Monday, September 27, 2010

Thrift Store find--Baywatch

Baywatch Doll!

If you remember the show, here is one of the
dolls. Here is another thrift store find--a Baywatch doll.
I think it is Pamela Anderson but I'm not sure. I will admit
I don't recall watch the show but I know it was a hit for a while.
I don't know if I will keep her or sell her but I couldn't
leave her in the store.

I am working on my backgrounds and trying
to change them up. I am still working on my
picture taking too. For some reason I couldn't
get a clear close-up picture of this doll.

OK! So the doll. She comes with a jet ski,
shorts, top, jacket and
of course the red swimsuit!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thrift Store Outfit For Ginger!

Ginger In Thrift Store Outfit!

I found this outfit yesterday at the thrift store. The
great thing about thrift stores is that you never know
what you will find when you go. It is the thrill of the
hunt. AA Gemini Zodiac is our model for today. Her
name is Ginger. I thought the pants looked a little
80's but she pulls if off well. The plants are pleated with
pockets. They are a orange/yellow in color. The great thing
about the pants is because of the pleats, they fit all bodies.
I added the gold shoes from the Brazilian Barbie to
complete the outfit. I think it works well with her hair
color and complexion.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Finds At A Flea Market

Flea Market Finds!

I was at a Church flea market over the weekend. I
went looking for cake! Yes, that's right cake. Old
church ladies make the best cake. I was hoping
for 7-up cake or lemon poppyseed cake or maybe
spice cake. If you are really lucky, you'll find a coconut
cake with creamcheese icing and lemon filling! Yum!
These aren't the kind of cakes you might find at the
market. I found some cake there but not any of the
special ones I was looking for.

I did find these!

A couch tissue box cover. This goes over a tissue
box. There is a slit behing the pillowes where the
tissue comes out. This was luck. I got it for $1.00.
I found theses too.

The brass ones will go well with the sofa.

African decor.

These are classics

These egg holders will make great plant stands or some
other kind of stands. They were 25 cent each.

This is the big score. Tea Time Barbie set. The box says
"With her friends Lil Bear and Cozy Bunny." The set
the bear andbunny, tea service, Barbie doll and two
chairs and a table new in box for $10.00. I have two
matching chair to this set, so I had to have this.

The plush toy crew!

I have one doll with this face. I don't think I need two.
I will have to have a face off!

It was a great day but it would have been even better with some special cake!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Moxie Jammaz House!

Bargain Moxie Jammaz House!

I saw this Moxie house for sale for $10.00. I wasn't sure about
the proportions but I have bought Bratz things and they worked
out or at least I made them work out. Besides,I have paid that much
for a chair on EBay so I bought the house. The box looked great
and it has some really great pieces that I hoped to use on future posts.

I saw this table and chair set, the coat hook

and this cute sofa and I knew it was for me!

But if I had read the fine print on the box before I
paid for it, I would have known that they were not
included. Bummer! I would have purchased it
but I would have known that they were on
the box for show.

For the money, it wasn't a bad deal. This is what I got.
An outside facade that reminds me of the Barbie Grand Hotel.
I have always liked the Grand Hotel. It is hard to find the complete
hotel for sale and not pay an arm and a leg (and a few toes).
The facade has some really great details too.

It has great detail work and windows and it has
great doors. The are a little short. So I will have to do

some modifications to them.

Outside faux lighting details.

You flip the outside and it becomes the inside.

Great details on the inside too!

Wall sconces.

There are two separate wall units that are in bright white

and not the off white of the facade. The

living room and the bathroom share opposite sides of one unit.

Fireplace , faux table with candles, TV with candles ( do people do that?)

and mirror. They really like mirrors with this set. I counted three mirrors.

The bathroom I think is really cool. Plenty of great details.
I am not sure if I am going to keep it the pink and white.

On the box it is blue. The pink makes it look sooo Barbie.

I can see now that many will buy this house and repaint it.

It really lends itself to that.

Toilet shower and sink. Notice the shelf and toilet paper;

along with faux brass fixtures

There are plenty of little doodads to

put on shelves and other places in the house.

It also comes with a really cool tub with ball and

claw feet

I love this. It is a little small but as with

everything else, I will make it work.

