Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Target Part 2

Hey Gang!

OK, so you might know that I am not a big fan of the Monster High Dolls. I have noticed that they are taking up more shelf space at the toy stores and toy departments.  They started as just four of five dolls and now they are a whole area of the toy section.  A lot of people like them so I am going to show you what I saw while at Target!
They had a box set that included these dolls!  It include five dolls.  I'm  showing close-up of their faces.
Clawdeen Wolf
Cleo de Nile
Frankie Stein
Ghoulia Yelp
They had individual dolls like these!

 I think this one is very colorful!
 This one is a little scary.
 The fur is a nice touch too!
 I think these two must make sounds.

This is the Coffee House!
I saw the sofa from this set on Marta's blog and it worked in quite well!
 Clothing!  There were new clothing packs there too!  So here are some photos of them.

 More Dolls!

 The School!  I had seen it on line but not in person.  I was happy to see it and figure out what could be used around my house!


Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Barbie Babies!

Hey Gang!

One of my last purchases of dolls for 2012 was a guy who I had wanted for quite sometime.  He is the AA Happy Family toddler Nick.  Kelly and Kelly size dolls have been used as children of Barbie from time to time too.  In the Happy family doll series they used three different size doll as children for the line.
I had seen him for such high prices that when finally I saw one that was a good price, I jumped on it.  I might not have gotten out bid on this doll because he came up for sale during the holidays.  He came nude but I did have a Baby nick overall for sale that I took down for him.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the shirt that he came with so, I will have to make him or find him something.  Mattel also did an AA baby Nikki girl too!  Of the Happy family toddlers, she is the rarest doll to find.  She is on the list, but she isn't high on the list like this guy was.  There was also a blonde and a redhead girl Happy family toddlers too.  So here he is.

I love that cute patch of hair at the top of his head.  Because babies turn their head a lot while laying down, the hair at the top grows the most. So, to , the hair seem like a real baby.
Verona showed me how to do a speech bubble!  It is good to learn new things. Thanks Verona!

He is wearing a onesie I found in a scrap-booking section of Micheal's!  I learned this little trick from Vanessa at Van's Doll Treasures!

I like that he can stand by himself.  This will make him very photogenic!   I am calling him Mekhi, after my nephew.  As I was admiring my new purchase I thought about all my other babies and little one and I thought I would give them some blog time and compare them.

Also in my toddler collection is the Asian Nikki doll.  I lucked up and was able to purchase her at a good price too.  I needed an Asian baby and she suits the bill.  Her name is Cheri.  She has her complete outfit.  I just love her little shoes.
I have purchase a pink onesie for her you will see her in at another time.  If you are interested, I have another doll like this one for sale on my dollpage site.  She needs some help with her mouth paint and hair but she is still cute!

There are two smaller babies used in the happy family line.  The first is Krissy.  I have her in three different complexions.  You saw one in the outfit that I crochet for her.

Unfortunately, my three dolls didn't come with clothing, so that too will need a sew day.

The last of the smaller dolls is the new born baby.  I don’t know if it had a name. This is the doll that was in the mothers belly if you purchased the pregnant doll.  I purchased the AA midge and this is her baby.

There were Kelly size dolls used to and I will show them when I show my Kelly size dolls and their friends.
So, moving on….
You have seen Mattie.  She is joined with the other doll that came with the Nursery School Play set.  The blonde doll is also for sale on my dollpage site.

I realized I need to change the spelling of her name.  I have now changed in on my blog.  She was one of the toddlers that came with the Barbie Nursery set.  She is the AA doll. She can’t stand on her own without shoes.  This little minx was the star of my holiday photo.  She is the youngest of the Readings.

Heart Family babies
One of the first babies made for Barbie size dolls by Mattel was the Heart family babies.  The Heart Family was the precursor to the Happy Family doll series.   There was a mother, father, children, grandmother and grandfather. There were all kinds of play set and accessories that came with them too.  You can still find many of their items on the net.  Mattel did AA versions of the parents and children but never did AA grand parents like with the Happy Family dolls.  There were two babies used.  The first were… I guess… toddlers.  These dolls can't stand on their own even with shoes.  Their legs are curved like that of younger babies but they are the same size as Kelly (4 ½”).  Their head and bodies are the Rosebud dolls of 1976/77.  These kids didn't originally have names, later they got the names Honey, Kenny, Kevin,   Melody, Nellie, Darrin, Wendy, Tawny, Daria , Pleasance (the first Hispanic) and Janet
Here are their babies I have left.  I recently sold 8 of them.
 The hair on the AA girls is quite a problem!  I will have to work on them before they get a family!
 This one too!
 They were so popular that there were even clones of these dolls.  Below are my clones!
 A real sign of how successful a doll is, is when the clones come out!

There was also a smaller baby.  I have a few of them too.  If you look on eBay they referred to as Krissy too but the Heart family doll didn't have a name.  Some of these doll was dressed in yellow.  So it could be a girl or a boy.  It was also used as an Native American baby too!

I recently saw this knock of one too.

I have a few odds and ends babies too. 
 The twins!
 This guy!
I found this boy on the steps of the subway.  He needs so paint touch-ups but I liked his complexion.
If you know who these odds and ends are,  please let me know.

Pictures For Comparison!

 Size order!

I will be back with part two…Kelly and friends soon.

Thanks For Looking.