Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hi Gang!

Some of my dolls will do double duty on my blog!  One of them is my
Happy Family Grandmother.  I have removed some of her wrinkles and
lightened her lip color.  She almost looks like Barbara Streisand.  She
is playing Martha Steward though. That will be one of her roles.  Martha has
a very unique voice, so you will have to use your imagination!

Martha: Hello!  Christmas time is one of my favorite times of the year.

I just love decorating Christmas trees.  I want to show you one of them.

If you like my ornaments you can purchase them from Kmart.
The is a hand knit Martha sweater available at Kmart too!  Do you want to look like me!
Aw, don't you just love my frosty the snowman.  What tree wouldn't have a
candy cane.
 Lovely white balls will add brightness to your tree.
This nutcracker is made in the German style.
 Do you remember It's A Wonderful Life? Every time a bell rings an angel gets their wings!
 No tree is complete without a star or an angel.  I will put a star on this tree.
 I just love this little kitty and ...
 this lovely red horn.
My things are so nice that they just can't be marked down after Christmas. 
They will still be full price.  So keep me rolling in money and buy
my ornaments at Kmart!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Frugal Finds For Dolls and 1/6 Finds

Hey Gang!

I am always on the lookout for frugal finds for dolls and 1/6 scale items. 
Sometimes they are toys and sometimes they are not!  This time of year is a
great time to find items.  There a lot of mini item for Christmas displays
and ornaments.  Also there are more toys too!  I saw this kitchen set in an area store!
Except for the color, I think it's a great find.
It has all these great items in it.

They will need painting!


Bowls and Glasses.

Cleaning items and watermelon.

Pots pans and a blender!

Sometimes I see things and get inspired too!  While out for breakfast, they
served this preserve along with the toast.  I guess I watch a lot of
My Froggy Stuff Videos because it got me thinking!

Maybe I can use the silver pot the for something!

Once cleaned out it looked like a pie pan.

Maybe a deep dish pie pan

Maybe it could be a frying pan.

My dolls need to protect their money.  They need a safe but which one?
One that I only have to paint a little...

or one that I would have to paint a lot?

Next at CVS I saw this guy!

He is a buck with a tudie!

The buck might be nice with a paint job. 
I saw this street lamp at CVS too!  The lamp is about 10.00...

 and that is much cheaper than the Lamp I own from
 Byers Choice Ltd. at 44.00 ...

but it is not as sturdy so be careful.

Good details.

It does lights up! It is about 14-15 inches.

I hope that they both will be around and reduced after the holidays.

Out in nature there are things too!  Pine cones that are doll size!  I found this
while out on a walk!  They were free and you can't beat free!  These small pine
cone are a good size for dolls!

So Loraine went in the woods looking for pine cones for craft projects!
Loraine: Hey Gang!  I just went walking in the near by woods and I found great
pine cones!

 I filled my basket with them!
 There are small ones...
 and large ones!
These are great for craft projects!  Just guess what I will make!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Friday, December 19, 2014


Hey Gang!

I purchased more Disney dolls.  I purchased a new Belle doll.  She and my new
Jasmine ( Indira)  were a great deal on eBay.  I didn’t really think I needed
another Belle doll but I’m glad I got her. 

The newer version is a Holiday issue doll.

She isn’t brand new. She is a newer version of the older doll.  This version of the 
doll is  much better than my older doll.  My older doll was purchase at a thrift 
store and she had on a Pocahontas dress. 

Both of my versions of the doll have been re-bodied! My new doll is now on
a Fashionista body. Let's look in the book!

Here is the book!

So I’m not sure when my older doll came out So I consulted my 30 Years 
Mattel Fashion Dolls book.   

         I think it is the 1992 Beauty and the Beast Gift set version of the doll.
 The beast was with her when I got her.
Here she is beside her picture in the book. Both of my dolls are by Mattel, having similar but different head sculpts.  The older version of the doll has more of cartoonish.  Her eyes are hazel and there are stars painted in her eyes. Her lips are a soft pink. Her hair is a medium brown and thicker than most dolls.  It had never been smooth or shiny.  Only the strongest of De-tangling shampoo had made it able to be combed.

The newer version uses one of the older head sculpts but the complexion is
lighter and the hair is a better quality.The eyes are green and not hazel.

I am not a fan of the newest versions of the doll I used this one for Tammy's
mom because I new I knew I was going to make her a main character.  So she
would not be staying. 

Here they are side by side! 

I'm naming her Wendy!

I am not sure if I am keeping the older version of the doll. 
I may just keep the head around for a while.

OK, Thanks For Looking!