Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Clones Are Coming!

The Clones!

As we get closer to the Holidays, we are seeing more
clone dolls. Thrift Store dolls posted about them and
so did Niel's Doll Room. It can be a good thing or a bad
thing. Some clones are interesting with great clothing
or accessories and give us a chance to get a doll... or just maybe
a head or body that we want or need. Others remind us that it
is Halloween and are scary. So here are a few things I
have seen on my travels!

I saw these cars in Family Dollar. Not a bad price but dolls
sits a little high in the car. They will be taller than the
windshield. I don't know if this is true of Barbie cars and
is no big deal. So, let me know. I know it is true of putting
Barbie in other cars. Ex. Bling in Bratz car. It looks like
a two seater but the seats are small. I think that is why
one doll is pictured on the box.

I found these clones of Lalaloopsy Dolls . I had to look twice to
know that they were clones because I am not familiar with
the doll. Note doll in the middle has an "O" mouth.

True doll!

This girls are AA Barbie clones. For as much as we all complain
about some barbies bodies, almost all clones sadly have
poor body construction. I purchased a similar doll 2 years ago just
for the head and the clothing. I will show her to you in the future

Here is some of the scary! This girl is a Barbie clone who's
face was painted by someone who had a little to much to
drink or who hasn't learned to paint within the lines!

Trick or Treat! Oh yes...trick! If you needed a few
new outfits, she might work. Often too, the quality
of clone clothing is not as good as Barbie but you
don't get everything pink either. I think this was
a Jomar's doll.

This doll looks like Summer. It is the first time that
I haveseen a Summer clone but maybe one of you have see

Not the best face paint but a good likeness!

The real Summer!

Note that the legs on the clone are super slim and
I would bet you has a pancake but too!

Does this logo on the box look strangely familiar too!
I found this doll at one of the Wright stores. One of the dolls
I did purchase is the next doll.

All the boxes of these dolls were beat up! Many were open
with items removed. I found this one intact. I purchased it
for the baby! All the other boxes the babies were removed.
Ifound the only "good" one in the store. By the way,
has anyone else notice the removal of kid dolls from sets?
It seems to be happening a lot here! I'm not sure if it is
a child or adults going this.

The baby is really cute and I would have paid alot to get one
on eBay.

I will have to find the baby some clothing. The doll
is nude in the carrier.

That is it! Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Check out This Tutorial!

My buddy Alrunia did this tutorial of Flickr!
It is on how to make a simple halter.
Please check it out!

My Pre-Halloween Leg Transplant!

The Leg Transplant!
I promised you guys I would post Brenda's leg transplant
once it was complete. So her it is.

When I first post Brenda last year at Christmas, She was
on her original body. She didn't have articulation. Now that
she is going to be in stories, she needs to be able to move. I
had been looking for a new body for her.

Another picture of her on her old body.

I loved the graceful hand of this doll I received in trade
form Anika at Dollz4Moi. Thanks again Anika!
They are "prettier" than the hand of the Fashionista dolls
and many of the other dolls with articulation. I swapped
Brenda's head to this body!

The only problem was that she had flat feet! This means
no high heals! She has to have heels! So I remembered a
post from Alrunia where she talked about transferring
the legs from certain types of Barbie dolls. So that is
what I did. The site Alrunia referred to no longer exists
but her comment suggests how.

Thanks Alrunia! This post is for you!


It works best on dolls that have their legs attached with the
black rubber band style attachment or elastic. I checked to
see if the ballerina had that type of leg joint and she did.

Next I had a donor leg body. It was the Dancing Brandy doll.
She was the first brandy they did. The neck on this doll
was strange but the legs were what I wanted.

They too had the black rubber attachment at the legs.

I cut the legs from the body and removed all black rubber
pieces that had held the legs together on both sets of legs.

I then used elastic to re-attach the legs to the body.

I used 1/4 inch elastic. I would had preferred black but
white was the only color my local WalMark had.

