Sunday, December 30, 2018

My Last Purchase for 2018!

Hey Gang!

I want to show you and introduce my last purchases from 2018!

First up is Modern Circle Ken Version #2 2003!

I have heard that he is rare and I know that he was more money than I wanted
to spend when he was in the stores but I found this one for sale on eBay for
what I thought was a good price.
I got him for 15.00 plus 3.50 shipping! I just love his great vintage repro face
the freckles and they blue hair/blue eyes!

He was sold nude and this doll did come with a great outfit ......
but I was just happy to get him even nude!  I will try outfits on him in the new year
as I feel him out.  He has great blue hair and is articulated should make him a fun
character.  As of right now, he doesn't have a name or story-line.  I am taking suggestions.
This gives me two men with blue hair and another 20 something doll!

Purple Hair Fairytopia Barbie 2005!
I don't like the sculpted and painted body! It will be replaced in the new year
Her name is Stella Star and she is an aspiring reporter.

I had a Daisy Pop Curvy Barbie you might have seen in my Twenty-something post
A doll I have to see in person to appreciate, but she had  a beautiful face! She also had 
that stiff body!
This is a promo picture! Her body didn't have a bent arm which is really why I went 
ahead and purchased her.

She got a new body...a made to move body before the end of the year! She hopes to get
more photo time with her new pose-ability. I have been look for her new body in stores
for a while. I had heard stories about folks for ordered her and got one with two left or
right hands. I purchased the body on eBay without close.

Topical Vibes or what I like to call...the male nurse!

He hopes to get a new body too!  He will be a nurse in my blog.  His name is Jose"! 
He is a proud and protective father and husband! 

Last but not least is the new Asian Ken

Like this outfit individually but not has a whole!

He hopes to get a new body in the new year!

Some possibility! 

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Hey Gang!

Wishing you .....

Thanks For Looking!

Monday, December 24, 2018

The Base and WOAAA Christmas Booth !

Hey Gang!

So you remember that Ben wasn't excited about playing Santa!  

He thought it didn't reflect his youth and vigor!
Being paired with some old widow was just the topper on the whole situation!
Oooh, since we both lost mates we will make a great couple! But when KiKi asked,
he couldn't say no! So here he was! In a Santa suit.
He was only doing it for the kids! He told himself! My part in community service.
And of course for KiKi!
Ben: And  I will not be some fix-up for some lonely widow!
The widow Ferguson is paired with him for the photo both.

There were some really great items from Tsai's Sporting Goods!
It is great promotion for the store! 
The sign that states that " Items are available for sale at there store!" isn't visible. 
Ellice arrived in a rush!
WOW! I just made it!
Ben: Just made it!
Ellice: Hi, you must be Dr. Kenobi!  I'm Ellice!
You're the widow Ferguson?
With a sigh she says!
Ellice: Yes, ....I guess I am.
Ben: Sorry I didn't mean to bring up sad feelings!
I am a widower also.
Ellice: Well this all looks very nice!
Ben: Yes, they did a good job as usual!
Ben: You better get your hat too!  The families will be lining up!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Leave No Store Un-shopped!

Hey Gang!

When looking for dolls during the Holiday season, you can leave no stone unturned
or should I say no store unshopped!  So here are dolls and action figures that I found
in places.   Some stores you might not expect to see them.

First Stop!  Acme Market.  

While look for turkey stock, they never seem to have turkey stock one day after Thanksgiving.
Just when do they think people make turkey soup...Thanksgiving?Anyway, I found these dolls!

I would normally see this type of doll in Family Dollar but her they were at Acme!
I think I first saw this set several years ago in Target and Toys R Us!
This is my first holiday season with out Toys R Us! Boo Hoo!

There were Barbies too!
I was really surprised to see action figures there too!  This guy comes with tons of stuff!

It is a World Peacekeepers set with and ATV!
I think this is a new head sculpt too! Or at least a different hairstyle.
Spring suspension too!
There were two! One is a S.W.A.T. and one Military!
With some great stuff too!
These weren't cheap!  They wandt $29.00 for them!
I think I have seen him before as a blonde!
His gear!
They had this guy too!  I was told that they did have more but they sold!

And although I didn't see them at my local store, Aldi had Fashionistas advertised!

$6.99 is a great price if you can find them!

They also had bottle cover that can be used for dolls!  See Debbie's post!
There was a dollhouse but I don't have any photos!
I found the Christmas selection of holiday dolls Family Dollar.

 They were buy one,get one 50% off!
These appear to be clones of several different dolls!  Some look like Moxie Girlz. 
The one on the left looks like Barbie Summer clone.
This is another version of the doll with that Summer headsculpt.
I found this duo there too!
 Look happy! She might buys us!  What?
This guy looks like a Kenya Dwayne clone!  
Male doll: Who is Dwayne?
She is the same headsculpt has the Walmart dolls New Kids from 2016!  They didn't
do them this year.

OK, Thanks For Looking!