Sunday, April 29, 2012

April's Thrift Store Hunt!

My thrift store trip yielded some really good finds! I’m always on the hunt for articulated bodies now. Thrift store are cheaper than purchasing
a new body! I will accept articulated arms only but if I can find legs and arms,
that is a plus. I came across two dolls with articulated arms.

First is a SIS Grace! If your saw my last post, I had a lot of Cara heads.
That is because more of my dolls are Cara's complexion that any of the rest
of the SIS dolls. I could use one or two more Cara bodies but I will take
the Grace.

I think her top is PJs and the botton is some type of pants but it has velcro in the back.
Maybe something attaches to the bottom of the pants.  It seems a bit strange. 

 You may note that most of these dolls do need hair attention!

I also, found this doll.

Vacation wear?

I have noticed this face sculpt more and more in the
thrift stores. She must have been popular. I purchased her too. I have another
doll with this face but I can always use her body.

The outfit is kinda cute!

This doll was there too.  I am not a fan of My Scene dolls and their large heads.
I could use the outfit and the legs might be part of a future leg transplant.

When I first started collecting dolls, one doll that I saw on the net but never
saw in person was Donny Osmond. I have thought about purchasing him
back then to add to my collection of men but never did. The price always
seemed more that I wanted to spend.

Well, look who I found in the thrift store for $ 3.00.

He went in my basket too. His head seems a little small for his body but the
ones on the net did too!

This was one of the few dolls Mattel made like this. (Some others were
AA Malibu Ken and Rocker Ken) I don't like the whole bent arm thing.
I might put him on a different or smaller (HSM) body but right now
I’m glad to add him.

I found this Teresa. I was on the fence about her but it seems I was in a
spending mood. She went into the basket.
Sadly, she hs the big feet!

Now to move out of the doll section and into the nic-nac section to see
what I can find for dolls there. I saw this table. I thought it would work.
In the basket it goes.

I like the top of it and for a $1.00, I couldn’t pass it up.

Ms. D if you would please show us this item for scale.

Ms. D : It is a great item for any home!

Ms. D:  It could also be a workspace.

This was my best find.

It looks like a doll dresser or a buffet! It is a music box and my dolls will
love this. It is a great dio piece.
Ms. D: Aspiring models, the key to modeling with something like furniture
is to showcase the item and keep it looking classy!  I bet Tyra never told
you that!

OK that’s my haul!

Thanks For Looking.

Monday, April 23, 2012


As I was looking over the things I will put up on the dollpage, I came
across these head of Kara. She is the one of the SIS doll head and one
that I haven't bonded with yet. So I gave her a closer look!

You will note that the make is different on each head but so are the eyes.

I think this one is the oldest I have.  I never liked this head.  I think it is the
lipstick shade.

The shade on this one is simular but I do like the eyes with the long eyelashes!
I like the earings better too!

I like the eyes on this one two but not the earrings.

Which one do you like the best? Let me know!

Thanks For Looking!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Very Busy Week!

Hey Gang!

Sorry I haven’t posted since Monday. It has been a good but busy week for me.
It is gardening season so; I have done some of that. I met a couple who
collect dolls in person. I hope to post and interview soon. It was so nice
to meet collectors in person. I know most of you over the net but hope to
meet some of you one day in person. I sold a few things on the dollpage.
(The economy must be getting better because things are selling better now)
So, I had some boxing and packing to do. I still have to post more things
on the dollpage, some feedback to leave and some change of status to do.
I hope to get to all of that this weekend. I have a few new things which
I will share with you today.


While out and about, I stopped into some discount stores just to see what
they have. I saw this and I passed.

I had something like it. I came across this clone AA Barbie doll there.

I don’t think Mattel did this doll in an AA version but I could be wrong.
If you have different info, let me know. I have seen her several times
in an AA clone version but the face wasn’t as nice as this one. I may not
be the the best picture taker but her is the close up.

She doesn’t have that ashy complexion that some knock off dolls have.
I like her, I could work with the dress and I like the lamp. So I got it.
With the doll, I knew what I was getting into. I knew I would not keep
the body. I did put it in the recycle trash bin. I would hate to think that
I am adding to a pile of trashed Barbie dolls in some other country.
I took the dress of the doll. Ms. D models the dress. She must get
more photo time this year!

It is not too bad. It has those little clear plastic shoulder straps. One broke
when I put it on Ms. D. 

The shoe weren't good at all so I add these.

Ms. D: At least it isn’t as crazy as those” I can be” outfits! 

There aresome problems with the fit (even on the original body) but nothing
someone with a sewing machine can’t handle. Hint, hint!

I will replace the plastic with some nice ribbon and add some ribbon
over the stitching at the bottom too.

I knew the dresser was paper but I think I can use that.

What I was surprised to find out is that the lamp had no base? It was
tucked behind the dresser!  Yeah, that was happens with a knock off.
Some things are not right! Are you to leave everything in the box?

I was able to find a base that I could use from piece of medical
equipment I had.
It looks good on the base but I guess I can’t use both things at the
same time.

I put her on a new body. She will work at the news station with Steven.
Her name is Britta Bankcroft. For a knock off doll she photos really well.


I came across this Barbie sized foosball set. It reminded me of Friends.
I am a fan of Friends and the fun they had. 

I love the details the player move and it comes with 2 balls. I have
several places that I would like to put it! I really should have gotten
two of these. I will have to go back! I thinking it should go in the
Student Activity Center or in a bar. Maybe it should go in the girls’
college apartment.

 Take this!
You take that!














Finally, I won this on eBay. I bid 0.99 on it not expecting to get it.
They told me I won!

It has some cool things that is does. the tape wheels
move and colors behind the board changes.

Check it out!

Out of the box.

Some discoloring :(

The chair swings out!

Britta in the seat!

This changes colors.

Britta at the keyboard.

This spins and the pattern changes.

It has to be from the late 70's early 80's.  Look at her!

It can go into the TV, radio station or maybe in
the lighting and electronics at the museum. I do think it will need
painting but maybe not.

Thanks For Looking!