Thursday, March 31, 2016

Video Of The Month!

Hey Gang!

Things happen and stuff breaks!  I found this video useful for those times.

1/6th scale Dragon Action Figure Hip repair Tutorial

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Monday, March 28, 2016

I Won The Giveaway!

Hey Gang,

I won a giveaway!  I won the giveaway from Phyllis of A Day In The 
Life Of My Dolls. I won an AA Made To Move Barbie. Woo Hoo! 
I received my Made To Move doll a during the weeks I was preparing
for the Flower Show, so I didn’t get a chance to post her. She also arrived 
before I had seen this doll in my area and that made her more of a treat. 

So thank you Phyllis!

I know many of you already have her and have posted pictures of her 
posing in all her different positions, so I would not. What I would like
 to say about her outfit and the outfit of the rest of the dolls in the line is 
that they didn’t go overboard with the pink.  
Pictures courtesy of Target

That is nice for a change.  It is also a well made outfit too.  

I think they did a great job on the hair color also.  It is nicely bronzed.

This doll has a little slim figure….a more athletic looking body than other 
Barbie.   She has a smaller bust while having a fuller wait and thinner hips.  
So, I guess yoga fits.  She feels like a dancer!

I have decided that she will now play the part of Lisa Laurent, one of the 
fraternal twins.  

Keisha and Lisa
New Keisha and old Keisha in swimsuits.  

I like the calmer makeup of the new Keisha.  The new Keisha is a Asha head-sculpt
while the old Keisha was a Shani head-sculpt. Sadly, the Shani head-sculpt is still
under used.

I think my new Keisha will be a dancer!  She embodies the grace of movement of
her mother and

KiKi's office with a poster of her mother.
Poster from a carnival of Maya Falou, a famous Roubian dancer!

I think she will need to dance with her mother!
I think now I will display my Shani dolls in their outfits sometime soon.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Hey, I'm Back!

Hey Gang!

It is probably wrong to say I'm back when I didn't say that I've gone away.
Many of you know that I am normally busy at the Phila. Flower Show
and I was again this year.  I was there the whole 10 days of the show.  There
is no one to cover me at work.  I have get as much done befor the show as I
can and do a ton when I come back.

 This year's theme was Explore America.  It was a celebration of 100 years of the
National Parks.
This is the entrance of the show. 
My husband and I sat at the Phila. Cactus and Succulent Society booth.
Baby at the booth!
 Photos of the booth.
The booth is educational and we answered questions about cactus and succulents
More pictures.
We had over 100 examples of plants for people to see and as questions about.
We have info booklets to sell and info on are meetings.
 I saw this girl with these skates on while I was there.
 Baby and the buffalo.
 This stuff animal was there too!
The individual competition takes place in  The Hamilton Horticourt. 
There are always a ton of beautiful orchids there to see.
People love taking picture of the show.
I took some close-ups of some of the flowers.

I think I might get into orchids this year!
Amoung the orchids I found this flower too!
Martha Stewart
I talked to her too!
 I won some ribbons.  Here are two.

 More pictures of  Hamilton Horticourt. 

Design section of the Flower Show

I know this is my doll blog, so I won't post tons of pictures here.
I post more pictures on my other garden blog.  I let you know when I do so you can look.

OK, Thanks For Looking!