Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Tsai Move To Johnston!

Hey Gang!

The Tsai are a major family in Johnston.  You met a few of them previously.
You might have realized that they were family.

You met Blaine
Blaine is an artist and was an assistant professor of art at N.Y.U.  
He didn't have tenure at N.Y.U.  It was a hard thing to get.  When he
was offered a spot at Johnston University with tenure, he jumped on it!
The rest of his family wasn't far behind.
his daughter Willow

 His sister-in-law Kieu
We will hear more about her later.

His other sister-in-law Hae
You remember her from the rehearsal.  She is the one on the
left.  Here is her daughter.

His niece Meadow

His cousin Connie 

We will hear more about her later too.
If you read this post anywhere other than
It is a fake!!! Run!!

and her children
Bracken and 


I'll try to fill-in the family gaps soon!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Monday, October 28, 2013

I Really Want These Dolls!

Hey Gang!

I had seen the twins Max and Marie on the
Target Website but they are nowhere to be found. You can't
order them on their website.  It says that they are only available
in stores.  Sadly, the number that they use for these dolls is the
number that they use for all Barbie Sisters Packs.  So if it say
that they have it in a local store, they more than likely have
other Barbie Sister Packs and not these dolls. Bummer!
If you read this post anywhere other than

It is a fake!!! Run!!

Official Mattel Photo

A new blogger, Christine La Bella, posted about these
dolls on her blog Champagne Barbie.   This blogger
is from Australia!  My Australian follower always
complain of not getting things first!  Well guys, you
beat us/me this time!  Go get 'em!  and post

I quickly went to Flickr to see if anyone else had
pictures of these doll now that I saw hers.  There
weren't many pictures yet! I found a photo by
Eternal Snow interesting.  Prior to now, I had
heard mentioned that these twins were Stacie size.
Yes, they are Stacie size, but they aren't the new
Stacie size but the other 1990's Stacie size which
is a smaller doll. I think the cut of their clothing is
what makes them look taller.

I don't think that this is a bad thing that they
are smaller. I  just a little disappointed.  I would
 have liked for Mattel to give the new Stacie
some friends.  Because they are the 1990's
Stacie size, that mean there are more clothing
out there Marie size and some outfits out
there Max's size too!  I do hope that do an
AA version of these dolls too!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Frugal Finds-Leopard Print!

Hey Gang!

I haven't posted a frugal dolly find lately but I am doing one Today!
I found these lamps a Walmart on Sunday.  They were putting out
their Christmas items.  They are Christmas ornaments!  I don't think
that they say Holidays to me but they could work in a doll diorama.
If you read this post anywhere other than It is a Fake!!! Run!!

So here they are.  I purchased two.
When I saw these lamps, I thought about a post that Marta of All 4 Barbie 
posted  about how her Barbie liked leopard print.  She did a cute diorama
with it!
They weren't a bad price but they would have been better at a dollar.
Because of the print, sliver and the crystal these lamps have to be used just right.
If not, it would look like a gaudy mess!
Simple decor is the best for these lamps!
I think even the plan chair might be too much!
Do you see them in a home of office?
What do you think?

OK! Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Here is What Is Going On!

Hey Gang!

Here is my latest purchases from Target and eBay!  The first five dolls are 
the Target ones! 
SO IN STYLE Pet Fun Doll Pair

Trichelle and Janessa
Official Mattel photo!
I thought Trichelle was really pretty after seeing her on Just Jay's Flickr page!
 I love the fact that she is looking straight ahead and not off to the side! 
 She has a real charm and confident look in her eyes!
 I just love the face paint and hair color!
 She doesn't have the dark lip of previous Trichelle dolls
 but I did like the dark lip too!
 Side view!
She wasn't cheap.  She was $18.99 at Target but she did come with Janessa.  
They may run more at some stores.
 Little Ms. Janessa! She is a keeper!

I also purchased....
SO IN STYLE Hair Fun Doll Pair

 Grace and Courtney 
Official Mattel photo!

I was never a fan of Grace.  She is always used as a body donor around here but
I do like the outfit.  I think Trichelle may get her outfit! You might see her head on the dollpage!

 Her shoes are cute too!

I really purchase this pair for Courtney.  I love me some Courtney!
I think this makes my third!

 Such a sweetie! Isn't funny how some dolls just get to you!

There was one lonely Renee Halloween doll.  The box was in poor shape and so was her hair.

If you read this post anywhere other than
It is a Fake!!! Run!!
I also purchased a few things from eBay since I am taking a break from 
the thrift stores!  Mary Poppins doll Michael.  He came nude so I had to find him 
something to wear. 
 School Desks!  I had a school but no desks!  What was I thinking!
 Oh, and I got a few new babies!  They were on sale.  I might sell one.

OK!  Thanks For Looking!

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Doll Box!

Hey Gang!

The doll box is not a package coming in the mail.  I do expect some of those too! In
this case the doll box will be my tool kit where I keep the things I use to aid me with
dolls and doll dioramas.  I salvaged this box out of the trash from work.  I'm not sure
if it is big enough but it will do to start!