The Kitchen!

The kitchen is shallow as compared to Barbie kitchens.

The frig and the oven doors open not the cabinet doors.

The units are shallow along with the sink. I guess

we are talking pretend here what do you want.

Now this is the part to me that is a little strange.

The Bedroom!
I am not a designer but I have never seen a room done

in bright white and cream white. The wall unit for the bedroom

is in bright white but it is to be in a cream white room???

This is the bed that is to be in that room. It is too small

for Barbie, Moxies, Bratz and for all adult dolls.

What were they thinking? It might be able to be

used as a princess bed for Kelly size dolls.

After I bought the Moxie Jammaz house, I saw in for sale atToys R US for

$39.99 ! Boy, did I score a deal!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

GI Jane

GI Jane

I have been meaning to finish this post and put it up for a long time. Thanks Roxanne's Doll for giving me the push I needed.

My other female action figure( I have two) is GI Jane. I bought her on eBay a few years back. She is the action figure from the 1999 release Vietnam Nurse Set including:12" GI Jane, Boony Cap, Dog Tags, T-Shirt, Shirt, Pants, Boots, Stethoscope, Gauze Strips, IV Unit, Splints and Medical Pouch. She came new in the box. Here she is in her original uniform minus tee and boots. It isn't the standard issue camouflage that most soldiers wear today. I don't know if the had camis in Vietnam area.

She is shorter than most of the other adult dolls in my collection.

Aya for scale!

I like her because she is so different. She has a short Afro but I thought she needed some bangs to soften her up. She has wide hips so she can't fit Barbie clothes. She can fit Ken pants. I have one pair of female doll pants that she can fit.

Dolls laughing!

She also can't fit Barbie shoe or most doll shoes because she has wide flat feet(Ken size, sorry no picture.). Oh my goodness, is she in need of a pedicure! This girl has got some bad looking dogs! I have had to be creative regarding her off duty outfits. She need to be one of the girls too from time to time. She is single so she needs date outfits. Not every woman is meant to wear a mini dress (I could tell you some stories but this is not the place) and neither are most female action figures. They need a little more help with their wardrobe than BB Barbie.

Here she is in a black prairie skirt ( a good length and style for her) sweater and (Ken's) cowboy boots. I might add a belt later. This is one of her favorite outfits. My aunts always say "unless you have a very cute face, short hair always needs earring to make it look better". I have added these hoop earrings to soften her up. I have also added eyelashes and bangs with eyebrow pencil. I will live with it and see if I like it. If I do ,then I will make it permanent.

Her name is Phyliss Kelly or Lt. Kelly, BSN and she is going out
with someone she just met who is also in the military.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Princess Kidagakash 'Kida' Nedakh

Princess Kida

I purchase this doll two years ago in a thrift store but I
didn't know who she was. I purchased her loose with
her original outfit without shoes and other accessories
I liked her! It is so unusual to see long gray hair on
people (most seem to cut it short). It is even more
unusual to see in on a doll (I think it is gray and not
platinum). I liked her face but not the eye color
(purple) so I changed that first. They are now black.
Now, at least to me, she looks better. She also has a
long neck. It is a little longer that most Barbie dolls.
It made her look elegant. Her body reads Disney. I
looked her up. She is for the Movie Atlantis: The Lost
Empire. I remember seeing the male figure, Milo in the
stores but not her. There is debate as to if she should
be included in with the Disney Princesses. I didn't see
the movie, nor do I see the importance of her being a
Disney Princess. Aren't we all princesses? (Hold your
crown and nod your head!)

She has a stone at the collar bone. This made me want to
find a new body for her (I didn't think I would find a body
with that kind of neck though) but I could never find one
the right complexion. For me it was easier to just cover her
up for now.

I tried a few outfits on her but none worked. I remember
that I had seen a women with gray hair wearing purple so,
I found the only thing I had in purple. I was a snake skin
halter top with matching pants.

I think they look good together. She is a stylish older woman.

She looked sort of like Donatella Versace! Then that is what
she will be, a hot trend setting older woman rocking her gray
hair! Met Viki Laurent-Thompson, wife mother and