Monday, September 30, 2013

Cheerleader Ken Doll For Re-boding and The Guys Get Articulation Love!

Hey Gang!

A lot of us purchased the Barbie Basic Guys (15, 16, 17)  when they came out.
I will admit to purchasing 17 at full price plus shipping from Barbie
Collectors. com.  The others I got on sale at Big Lots.  And I can say
I think we all wished they had the articulated bodies of say...the
blonde Harley Davidson Ken or Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow.
I was hoping for one of those type bodies too. Many of us had re-bodied
them after purchase. I had seen re-bodied versions on Fashionista Ken
on flickr. They look only OK.  I thought for the price point, we would get
Harley Davidson body articulated body with the Asian Ken too
but nooooooooo!  We got the model muse male body! @#$%%%!

So after I got my AA Cheerleader Ken for 24.99 and rebodied him,
I wondered if Mattel could do that body for that price point on
the Cheerleader male then why didn't they do it on 15, 16, 16 and Asian
Ken.  Would we have paid 24.99 for those dolls on an articulated body.
Yes, we would and not have thought twice about it! Well... many of us
would not but everyone.  You know who you are. ;)

So, anyway I purchased three of the blonde Cheerleader Ken dolls for
re-boding  I had my #15 and #16 on Fashionista Ryan bodies and my Asian
Ken was on a Liam Fava body .  Neither of them were exactly what I wanted.
Those doll heads needed the longer necks of the cheerleader body.  Number
15,16, and Asian Ken got the new bodies with my purchase of the three
Cheerleader Ken dolls .

So as you know for my previous post I rebodied my 
#17 onto a AA Cheerleader Ken.

 After! Brandon bidding is old body a due! 
The blonde before
 After with a # 16 head.
 I just love all the poses I can do now!
He is now Issac.
Here they are together.  New head on a Fashionista ken body will be on
the dollpage for sale!

 BB #15. was  re-bodied onto a fashionista Ken 
body but the neck was too short!
On his new body!  
Please pardon his pants.  
I didn't feel like looking for others.
 This is the body I was meant for.  This is now Paul!
 There is a difference in complexion between these two dolls but not 
enough to need a different body.
 # 16's body went up for sale months ago.His head was just hanging around waiting.
This guy received the old fashionista body and was glad for it!
He is now Marshall.
 Marshall:  I need to find some longer pants!
Marshall:  Hey want to trade pants? 
Paul: No way!
Asian Ken was on a Flava body after purchase but it didn't work for him either

Now on his new body!
 I think this worked out well!  He is now Blaine!
 Blaine: I'm an artist and I needed to have better articulation!
His old body went to this guy, Anderson Martin.  
Anderson: This body works well for me. I didn't need a long neck but the height
is nice.
Anderson: Thanks man!
Blaine: No problem!

OK! Thanks For Looking!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I"m Not Sure If I Should Be Upset Or What! I Don't What I Can Do About It?

Hey Gang,

I was have a nice morning surfing the net and looking at picture.  I did a search
on AA Ken dolls.  I always like to see what others are doing.  I saw one of my
pictures from my blog on the Google search.  I smiled to see it come up.  I
move my mouse over the picture and another blog name came up?  I thought
I remember taking that picture but there are a million dolls out there so someone
else could have taken a similar photo.  I clicked to connect to the page.  What
did I see...All my photo's I did for a past post.  In looking at all the photos, I
knew they were mine because of an imperfection in the doll that I made.  I looked
closer and the text was mine too!  Looking even closer, many of the post listed on
the side were mine too!  I said WTF! Can that happen?  Can someone clone my
blog just like that.  Does Blog Spot allow that?  I look for a way to
contact the blogger but I did see anyway to.  You guys might want to check
for you own post out there too!  Here is the link to the post.  If you have
any ideas, let me know!

Here is my post!

Thanks For Looking And Any Help You Might Give!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Star Wars Little Skywalker!

Hey Gang!

Now for my next Star Wars character--Anakin Skywalker!
If you didn't follow all the Star Wars movies, you might not know Anakin 
Skywalker.  He is the boy that will become Darth Vader in the prequel trilogy, 
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace-1999

                                            Jake Lloyd  

Jake Lloyd portrays the young Anikin Skywalker, a nine year old slave boy 
with great piloting skills, who dreams of becoming a Jedi. 

This action figure and another with a droid were released in 2000 for that movie.  
I purchase him after see him on someone's blog where they re-bodied him onto 
a Big Jim body.  I couldn't see from their pictures how good this re-body might be.
I haven't found a Big Jim body cheap enough to try it with.

The box says he is fully poseable.

So here he is out of the box...

I like his face and his articulation.  He does look serious.  
He can bend his arms legs and bend at the wrist.  
His head can only move side to side but not up and down.
He is taller that the older Stacie dolls.
He is about the size of the newer Stacie and only heart dolls.
As with many of the Hasbro action figures,  his shoe are not removable.  They are
molded onto the end of his legs.  That is probably why I saw him on a Big Jim body
With his shirt off you see what a guess is a necklace or tattoo worn by the character.
He can turn at the waist but with his molded on boots I would have to cut the 
pants off or try to remove the boots some how.  I might try it one day when I'm 
really feeling brave.
Here he is in a shirt that he will wear to school.  His name is Andy.
Here is Andy with Benny, his younger brother who is a re-bodied Hearts family baby.
Their parents where killed in a car accident and they will now live with their
maternal grandfather Dr. Kenobi.. They all have that same serious look in
their eyes.

Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another New Grail!

Hey Gang!

I'm crossing them off!  I don't think I put this doll on the list that I posted before
but she was definitely on the list! I've seen Momoko dolls around.  I have always
thought that they possessed a certain charm, but I had been one of those people
who would like to see the doll in person before I purchased it.  As my taste and
collection have grown, now I think I just need to search pictures to really know
if this is a doll I want.

The are a ton of Momoko pictures out there!  She is a very photogenic doll.
I warn you, a search of her pictures could get you in trouble.  She is just too
cute.  There are several haircolors and complexions out there too.  No matter
which one you look at, she retains that shy but mischievous pixie quality.

Here is the one that I chose....Wake-Up Momoko -- the "Tanned" version.
So here is my girl! I just love the scale of the print on this dress.
I notice that she didn't have shoes.  I have always loved the shoes on Momoko dolls
and thought it might have been a mistake by the seller. I was told that the Wake-Up
Momoko are in PJ's.  So I guess this lovely dress is a PJ!

She is soo pretty!

She is a very petite! 

Under the dress she has matching Panties.

 She is shorter than the standard Barbie doll.
 KiKi agrees to these pictures for scale.  KiKi:  Hello Honey!  You must be new here!
 She is shorter than the second Teen Skipper too!  Nikki: What grade are you in?

She is a little taller than the New Teen Skipper
Momoko: I 'm not trying to be mean or anything but is you head kinda large?
Skipper: People always say that but I don't know what they mean.
 Both can bend their knees but Momoko can do it better.
 Momoko has better articulation when it comes to the movement of her arms too!

She is better able to cover her eyes.
 Skipper, you are peaking!

Both can spread their arms but Momoko does do it with ease.
 Momoko can point her feet!

Warning: Nude Dolls!

Momoko has a longer toros and more feminine body
She can also turn just below the breasts.
I am calling my Momoko Martina but everyone calls her Marti.  She is the baby sister
of Tia and Sonya.

Marti wears and looks good in all types of fashions!

 She loves playful outfits the most!
She is adventurous and athletic too!

OK, Thanks For Looking!