Saturday, May 31, 2014

Who Gets To Be Millie?

Hey Gang!

So the doll is going to play Millie....?
Here is the answer!

The doll in the white dress! There were move votes for her!  I'm
not sure if I will keep or sell the other doll.

She and Rahim(Naveen) will be a couple!

This Naveen is the Mattel version of the doll.  You might remember me
saying that I like this one the best.
I got him as part of a set.  I gave the Tiana away to my little cousin but as you
might know you can have too many ethnic men. This doll doesn't have the
bend/click knees of many Mattel dolls so I put his head new body.  I hope to
find him an articulated one.
But after watching so many My Froggy Stuff videos, the Disney version of the
doll started to grow on me! So when Disney had a half price sale on their doll
I purchase him along with some other dolls.

He looks younger and more like a teen that my other Naveen.  
So he will get to keep his name!
 His body is a little thicker and he has articulation at the elbows too!
His feet are a little wider than Mattel Ken size dolls but I can easily find
shoes to fit him.
He will be from India!  I always hear the Froggy Stuff voice when I look at
 Here he is next the Mattel doll. They look quite different.
So much so that there isn't a need to make them related.
If you read this post anywhere
It is a fake!!! Run!!
 The Mattel doll has highlighted paint color in his molded hair.
Their profile is different also. They both have a larger head but the Disney
head is larger.


Oh, while we are on Disney, this is the doll we are to restyle for our next doll Club
meeting. She is Snow White. 

I will show you pictures from the meet!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Introducing Abby:

Hey Gang!

Remember how I told you that I would have a ghost in town!  We I am
finally getting to it!

So, it is a foggy night!  There is a cry of a wolf.  The camera move to
something that is not quite in focus! (You got to find a way to use those pictures
that didn't come out right!)

 You're in a graveyard!
 You hear a giggle!
Hello there!  I'm Abby!

 I live in Johnston. 
 Right down there!
I was alive when Johnston was a bright and vibrant city!  It seems I died when
it died.  But it seems to be making a comeback! I glad for that!
 New people have moved here.
and there are a ton of businesses opening!
The department store is opening...
 and so is the hospital! I could have used that!
If you read this post anywhere
It is a fake!!! Run!!
It is my job to give you the background!
and maybe to narrate a few things

Stick around!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Monday, May 19, 2014

A Normal Day At School!

Hey Gang!

So there is a lot going in Johnston and at the school!  We last saw Trisha's daughter
with her at the school! But everyone needs to get to work, so Alicia heads
for her job and Patricia goes to her classroom. 

Trisha walks the hall to make sure everything is going well.
Ashley: I told you we would be here before the bell!
Overhead ----Buzz Buzz Buzz
Jessie: Yeah, two seconds before the bell!
Ashley: Before is before!

Jessie: You can't be a good student and not be on time! School is not just
about reading, writing and math.  It is where we learn good habits too! 
Mommy would be upset if she knew we were almost late because you
tried to catch a cat to bring home.

Trisha: Jessie....Ashley... What are you two doing still in the hall?  Didn't you
hear the bell?
Jessie and Ashley: Good morning Mrs. Taylor.

 Jessie: We sorry Mrs. Taylor!  It won't happen again!

Ashley: It was my fault Mrs. Taylor.  I was trying to catch a kitten to bring home!

Trisha:  Ashley that was a nice gesture but you really should have given
the situation more thought!  Had you asked your mother if you could have
a pet? If you had caught the cat, what would you do with it until you went
home? If you were late for school, what would your mother say?

Jessie: See, I told you!
Trisha:  How about you two adventurer/scholars head to class.  Ashley,
you might wantt to ask you mother what she things about having a pet
Julie: Trisha, there you are!
Trisha: I was just helping these two young people to class.
Jessie and Ashley: Hello Mrs. Bennett.
Julie: Hello students.  Off to class!
Jessie and Ashley: Yes!
If you read this post anywhere
It is a fake!!! Run!!
Julie:  I have a parent down the hall who would like to see us about registering
her children for school.
Trisha: OK! lead the way!

Kevin: I'm late but no one saw me! He He! Never use the main door when
you are late!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Hey Gang!

Picture: Jakks Official Picture
I saw the Maleficent dolls at ToysRUs the other day!  I didn't have my camera
with me! Dang!  But someone posted pictures on Flickr. I have included the link. 
My girl Angelina Jolie is to play the part of Maleficent!  I would get the doll just
for that reason!  I like Angie, no matter what  others say!

Seeing them in person, I think I would get the doll in the set!  Yeah, the guy's
face is lame but he might be a good body swap for one of the Twilight guy dolls! 
The Aurora is pretty boring too!  She looks like a clone Barbie Lea doll. She
will be on clearance.  It great to see a doll that is not blond as the main doll. 
Tiana was the only other doll franchise like that. Maleficent, like many of
the other Evil Queens will be great of OOAK projects!  I can't wait to see

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Hi Gang!

So you met Trisha!  She is the Principal and Superintendent  of the Johnston
School System.  (it is a small school district)  She is checking the building
and meeting parents.

 Her daughter Patricia has followed her into educating young minds!
 Patricia has the great opportunity to learn from the master of teaching, her mother!
Alicia, Trisha's other daughter, has come by the school to finalize their Mother's
Day plans!  She has chosen to not go into education.   Her mother is proud of her too!
She sneaks into the picture!
If you read this post anywhere
It is a fake!!! Run!!
 They are wishing you all Happy Mother's Day!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Purchases and Help Me Decide!

Hey Gang!

So here are two more purchases I made.  The first is this suit!  There are a lot
of nice clothing items coming from overseas on EBay.  We were discussing
that at our doll club meeting.  I purchased this tux.  It was handmade!
 Like many other Ken tux outfits the jacket is removable.  The shirt has great detail too!
 Not only is the jacket removable but the shirt is it's own piece too  This means
I can put it with other pants and jackets!  A nice plus!
 The were a few strings in the back but it is a nice outfit.
I showed it to you on a doll similar to the ad for the suit but it is large enough
for FR dolls too!
 Remi is modeling the tux here.  It is not his style or color so he is catching a tudie!
I also purchased a when I Read I Dream Fern doll from Charlotte's Web!
Charlotte's Web was one of my favorite stories when I was a child.
Salutations!   That was my favorite word for a long time back then.

If you read this post anywhere
It is a fake!!! Run!!
 Close up!
 Out of the box, the details are great!  I love her cloths...

and her freckles!

The jumper is really well made!
with cute socks and sneakers!

 Many of you said that my Millie was a Dancing Princess doll.  That reminded me
that I had an Island Princess doll somewhere!  So I dug her out. 
 Here they are side by side.
 Now I have to decide which one will be Millie.  Mill will have a key role.
 She will be the daughter of Camille and the sister of Terrence
 She will also be the wife of  Rahim (showed here in the center!)

So which one do you think should be Millie...  (A)the one in the white or (B)the one
in the pink dress?

I have a poll on the right but I would love to hear your comments too!

OK, Thanks For Looking!