! Oh yeah ...over.

Myrtle:  They said it is a penguin and it is in pretty bad shape.  Rescue
wants to know if you can go over.  They are sending a
copper. Over!
Jasper:  I'll go...I don't need a chopper.  Tell them to cancel it.  I'll windsurf over!
Tell them I'm going to head out. Over.

Myrtle:  I'll guest you will be able to fit you medical bag on the surfboard? 

Jasper: Yep!
Myrtle:  Oh by the way, shark number 157A is in the area.  His tracker
just showed up on the screen.

Jasper: Number 157A?  What is Dick Cheney doing here? He is a long
distance from home.  He should be off the Cape of Good Hope.

Myrtle:  Uh...I don't think anyone but you will find calling
number 157A Dick Cheney funny.

Jasper: True...

Myrtle:  And your daughter Tori is here too!

Jasper: WOW!  Dick Cheney  and Tori together!

Tori: I heard that Dad!  (Laughter from both father and daughter)

Operator:  Mrs. Laurent, can you wait there until he arrives.  We don't want
anything to happen to the penguin until he gets there.  He will be windsurfing over
in 10 minutes.

Windsurfing... Oh My!  I'll send Winston to meet him at the dock.

Can you send Winston to meet the rescuer at the dock in 10 minutes?
Right away!                                 

Jasper: You got to love this place!  The sea and the beauty!

 Jasper: OK there is the dock!

Jasper: I going to head over by the stairs!

Winston heads down the beach and over to the dock.

Winston:   So rescue mon comin' to help the penguin!  I should be able to see
him from the dock.


Winston:  I can believe it! Him surfing in!

Winston:  I guess dat why him a rescue mon.

Jasper pulls up on his board and steps onto the beach.

Winston: You mus' be Dr. Nealson.
Jasper: Call me Jasper!

Winston: OK, Jasper! Mrs. Laurent she be down the beach with the animal.  I take you over.

Oh, here they come!

Here he is!  Here is the penguin!
Jasper:  So it is a penguin?


Jasper:  Poor little fellow.  How did is happen?

He looks at the penguin.

I think it may have been done by that shark! I saw it out there.

Jasper:  No that's not a shark bite. And that shark out there is
number 157A.  I call him  Dick Cheyenne.  He had heart problems as a
young shark, he is missing vision in one eye and he is just about five feet.
He is a little small.  He was probably drawn by the blood in the water.
I've been tracking him for two weeks.  That looks more like a boating injury.
I'm going to call for a rescue vac.  I will have them come back for Dick Cheyenne
too. He really needs better care.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Doll Club Meeting!

Hey Gang!

We had our doll club meeting.  It was informal but it was great fun!
We met in a local recreation center in their small art room.  I setup a
table were we could put our items and we used the side table for
refreshments (coffee and donuts).  We did a show and tell, some trades
and give-a-ways and internet and web news and sites info.

Cindy of Cyndy Bee's was there. Sadly I didn't get a photo of Dana, the dolls
she had for show and tell or any pictures of myself.  I guess I was having
too much fun.  I'll do better next time. 

She is the image of Southern Graciousness!
She had with her a doll case that her husband made for her dolls. Is this
She has felt feet/stoppers on the bottom of the draws and the inside of the case.
Isn't that a nice touch.
The bar for hanging clothes is even a presure rod so that it can be moved.
I love her black and white details on the case.

I decided to show a few of my rebodied dolls, IKEA dollhouse,and
some thrift store finds.

First up are my rebodies dolls Max and Marie.  I showed them here with
their donor body precipitants.   The IKEA house made a nice backdrop
for them.

Next is the house itself.  I first saw it on Vanessa's blog.  I paid
about 8.00 for mine but you can find it online at their site for less
If you read this post anywhere other than

It is a fake!!! Run!!
Here is the outside of the house.

One of the inside rooms.

I went out to a few thrift stores looking to clothing to put on my Max 
and Marie but I didn't see anything for them.  I found plenty of other things.
I found this Vespar for my Momoko doll Martina.  She has been bugging me
about having a ride.  I thought other would like to see it so it came along
for show and tell.

I have a barbie knitting book I thought others would like to take a look at.

 There are some really great patterns inside.
Barbie Skating outfits.
Sweater Coats!  I just love sweater coats.
 Maybe one day I will make some of this stuff.
 Marvin came along for show and tell also.  Since you don't see many
JLS dolls I thought he would be good for show and tell.
 After reading Roxanne's Dolls blog on him, I knew everyone would
want...a better look at him.
I purchase a island from Blinky Dolls Boutique that I also had for show and tell.
The detail on this piece is incredible.  It the best doll related item I
currently own. The plate you see there is just some of the wonderful goodies
that came with my order.

Next is my Pretty Girls doll Lena!

I am so glad that I purchase her.  She my new favorite.
Here she is in the box.  Between the time I opened the box and the meeting
I lost her shoes and she had to wear Jakks shoes to the meeting.  It is good
to know that she can do it.
We tried some Lena clothing on this Mixis doll that Dana had there. 
She can fit it!  Lena wiill need a few more clothing items, so it is good
to know a few scources.
The Gang notice a box that was a gift to me from Cyndee Bee.

They want to know what is in it and are guessing.

You get to see the things I got at the meeting in the next post.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thrift Store Cutie!

Hey Gang,

I was out paying a bill and stopped by an area thrift store.  I almost missed
this doll hiding in the bottom of the bang of items.

She is dressed for Christmas and has red hair.  I can't past up a redhead!
She has a very cute face!  One that I don't remember seeing before.

I thought she might not be Mattel but her head is stamped Mattel 2003.
I thought she might be the head sculpt of my Fern...

but she isn't.
She came in a pack that contained all the above for less that a dollar. I
think I got a bargin!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Friday, January 3, 2014

FOR 2014! Up Date!

Hey Gang!

Inspired by Dana, I too am planning what I want to do and
what I need to do in 2014. So what is on my list?
Blog Stuff

1. Making sure all my post have proper labels.
I like it when I go to a blog and can find things be caused
there are labels.

 2. Update my blogg with a new banner.
I hope in doinging this it won't screw up things. I had that
problem when I changed the layout of my. It is important
keep things fresh.

3. Restore and delete some posts.
In reviewing some of my post I noted spelling errors and I
even deleted a post by accident. I will fix that. I will make an
effort to proof better but I'm not the best at proofing my self.

4. Better organize in what I do and how I do it.
If I plan my post , I could do more of them.

Doll stuff!

5. Reduce!
Get rid of dolls I don't want,  doll things I have duplicates of and
know what I really have.

6. Froggy more stuff and spend less money on stuff I can make.

7. Do better on theDoll Page.
Sell more stuff and be better organized with my page.

8. Have more time for pure play.

OK, Thanks For Looking!