So why the box?  Well, I find myself looking one place for the small scissor, another 
place for the crazy glue, another place for the permanent markers and another place 
for the seem ripper.  It will be nice to just get the box and have them all together! 
Somethings a will purchase just for the box.  I won't take the house seem ripper or
crazy glue. I don't want to have to look in my box for it when someone else needs
things.  Or God forbid, having them looking in the doll box!  

So this is the box!  It needs a cleaning!  

It has a little shelf inside.

If you read this post on any other 
blog than
IT IS A FAKE!!! Run!!

So here is my questions!

1. Do you have a doll box?
2. How big is it?
3. Does it have compartments?
4. What do you have in it?
5.What do you think everyone needs to have in it?

I would love to have your answers! A picture would be nice!

Thanks For Looking!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Thrift Store Purchases From September!

Hey Gang,

I am a little reluctant to post now.  It seems that blogger took down a few of the
posts of mine that were cloned but the majority of them are still up on the clone 
blog! The clone blog has about 2-3 years of my post up on their blog.  The only 
way that they take them down if for me to list every URL they listed along with 
every URL of mine for comparison!  You can't just list the whole blog as a 
copied.Since a pops up add appears every time  you click on one of their clone 
links taking you to who knows where and with the possibility of infecting my 
computer, I not sure what I can do.

I can't tell you how upset I got when I noticed post after post was copied.  They 
don't even list their posts.  So I'm not sure how far back it goes.  I had notice 
usually high spikes in the amount of viewers I had from time to time.  I am 
wondering if that was them.  One year a did about 100 posts, one every 
three days, as a challenge for myself.  Let me tell you, that was a lot for me!  
It seem to me that blogger doesn't  make posting all that incredibly easy to 
do, so it  must be a computer doing it. If you read this post on any other 
blog than
IT IS A FAKE!!! Run!!
I think I will add that from here on out!

OK, Here WE Go!

I did some real damage at the thrift store lately.  I will have to take October
off...maybe! In one of my last posts I told you I have been re-boding the guys
around her too.  I found some thrift store doll on articulated bodies and I got
some extra bodies for re-boding!

First up is Happy Family Dad-Alan!
I already have the AA Happy Family Dad so it was good to add him to
my collection.

 His face seems a little lighter than the body.  I wasn't sure at first that it was his
original body...
 but he is wearing the painted on ring.

Next I found HSM Troy!
This is the first (2007?) doll, the 12" doll, not the 10 inch one that they did later. I will
need to take out the battery on the doll because the singing annoys me! Have
you ever had one of those doll go off unexpectedly?
I like his hair much better than the other version of the doll.  The blonde is kinda
chunky! He also has a better face paint than the smaller dolls. I had started to
purchase the last one at the now closed Toys R US near me but someone
beat me to it!

Next is Phoebus from the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  I found three of these
at one time! Yes, I could have left the other two for someone else but
am someone else! So I took all three!

Phoebus: I don't think I want to be a blonde!
Ms. Leo:  You don't look like a Phoebus either!
 This guy got one of the other bodies. He is a
Hawaiian Ken.
 Ken: Thanks man!  Phoebus: No problem!
 The other went to this guy! He is a Pocahontas Kocoum 
He is now called Bison

Bison: I want to thank him too!  I was feeling as stiffer than Johnny Depp in 
the Lone Ranger!
Speaking of Native American dolls, I found these two also!  I dressed them in
swimsuits for the post.  I believe they are the 1995 Barbie American Indian 
American Stories and 1993 Native American Barbie 2nd edition!
 Native American Barbie 2nd edition.
I am seeing more of this one up for sale and I already have 
several of the  Teresa head sculpts.  So she will be up for sale
alone with re-bodied Phoebus!
 Barbie American Indian American Stories.

This one I am keeping and have re-bodied onto an Esmeralda articulated body. She
is now Daisy! She is wearing a Pocahontas dress.  She will need some shoes!
 Daisy: Hi! Lovely to meet you!
I was going to put flowers in her hair but that would be overkill!
 Finally we have
Jesse "The Body"Ventura 
This is the 1999 JESSE VENTURA Man of Action-Governor of Minnesota Doll
He was $5.00 and worth it if just for the clothing! Yeah, you remember him for
Wrestling and the Predator movie!

The box

 Now it is my picture taking and not that his eyes are quite that strange.
 He is kinda handsome in a rugged kinda way!
 Nice shirt and tie!
 Jessie: I can still wrestle with the best of them!
 A new baldy. 
 Wrestling a bear pose!
 Shoes and socks!
 Bare wrestling a bear!
 I also got this one...
 (This one be a good body donor for him too!)
 and this one!
 This will be a hard neck to find a body for!
 Lastly is her!
 She may go on the tree this year!
So this is just a small part of what I got! I was dolly high for a few weeks!

OK! Thanks For Looking!