Thursday, May 23, 2013

What I've Been Up To-- Part Three! Progress On Re-boding!!!

Hey Gang,

It’s been a long time since I posted!  I’m glad to share with you more of my doll finds and projects!  I had a big thrift store shopping spree a while back.  I won’t say how much I spent but it was a good bit.  I am still working my way through the bag!

As you know I have found articulated bodies at the thrift store.  I have been reboding dolls in my collection and new dolls that I added to my collection.  One dolls that I added to my collection was Fairytopia Dandelion doll.  I was surprised when I saw her in a post on Manhamana’s Department of Dolls because I just got my doll!  Thanks Manhamana for your post!  I have rebodied mine on the extra Fashionista Summer body I told you about in my last post.
Here she is on her new body!
 The dress she is in is the one I use before a figure out the character of the doll and what that character would wear.  I do think she will like jewelry and shoes.  She looks the type.

I just love her hair color.  I washed it and combed it out.  It was I believe the technical term for it is “a hot mess”! It was knotted and matted but with a good wash and condition, she looks much better now.  I am not finished styling her hair but this will do for now!

I like this doll when the fairytopias  first came out but I don’t remember why I never purchased her.  Maybe it was the balloon head.  She has the face sculpt of one of my favorite dolls.  Yes, She looks like KiKi!

I think that they used the same face but changed the complexion.  Since she has the “Balloon” head, the model number and year are different.   I really love her on the new body too.  She is ready to play! Her name is Lola.

On the same rack of the store was this doll too.  It was a day for red-haired dolls.  I rebodied her before I thought about taking pictures first also. She is a Hannah Montana Lola doll.  Here is a picture of the original doll.

 I wish my doll came with those clothes becaue I like that outfit!   She came nude.  I put her on a Liv doll body. The Hannah doll don't have the articulation I like.
Here she is.

 She has got a cute face but her hair will need just a little help.  She will be a student working her way through college.  I think I will call her Phoebe.  She does look like a Phoebe

There were three little one in my bag of purchases.

 Stacie and Sharpay

I searched the web to find out who she was.  She is the version of the doll that Disney did.  The front of the top on mine is a beige color.  I think something faded with it. She looks older than the version that Mattel did.  I think she will be rebodied onto a larger body .  Maybe one of the Rapunzel dolls I showed you in the last post. and become an adult.
 I have two Stacie's but I remember a post that Vanessa did on turning girl dolls  into boy boy dolls.  I think she may get that treatment.
 She was in the bag with the other three.  It was 1.90 for the bag so why not get it and keep her too!  She got a cute little dress and shoes.  I think she is a Dollar Store doll.
I also found one of the first HSM dolls done by Mattel.  She is the larger 111/2 inch Barbie sized doll like the one pictured below.

Here is the one I found.
 I think I am going to rebody her and I am calling her Consuela!  I'll have to find the right body.

OK, This is not a thrift store find.  I got this idea from limbe dolls Beach Bummin' post!  Thanks for that post!  It really came in handy!  Please check out her blog and the fantastic items she has for sale!  I just love the wig and sandals I purchased.

I found the Cody Simpson doll on sale for 6.99.  So One Direction Zayn got a new body.  I might even purchase a few more Cody dolls to have as stock!

 He can really move around now.  His neck is a little longer but it makes him taller.  Zayn: I don't mind a bit!
I will be borrowing a few other ideas I have seen on some posts lately.  So consider it the highest form of flattery and thanks for the idea! 

OK, Thanks for looking!