I restring the legs making them tight and knotting them.

I them cut off the extra elastic from the joint.

So her she is! My new and improved Brenda!

I hope this inspires others to do the same and have the
doll of your dreams. If you try it, please let me know.
Thanks for looking!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Twins Lisa and Keisha

The Twins!
Here is the other Laurent sibling that you have not met.

Keisha and Lisa. They are fraternal twins. Maybe it was
because there were two of them or maybe is was because
they are so vivacious but ever since they were born they
really turned up the volume and excitement in the
Laurent home. These two really love color but in
different ways.

Lisa is the oldest by two minutes! she really loves
colorful makeup. She went to school to be a
makeup artist. She is the more outgoing of the two.

Keisha is the younger of the two. She is taller and and
a little heavier. she loves wearing colorful clothing.
Sometimes little too colorful. Keisha went to secretarial
school. She is not as outgoing as her sister. She is very
honest and trusting. Lisa and the rest of their sibling are
always making sure that Keisha isn't taken advantage
of. Keisha can also be stubborn.

They are very close as most twins are. They are also
close with their brother Tre'.

Meet The Greens!

Meet the Greens!
This is Grant Green and his wife Adallah.

Grant is the owner of the Green Fund. The Green Fund
finds investment businesses in emerging markets. He met
Adallah while she was studying and working as a translator.
Grant is Camille's younger brother.

Sister and Brother!

Grant has moved to the U.S. so that his families can get to
know each other better and so his wife won't be alone when
he is on business trips.

Grants' daughters, The Green Girls!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Moring of Mixing and Matching!

This morning I spent de-boxing and mixing and matching.
so let me show you a little of what I did. You remember
this guy. Well I found him some hands.

They are not the best match but they are much better than
the black gloves. I'm calling him Victor. I haven't got a bio
or story for him so he won't be in characters yet.

He says hi!

Next is Trichelle! You remember her too don't you?

Well parts went everywhere! Her body went to AA Diva
Barbie. I love her face and want to add her as a character.

Her name is Sierra. I will be posting her bio this week
so stay tuned!

Sierra has a younger sister and her name is Sienna.

Francie has Trichelle's jacket! It looks so cute on her. She will
be receiving her story and her family too very soon.

I found this doll in a thrift store.She is by
Kodansha (the writing on the back of dolls is getting smaller
and smaller :)) and I have seen her sold in Kmart. I didn't
like her body and she is now on a HSM body. Can you
guess which one?

She is Aya's tutor student Charlotte!

I tried Trichelles head on the same HSM doll. This one
has a slightly darker skin tone. The head works but the
makeup is a little to extreme for a teen. Should she stay
with a makeup change? Should she be left the way she is
with a story explaining the makeup? I take votes on
that too!

Finally, you remember Brenda as a child. Well it took some
head swapping to get her. Remember in the picture she was
bigger than Steven but smaller than Maya.

Here is the final swap! I had a mermaid Kelly who's hair turns
pink in hot water. You know I didn't need that but I liked and
need the body. I also received a AA Ballerina Barbie and Kelly
from Dollz4Moi. Thanks!!!

I like the head of the Kelly but not the feet.
So the Mermaid Kelly head is now of the ballerina body.
I purchase a SIS Kianna. Her head is on the mermaid Kelly's
body. The AA smug face Kelly body and the ballerina head
are together as young Brenda! Wow! you can't tell
the players without a score card or should I say picture. BTW
Grown up Brenda has the AA ballerina body. I just love her
hands and arms. I am planning a leg transplant on her. Stay
tuned for that too!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Trip To Big Lot

Big Lot
Sorry guys, I've been very busy the last 10 days and have
not had much time to post. I will try and make up for that.
I went to Big Lots hoping for an AA guy or maybe a
Asian but no luck! I did get these.

I hate the gloved hands!

I think I have a pair of extra hands around.

And Her! I don't need the face but I can use the body.
I notice the newer versions of this doll are darker.