Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Post For The Year!

Hey Gang!

I hope to have a lot of posts coming up!  Santa got me a new
camera for Christmas! I no longer have to share a camera with
my husband!  That also means I better know where my camera
is and not ask him did he see it. Now all I need is a new computer!

I've been work off of a tablet lateley.  My tablet is a lot faster than
my old computer but it can do everything. I can't upload pictures
with the tablet and my computer is on it's last leg! So I'm at the
libray posting!

I want to show you my last head swaps for 2013! Not that I don't
have more head swaps than I'm showing here but these are the
last that I will show.

The Girls!

I've had this doll a long time but she hasn't got much play time
until now. She is integrity toys Alysa doll with the Candi headsculpt but I
don't know which one.

This is Pilar.  She is  Brenda's best friend and a hairdresser too! They
met in hairdressing school.  Pilar doesn't pull any punches and speaks
her mind.
 She can now move like I want her to and as she needs to for doing hair.
She is on a Disney Jasmine body.  Here she is with another Integrity Toys
Alysa doll.
She is awaiting a Jasmine body.  She eyes Pilar enviously. The Jasmine
head will be for sale on the doll page if you are interested.

I have put my America doll on a Skipper body.  She has bendable legs
but is awaiting bendable arms. She is originally a BFF Aliesha doll.
This is her second body swap.

 She will make a great teen in an upcoming storylilne.
 It will also give her more cothing options.

 I rebodied my Twilight Jabcob onto a Hunter Huntsman body.
 It isn't a prefect complexion match but it is better than nothing.  This body is
shorter that Ken dolls.  It is about the size of the Liv doll Jake. I did have to
return this doll because the arm broke off at the elbow.  So be warned! Also,
he was not an easy head swap!  The neck is smaller than Ken dolls.  In
addition.  The knob is longer.  I had to cut it to make the head fit.  I am
happy with him for now.  He keeps his name Jabob and will be the brother
of Rae.

 The clothing and feel of the body works well with the Jacob outdoor kind of thing!
If you read this post anywhere other than

It is a fake!!! Run!!
I took him outside for some shots with the new camera.
 Resting on a rock!
 He loves the outdoors!

Jacob: WOW, this was a workout!  I need to rest.  I never been here before.
It's a good thing I wore my climbing boots!

OK, Thanks For Looking and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hey Gang!

Santa, Grace and even the Grinch want to wish you Merry Christmas! 
 If you read this post anywhere other than
It is a fake!!! Run!!


Thanks For Looking!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I Finally Got Them!

Hey Gang!

I finally got the Barbie Sister Twins Max and Marie!

I wasn't looking for them I was hoping to find some Fashionista donor bodies. But there they were ... on the baeck of the shelf. I think someone might have hid them.  Their Mine now!

BTW, I have had some problems with blogger and that is why the font isn't uniformed.

I don't often wait until I have time to take pictures to open the box but I did this time.
So here they are in the box.
They both come with pets.  Marie's has a pink bow...

...and Max’s has a turquoise bow and glasses. So who’s bright
idea was it to give the dog glasses?  They should have just
given that money to me!

Here is the back of the box. It doesn’t have them pictured. I find that strange.

Out of the box and without glare.  These dolls are very cute.
I like Max’s outfit the best even with the pink tie.

Marie's outfit isn’t special but it is nice.

I thought that they would be the size of the new Stacie but that are 
closer to the size of the 1990 Stacie dolls.

Here is Max with Janet.  I hope they do AA dolls too!

The Nitty Gritty!

Nude Pictures!

Here is Marie out of her dress. Both she and Max have the same
body with different arms bent.

The body style of Max and Marie is that of the new Stacie just shorter.

All three together

Compared to the older Stacie, they are thinner.  I guess this will cause 
some to comment on that.  They aren’t as tanned as the older dolls too.
Unlike the new and old Stacie dolls, Max and Marie can only lift
 their arms forward and backward. They can lift the arms to the side. 

The can spread their legs which the older doll could not.
 Their feet are thinner that the older Stacie too.  Shoe swapping will be 

Her feet are the same size as the new Stacie.  This is good but strange.

Here is the hand.

Max and Marie have textured panties but they don’t have their names 
on the back like the new Chelsea and Stacie dolls.

Max and Marie’s head is small that the older dolls too. Here is Max 
pictured with Todd size Micheal Mary Poppins!
Some collectors have hoped to make Max and older brother for some of Mattel’s smaller dolls. I thought I take some picture of them together to get a feel.

He works well as Tommy's older brother.
If you read this post anywhere other than
It is a fake!!! Run!!

This is my Maddox. His hair is a light blonde too so he could be his older brother.
Max’s hair is a lot lighter that my Hunter.  I personally might not put them 
together.   Note that Max's hair gets a little messy from the glasses sliding.

In sharing the older Stacie clothes, they will fit a lot loser on the twins.  
Finding them new outfits might be a challenge.  
Mattel hasn’t been known to come out with new outfits for any of the 
smaller dolls.   I haven’t seen fashion packs for the SIS dolls even.    

Besides Max and Marie’s feet being the same size there head is about the same size too!  This gave me and idea.

I have some extra Stacie bodies I was going to sell but maybe not.

Head Swap Time!

I put Max’s head on a Stacie body!  I kinda like it and I put Marie’s head on one too! 

I only had one straight arm doll but I’ll be looking for more.
What to do with the twins bodies?

I gave Hunter a new body. I’ll save the other body for another day.

Ok! Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fashion Doll Collecting Club Meeting!

Hey Gang!

A group of us from the Philly area are getting together and having our first
fashion doll club meeting on the 21st  It is a small group.  If you are in the
area, you might like to join us!  Contact me for the details.  I will try to
post picture when we have it.

Thanks For Looking!