Monday, October 6, 2014

My Latest Head Swap!

Hey Gang!

So here are my new head swaps!  I am just loving reboding with the Keyshia doll body!
Thus far I have done three. 


and now....Amorie
 She is on the body of the first issued Keyshia!

                                                              1st and 2nd issue
The 1st issue doll is more of a carmal and the 2nd issue is more of a walnut color.
 I think this head on this body is more in proportion.
 Here she is with her sister Mona.
And what happen to Keyshia's head?
I put her head on a HSM Taylor's body. 
Here she is on that body!
A rebodied Keyshia/Taylor doll is available on my dollpage listing.

OK, Thanks For Looking!