Friday, July 23, 2010

Look What I Found!

While I was out and about I found this!

An old fashion sewing machine that is doll size.

It is very cut! I can see one on my dolls sewing something to wear.

It is really a pencil sharpener but I think my dolls will like it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rare Mod Era Doll--Live Action Christie

Live Action Christie!

One of the rarest of the mod era dolls is Live Action
Christie. She and Live Action Barbie and PJ were released
in 1970/71. I bought her nude on EBay and was lucky to
win her. This is not her original outfit but something
that I like on her. As you might have guessed,
her original outfit was more "groovy".

She is one of the few other dolls to use the Midge
head mold besides P.J. and the only AA doll. She has very dark
skin(the darkest at that time) with terracotta lips stick. I
t gives her an interesting look. She has shoulder length
black hair that is parted down the center.
Her eyelashes are rooted and her
eyes are kind of orange/brown with black pupils.
I remember may black dolls having similar eye
coloring as a child.

Chandra for complexion scale.

She is called live action because of her jointed
hands and swivel waist. She has the feet of a
Francie doll.
Francie size feet.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Dee La Rue Mysteries

Renee and the Dee LaRue Mysteries Renee is a writer.
It is a good job for her because she can do it from anywhere
and she often does. A few years back she started writing
about a character she named Dee LaRue after her
grandmother. Dee is a detective. The story is set in
Harlem in the 40's (Renee's favorite fashion period).
The Dee character s smart, feisty, sexy, funny, independant
and stylish. She also has a quick wit and fully loaded gun!
Her relationshipwith her mother is stranded and Dee's
love life is not a easything too. Dee bumps into many of
the famous people of that area during the course of her
investigations. Renee really enjoys writing those parts.
After a short story on Dee that Renee did in a magazine,
she was asked to turn it into a book. The book did pretty
well and Dee La Rue has a small cult following. Renee is
staring on her second book. She often pictures herself as
Dee when she writes. She sees herseft as Dee but a
character like her husband is never her love interest in her
stories. He is starting to wonder about that. She prefers to
insert her fantasy men into those roles. Hey she married
but not dead! Renee is imagining Dee's small office. She
has little money or clients for a big office. Her office is
comfortable, functional and (unlike many of the men
who are detectives), clean!

She knew the office needed some pink but not too pink.
Dee has a sweet tooth. There is always something sweet in
her office.

After years of typing in the typing pool for someone else,
Dee is now typing for herself. She still hates typing. When
she gets some money she will get a bigger office and
a secretary!

Some days the coffee need a little something from the bottom
draw. On really bad days she need a little shopping.

Items From The Bag

Gown From The Bag!

Remember my trip to the antique store and my purchase of a large bag of Barbie clothes. Here is another gown from that bag.

This is the best item from the bag. My re-bodied No. 10 is modeling it. Her dramatic makeup sets the stage for the dress. It is a purple, silver and gold halter gown. The gown has a lilac lining with a sheer purple chiffon fabric that is embellished with silver and gold flowers and squares pattern. The waist sash and halter straps are silver lame'. She is not wearing jewelry. A gown like this need do additional embellishment. All that is needed is silver shoes and bag to complete the look. The gown has a Middle Eastern feel. Maybe she going to a ball at the U.N.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Different Head Knob

Different Head Knob

I recently bought a S.I.S. doll so that I could put her body on a Kenyan Barbie head. The head knob was different. I had not seen this head knob before. I was use to the old head knob. It was a little different to remove.